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UPDATE: Services Set For Keith Greene; Funeral On Monday Morning

thoughts and prayers go out to the Greene family and extended family. I had the pleasure of going to HS with Keith and his brother and cousins who I consider good friends. Even though keith was a few years older, we still hung out in similar circles. All the memories I have of Keith are happy, charrismatic, and enjoying what life had to offer. This year has been a really hard year in regards to tragics losses that has hit our community. I Pray that the creator watches over his family and children and that his Legacy be carried on via his children. One Love Keith, RIP

Noel Frazier" Aug 16, 12 3:14 PM

UPDATE: Shinnecock Man Dies In Thursday Morning Crash On Icy Road In Hampton Bays

The Young Men of Shinnecock are under siege. There is a heavy dark cloud that is lurking and looking to continue to take us at any given moment. We as Warriors of our Nation and families have to take heed to what is going on and understand that the signs are all around us and in place as to what we need to do to save ourselves. The movement has to be GREAT, change has to come if not now or in the very near future. The question was posed; "why is this happening"? My response, you know why this is happening. The creator is trying to tell us something and we are not listening. We have to rekindle the inner spirit that we all have whether we want to or not because we are SHINNECOCK and the blood runs via our veins. There is a special presence and feeling that we share and feel (some of us may not realize it) when you set foot on our lands. You feel empowered, safe and a sense of relief, that is SHINNECOCK. I ask that all of the WARRIORS stand up and reflect on their lives and ask yourself the question; Will I be an agent of change or am I content with the path that I am on? Being SHINNECOCK is not about going to powwows and singing and dancing, it's in your heart, its a way of life. I myself continue to struggle and battle with demons. My continuous goal is to walk the red road and assist my people the best way I know how. I am an agent of change and will continue to fight! We as a nation continue to grieve. We have to move forward in a positive and respectful manner and not let our fallen warriors die in vein. They will be with us in all that we do and will protect us. We have to 1st protect ourselves and not give the dark cloud opportunitities to extract us from our people. ALL MY RELATIONS

Noel " Nov 8, 12 4:21 PM