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Dragon's Head meeting wrecking ball

Great Idea to finally tear it down. I would prefer a real castle, so when the ocean finally arrives it will have its natural moat. Once an isolated island, the owner can break-away fro the Town, Couny & NY. Maybe become a solvent state of its own so the Federal Govern can dump Million$$$ as they do all other contries. Oh yes I nearly forgot, I hope one tree is standing for my new home." May 23, 09 9:26 PM

Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

Most of you comentators have no clue what goes on at night. First, if your ears are up you would know lastnight was hell. Everything everywhere was breaking loose, all over the Township. Our Police as most of you say "where were they"? were busy saving lives, a car accident/fire down the road, Man having a heart attack, about 6 overdoses (drug/booze) neptunes, one guy drunk laying in the street, etc,etc,etc. I stopped they but there's plenty more. You all have tunnel vision, and oh yes tell me again about the guy that got stabbed was minding his own business, yeah! wearing the "gang colors" didn't you know?.And they caused anear riot at the hospital. Plenty of cops had to go there to keep it safe, Tell me again our police aren't kept busy with the gang infiltrates Yeah! Wake up and smell the crack!" May 24, 09 10:02 PM

Car Plunges Into Shinnecock Canal, Man Dies

What a tragic event, this should have never happened. Maybe its time for guard railing to prevent this from happening again. Great to see all the dedicated concern and compassion these volunteers had responding to this scene.
Thanks to the many different Fire Companies and our SH Police for an admiral job. They all worked in coordinated effort to "help" rescue someone. Too bad I couldn't say the same for last weeks Head-On Motor Vehicle Accident in HB. A neighboring Ambulance Corp member was asked to leave the accident scene and was escorted off by SHPD. He forgot the meaning of being there to help the injured, not to be called to take charge." Jan 4, 12 3:31 PM

East Hampton's Diana Weir To Lead Altschuler Campaign For Congress

You all seem to forget the Bishop montra "Randy's Outsourcing Jobs". Oh really Mr. B, take a look at your bosses best friend Jeff Immelt., heres what said about that "Under Immelt, GE has shipped tens of thousands of good jobs out of the United States. Perhaps GE should change its slogan to "Imagination At Work (In China)". If the very people that have been entrusted with solving the unemployment crisis are shipping jobs out of the country, what hope is there that things are going to turn around any time soon?" Randy needs to toss that one right back at em. This time you'll get those few shy votes because Bishop has gotten lazier. Go Randy!!!!!
" Jan 31, 12 10:10 AM

Oh Great News from the Huffington Post..... "As the administration struggles to prod businesses to create jobs at home, GE has been busy sending them abroad. Since Immelt took over in 2001, GE has shed 34,000 jobs in the U.S., according to its most recent annual filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. But it's added 25,000 jobs overseas.

At the end of 2009, GE employed 36,000 more people abroad than it did in the U.S. In 2000, it was nearly the opposite. Ya gotta love those that spin it on Randys, what cry baby losers....
" Jan 31, 12 10:17 AM

Altschuler Challenges Bishop To Debate On Health Care

Lets not forget all the "GE" jobs outsourced. Why hasen"t Bishop criticized his buddy Obama on that, oh were not supposed to know about Democratic outsourcing....hipocrites!" Mar 28, 12 2:41 PM

Southampton Town Examines Ways To Address Substandard Private Roads

As the Supervisors says we just can't pave them, there's "Drainage and Grading issues". Ok, without paving the issues are still there Duh, people just want "smoother"access thats it! Notice most aren't complaining about drainage or grading, it's their road who you gonna complain too. Now you can, to the Town on every issue. It doesn't benefit the Town opening Pandoras Box" Jun 25, 12 10:19 AM

Town Board Requires Affordable Homes, Not Rentals, For Five Flanders Properties

One has to realize that Mr.Nuzzi, (so far) seems to be the only one on the Town Board coming forward to address the wishes of the various community groups. The remaining Board Members know very well each of the civic groups have been alive and well for many years, and not to be discounted in some of their comments. All are a cross-section of Americans, comprised of different Ethnic and Muti-Nationalities wanting their corner of Southampton Town to be the best it can be for themselves and families. Requesting "Vested Homeownership", opposed to transient rentals in your neighborhood is a no brainer. Remember the Town Board welcomed all of those same groups to support their legislative ideas, ie. PPD legislation, etc and now they turn their backs on them, shame on you Town Board. This is not about Red vs. Blue its about the people, Thanks Chris." Jul 7, 12 11:42 AM

The Housing Authority is a joke. Richard Blowes wants to call the shots thats quite obvious. The Town should have never been allowed him to return after retiring, maybe thse same civic groups should have protested his re-hiring. He does "Not" have any communities best interest at heart. And as for the "community wide" survey, you sound like a Town Board Member repeating their montra, are you a Board Member? these community civics if you haven't noticed are the same ones fighting off the sex offenders, trying to out them in all areas of Southampton & Westhampton, and from your neighborhood, so were's your help? The civics as said before are some 200 strong and are the "only" ones who give a S_ _ _T about it, the rest don't carer. Asking for their point of view is useless. This will no longer be Southamptons dumping ground any longer, You'd probably change your tune if it was your neighborhood, maybe not, if your a renter!! Anna rents now, would she like to rent one, would you ask her for groups." Jul 7, 12 4:28 PM

Group Plans Protest Of Circus At Shinnecock Reservation

As usual Tribal Grounds are exempt...maybe us taxpayers should demand that Tribal Nation being so independent and all, have their own Ambulance and Fire Services so as not for us to provide it. Maybe SHTown and SHVillage could pass a resolution banning any transporting of those exotic animals on their roadways, similiar to dangerous cargo, ie. chemicals, explosives, etc." Jul 18, 12 3:20 PM

Coast Guard Considers Selling Excess Military Housing In Westhampton

BEWARE!!!!!! Once the Housing Authority gets it your all doomed towards a fight....Richard & Bonnie will fight it all the way...ie. The recent controversial Flanders/Riverside issue with regard to homeownership vs. rentals. Gee I wonder why the 2 Board Members that were all for Flanders/Riverside Rentals haven't said if their for this or not...Hummmm makes you wonder, and it shows FRNCA where their coming from....." Jul 27, 12 10:07 AM

Rumba Owners Are Trying To Walk A Fine Line

Sounds like a double standard going on, OK for Rumba, NOT ok for all the other clubs that get to be shut down "immediately" by Fire Marshalls for overcrowding, etc. Buying time is just a ploy to make more $$$$$$ while the pollution runs wild. It sounds like there's a connection between the Town and Gilmartin, wasn't he a former Town Attorney....hummmmmm." Jul 27, 12 3:45 PM

ARB Denies MetroPCS Cell Phone Tower Application

When all else fails go to the Reservation and geter' done!" Jul 28, 12 10:51 AM

UPDATE: Jeep Driver Swerved Into Oncoming Traffic Before Crash With Cesspool Truck In North Haven

Not True, many departments have "paid" personnel, along with the volunteers answering calls, all doing a great job." Aug 15, 12 1:38 PM

Technically their all being paid, cash to the hired ones and LOSAP to the vollies. Its all taxpayer money both ways, But the job gets done." Aug 15, 12 5:48 PM

Bishop On Defensive After Claims Of Unethical Campaign Solicitations

If this paper endorses Bishop after all this negative information, which is about his "unethical behavoir", it will be too liberal for me. News outlets should base their opinions/endorsements on facts presented regardless which party. Enough with the loyalty to a party when it hurts all of us citizens, enough already its us not them that count. This country has never been in such a worsening condition we need re-direction, what we have now isn't working." Aug 19, 12 3:31 PM

Westhampton Beach Fire District Wants New Firehouse

What a waste of our money!!! (Positve comments posted here most likly are Firemen). Everybody, yes all FD's want new buildings, HB got a 2nd one less than a mile away what for?, Southampton got one, Bridgehampton's buying up land for one, Flanders was shut down by the taxpayers for wanting to build a 2nd, The vgillage wants one, most EMS ambulances want new also, what the hell is the matter with them? are we the taxpayers that stupid because were supposed to have the "deep pockets" for them. Get real FD's & EMS just get the calls done!! having a big FD doesen't accomplish that. Just look at Riverhead $14 Mill ridiculous building, Oh yes don't forget the gigantic stainless steel kitchens, (better than some resturants), lets not forget those well stocked alcoholic bars (where they all go get plowed then go fight the fire) later. Our Town Board isn't doing much to stop it, and were paying, the buck stops with the Town Board, I hope they get the message....." Aug 21, 12 7:54 PM

FYI...ever notice your tax bills folks??? EMS & FD portions are larger than the more important Police. Duh!!!!! This is why were down to 88 officers, while the Vollies are asking for more, get real vollies. I respect what they do BUT, enough is enough appreciate what you have...." Aug 21, 12 10:06 PM

Around Southampton Town Hall: Busy Summer For Code Enforcement

Mr. Betts isn't the reason Code Enforcement is being so busy. It's the enforcement workers and the volumn of complaints coming in. Mr. Bettes tries to take all the credit and fluff at various civic meeting and press releases (notice his name in paper each time) in order to bolster his resume trying to run for the Town Council position again....He knows nothing about code regulations hes just a good pitchman... " Aug 23, 12 4:37 PM

UPDATE: Charges After Partiers Are Rescued From Sandbar

FYI Jaws....Bay Constables were "Not" first one scene, USCG were the ones. At time of search SHT Police first thought a fishing vessel picked up swimmer (#2) and transported him to shore, but it was USCG. Bay Constables are not driving around at night, From my point of view there's a large gap in communication, doesn't anyone know federal agencies have their own frequencies, ie USCG in this case that don't communicate with other FD's, Police , EMS during rescues or searches. All has to be done through a phone line. I find this a major lack of maximizing searches, so much for NIMS." Aug 26, 12 3:54 PM

Flanders-Northampton Volunteer Ambulance Renews Push For Third-Party Billing

Oh great just what we need, rewarding wasted spending practices of taxpayer monies with more money. Why not, the ambulance personnel know taxpayers have deep pockets, this all borders on criminal. Remember the past..... Riverhead Fire Commish diverted $100,000 to his company a few years back, East Moriches Ambulance Chief wrote checks to himself DA Spota indited him, on and on it goes. Poor grandmar isn't going to call for the ambulance for fear it's pay for her food or the ambulance bill. My God what has it come too!!!" Oct 3, 12 11:57 AM

Cuts To SEA-TV, Traffic Control In Southampton Town Budget Are Questioned

Too bad for the 2 traffic control guys. I personally think Mr. Collins is right it's much cheaper to use them instead of a policeman making $$$ double that. Aren;t we down to 88 cops from 104??? this doesn't make sense. If a cut is surley needed try the Building Dept. Its dead with very high salaries, howz about the $100K it costs for an electrical inspector, other towns don't use or want them. The other Townships use independent inspectors/Underwritters, etc. doing the same at "NO COST" to their Towns...Duh???? anybody in TownHall listening!!!!!!!" Oct 24, 12 2:23 PM

Tossed Cigarette Results In Partial Hospital Evacuation

Southampton Hospital has a no Smoking policy in place and a disaster still can happen. There should be more signs posted with explicit instructions about No Smoking. I hope this sends a message to other hospitals likje Peconic Bay where you can clearly see the butts all scattered about & around the ER entrance just a discusting appearance. I guess management there smokes, so no policy. Iam a copd-er and can't breath when I go into PBMC's ER for treatment." Nov 30, 12 4:09 PM

Southampton Fire District Seeks Approval For North Sea Firehouse

Here's a thought, what if the site is approved by the ZBA and somewhere down the line nothing materializes, can the property be sold off to someone else to build, a big box store 44 feet tall?? Once the precedent is set there ya go.....ZBA should wake up, enoughwith all these Firehouses. Ever notice when theres a house fire theres always multiply agencies at the scene?? All the Departments should be consolidated so we the taxpayers can save $$$$$. HBFD $2 mill +, BHFD another few $$ Mill ,SHFD more $$ mills, EQFD more$$, WHFD more mills, and oh yes, new building for WHFD too. on and on It's our Town Board that negotiates those budget $$$. In their contracts with each Department is a clause that states if no agreement is met on budget amount it stays the same as the previous year, Duh blame all your higher budgets on the Town Board, the Fire Depatments are way out of control someone needs to put the brakes on. Were paying more for Fire protection than Police protection, which is more important to you????" Dec 12, 12 3:33 PM

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