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Riverside Carnival Goes On Despite CPF Regulations

Bean tells a "Lie" that property was never used for a
Carnival in the past. He knows its Preserved land and if he doesnt maybe someone should educate the Town Officials as to own CPF rules, As to his comment he didn't want to take it down, why not?? when you find out its illegal you retract it right away "BEFORE" the Fair begins. So they ask us to preserve land and turn around and grant a permit,,,,its about the cash, thats it, Mary Wilson knew this in time to do something. Complicit and she needs to go..." Oct 10, 14 3:34 PM

"Who Cares" as one commented...we do, the taxpayers of Southampton, We supported and voted
for these very rights to preserve precious land. We deserve that "All" the rules be carried out,
Executed and managed by the stewards of CPF. If Mary Wilson is asleep at the wheel she should
resign and move on. Chris Bean states he was told a week ago, thats sounds strange and then he takes
it upon himself to make the decision not to retract the permit? That’s BS....
Those who say, “what’s it harming", let me point out
1). that all that carnival equipment have "heavily greased joints" that as of now with the rain is dripping onto the ground into our sensitive groundwater and Estuary System.
2). these rides are powered from generators, Which are filled with gasoline/diesel fuels, are we going to believing there's no spillage? yeah right.
3). and most importantly where's our Bob Deluca's & Dick Ampers? their always asking for our support on issues of groundwater and land preservation isn't this a time to speak up boys? If we hear nothing from either of them then its time "NOT" to support The Group from the East End
or the Pine Barrens Society.
4). And finally as a punishment, Chris Bean should personally go to the site
Monday morning and remediate the property, then resign!!
" Oct 11, 14 1:42 PM

Southampton, Stony Brook Partnership Will Create Larger Doctor Presence On The South Fork

This is not a true statement: "More Doctors for Southampton Hospital". Years ago when Peconic Bay Medical Center signed with Stony Brook, all the same statements were press released, Stony Brook Doctors are coming. This was so far from the thruth, Peconic Bay did not receive more Doctors, what they got were PA's, an occasional Doctor in "training", and seperate ER billing. Not quite what they expected and the contract fell way short of the mark. The one that benifited was Stony Brook for transporting (taking away) patients and additional Billing$$$$ from Peconic Bay to Stony Brook. It was a money drain, Now after years learning the hard way that it wasn't a good deal for Peconic Bay. Now PBMC is signing with the well respected and world health leader North Shore/Long Island Jewish that "WIILL PROVIDE THE NECESSARY RESOURCES"..." Jan 30, 15 1:51 PM

McAllister Calls For More Water Testing At CPI Site

"G" is right on...Kevin was fired and we have a new BayKeeper. Your credibility has been erased because of your midnight trists!!!! Living off the publics donations is self-serving and dishonarable....move on and "Please" go away. " Feb 22, 15 4:55 PM

UPDATE: Owner Of Sunken Boat Says Captain Tried To Warn Approaching Vessel

Anyone wonder why the Air National Guard in Westhampton doesn't react to any of our water rescues? The base is once again slated for BRAC (base realignment and closure) in 2015 again, meaning "is there enough reasons to close it, as our government has done elsewhere. Well in my opinion there is, why? because I would like someone to tell me what have they done lately? or for that matter ever? We all remember "The Perfect Storm" movie depicting the ANG. That was 20 years ago and that was a big mistake, requiring the US Coast Guard to rescue them. Since then they have done nothing, helped in Katrina storm that's it. We are all lead to believe they help rescuing people in water, Wrong. According to the Search and Rescue Manual (SAR), "ONLY" the US Coast Guard is tasked with that responsibility. As you see both USCG air stations in NJ & MASS responded to the rescue so its time for Congress to close the base and consolidate both Gabreski, NY and Lathem, NY bases saving us taxpayers millions...." May 18, 15 9:55 AM

Bayman we know how much you probably dislike the coast guard primarily for enforcing fishing regulations. but Didn't you.notice the overhead pictures of the boat sinking??? rescue weather was good enough to make the call to fly, both Air stations fly HH-60 Jayhawks..keep your fingesr crossed this never happens again." May 18, 15 5:05 PM

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