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As Housing Prices Rise, Younger People Take Off

This article has been needed for quite some time, especially on the east side of the canal. It is incredibly hard to live out here for anyone between the ages of 25-34 and it is a demographic thats sorely needed. Property prices and rents are at such a crazy level where living with our parents is a fantastic alternative compared to losing a hefty chunk of our income. What else can we do to make a living and save for a dream that we very likely won't be able to achieve?
" Apr 28, 14 6:22 PM

Sandy Hollow Apartments Meet Stiff Opposition Again

For the love of all that is holy please please please let this development plan go through. Its not sorely needed, its not badly needed, This project was needed 15 years ago. I understand ever NIMBY and their mother will complain about the location, size, color scheme, their mother, and the car that the developer drove in on. Thats going to happen no matter the location, time frame, or size. I just hope the town board has the foresight to look over the NIMBYs and do what is right. " May 16, 14 12:38 PM

Meeting To Discuss Apartments In Tuckahoe

This project is needed crazy bad. Whatever young adults are left in this town, please go to that public hearing on Tuesday. You gotta make sure someone hears you before the naysayers shut down one of the last few attempts at getting you to stick around. " May 22, 14 11:33 PM

Town Could Approve Sandy Hollow Apartments Thursday

You would think this was the countdown to when Armageddon strikes! Its just something for the younger workforce. Everyone needs to get less heated..." Jun 11, 14 5:47 PM

Montauk's Dock Restaurant Changes Sign Deemed Offensive To The Irish

Love Mr Watson's attitude over the whole matter. He has the right frame of mind. Its bad enough these tourists manage our pocketbooks, lets not let them control what we say too." Jul 29, 14 5:31 PM

Congressional Candidates Support War On ISIS, Differ In Strategy

To both candidates: please please please don't get us involved in another conflict in the Levant. I've had 4 different presidents tell me why we should bomb brown people there, stop this president from making "Bomb Iraq" THE national pastime " Sep 17, 14 1:23 PM

Neighbors File Lawsuit To Stop Sandy Hollow Apartments

There something ironic in this. For a town that complains way to much about the tourists its absolutely hilarious to watch these same people kill any attempt to make sure this town isn't solely inhabited by them " Oct 15, 14 1:49 PM

Southampton Students Petition District To Change Columbus Day's Name

Its a good thing that this is happening. I would like to see the more mature aspects of history brought out and touched on. To me, it promotes the idea that History and Social Studies classes are places to learn actual true history and not the fairy tales that most public schools love to assign. When I was a child I felt constantly short-changed when it came to the history book. For example, most of my books barely mentioned the Philippine–American War, and when it did, it mostly just referenced American troops that captured Manilla from Spain. Not the concentration camps we set up, not the torture we did, and not the massacres we committed. Hell, for a more recent time period we barely learned about FDR's internment camps and J.Edgar Hoover's pursuit of an all powerful FBI (and Hoover's fantastic ability to cross dress).

If the goal is an informed citizenry then more mature, and real, lessons on history have to take place. Columbus is just the easiest one to knock down a peg or two because the man was literally hell on wheels(ship mast?) to anyone who was underneath him. (And in Columbus' mind, that was a lot of people)" Feb 7, 15 7:33 AM

Community Largely Split on East Hampton Town's Proposed Airport Regulations

So really, the only legitimate question there is then is who is the money behind the veil? Which money man wants to close the airport for his own pet development project? Whomever it is did a great job with some PR firm to whip up support for their vision.

If the regulations pass, my question is who would be willing to set up a new helicopter pad in Southampton? The business opportunity to add a pad or two would be very lucrative, despite the issues of a possible hostile government and a few locals who are afraid of one of their own actually having a few more bucks to spend. " Mar 21, 15 11:15 AM

Town Officials Celebrate Earth Day, Start Of Plastic Bag Ban

I personally will be celebrating the bag ban by going to Riverhead for all my grocery shopping needs from now on.

Also, How much capital would one need to start a plastic bag company just outside the town borders? I'm anticipating a large amount of residents needing them in the short future. " Apr 22, 15 12:33 PM

Charges Dismissed Against Hampton Bays Fisherman

I couldn't disagree more. We should make fishing totally illegal for everyone always. If a person so much as hooks another fish that should be an instant mandatory sentence of at least 500 years. We should completely remove commercial fishing from our waters and force every boat owner to impound their ships to the state with no compensation. If the boat owners don't comply? Death by firing squad.
I am sick and tired of these crazy fishermen trying to make a living for their family! The fish are more important than anything ever in the history of everything! If we catch just one more fish, 50 billion people around the world will die! Why can't you fisherman see that?!" Apr 22, 15 12:44 PM

Town Officials Celebrate Earth Day, Start Of Plastic Bag Ban

If only. Hemp is superior in most ways against pulp. And that is besides its awesome renewability. Unfortunately, its been the victim of a good 100+ years of misinformation and demonizing, as aptly demonstrated by chief1. So the minute you mention hemp as a substitute, the peanut gallery always responds with "Hurr durr yous a pot head, yous just wanna get high on rope and bags hurr durr"

New York, and Long Island in general, is very heavily statist. I would put bets that we would be one of the final states to legalize hemp. For comparison, Alabama is on track to approve its own MM bill. Alabama. Let that sink in. People in Alabama are more free to make choices for themselves than NYers. " Apr 23, 15 6:17 AM

It can hit me, I won't mind. What you should be mindful about is the lost sales tax revenue seeing as there is a large contingent of people preparing to do the same thing as me.

So, as the time honored saying goes, hope you enjoy the decreasing tax revenue and a worse quality of life!" Apr 23, 15 12:36 PM

East Hampton Town To Set Airport Fines, Responds To Request For TRO

Boycott anything to do with anyone affiliated with QSC is more like it" May 14, 15 5:27 PM

How about this: Our schools should teach the anti-flying agenda everyday and ensure that anything that makes noise will come with an immediate fine. Also lets expand the anti-noise legislation into each aspect of our lives because we all have the right to not hear anything ever at all at any place in time! Sneezes should be an easy 5,000,000 dollar fine. Starting a car? 20 years in prison. Talking? 400 dollars per sentence. And if you have an ice cream truck??? 500,000,000,000,000,000,000 right there you dirty criminal!! Lets make it so there is no sound at all forever! Then, when finally everyone is silent and nothing gets done, our town will be perfect forever and ever and ever.

Oh wait, not one of those things will happen because Quiet Skies wouldn't be able to develop the old airport into condos and McMansions for its seasonal millionaire constituents who barely live here. Does that make them hypocrites who don't care about the very thing they are fighting for? Yes that does. That makes them terrible terrible hypocrites who you can't trust with a 20 foot poll." May 14, 15 5:38 PM

Southampton Town Cab Drivers Protest Uber Thursday Afternoon

Maybe if the cab service out here wasn't atrocious, people wouldn't flock to Uber in the first place?

Maybe the reason uber is so successful isn't because the driver's are "hustling" their clients, but actually providing a service most clients find useful and pleasant?

Maybe if the cabbies out here didn't take 50 minutes to pick up someone who called them?
" Jul 16, 15 8:06 PM

Looming Roger Waters Concert Draws Ire From Jewish Residents, Threaten To Picket

Is there a way to give Roger Waters more money? I don't care about Israel or Palestine really, but find it hilarious that people are willing to waste their time. It'd be even funnier watching their protest completely back-fire for them as well." Oct 29, 15 12:05 PM

Southampton Town Board Split On Future Of Planned Development Districts

Translation: the developers that got their foot in the door already are all good, any locals wishing to do the same: piss off! The government chooses the winners and losers by decree! " Nov 18, 15 12:08 PM

Richard Yastrzemski And Julie Lofstad To Face Off For Open Southampton Town Board Seat

Looking at this comment area, you can see what properties democrats have when voting. Important questions like "is he to fat?" Being asked here.

The political party of tolerance, open-mindedness, and acceptance at work folks. " Dec 9, 15 12:10 PM

Tuckahoe Shopping Center Will Be A Tough Sell For New Town Board

1 month from now: yay!! We did it! Let's slap each other on the back! Great job!
6 months from now: man I hate going to the village for groceries. Stop and shop never cleans their store and the service is worthless! Why do I have to go to Hampton bays for basic supplies??!!
1 year from now: man I hate stop and shop such a worthless place. The only way it stays open is tourists and out of towners. No one goes there!
2 years from now: our town is such a joke, we only have one place to get basic everyday supplies. I hate having to drive to riverhead once a week just to have toilet paper." Dec 16, 15 1:13 PM

Calone Clarifies County Position On Tuckahoe Center

It's sad that Rickenbacker is the only one that speaks sense on this subject. Every time 27east pays these articles too. Very depressing to see. We would be better off if more people emulated him." Dec 31, 15 12:44 PM