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GOP passes over Kabot; nominates Conservative Party chair

I agree native son. I moved here permanently more than 15 yrs ago from Washington DC & NYC where Republicans are the minority. National Republicans view this local party is a disgraceful joke! They don't see it following Republican Party lines, they think the local party is filled with escapees from mental institutions, and they don't want to be bothered with the childish games played by Cmtee members for the last 25+ years (true quotes!). Shame on you all! Your egos are splitting a [formerly] decent local party! BTW, I voted for Anna last election and boy am I ever sorry! She could have used her education and contacts to do great things. Instead she's done nothing but whine and stamp her feet, as demonstrated many times in Town sessions and in hallways afterwards. You need a baby sitter, Anna! If Linda were only 1/2 as back-biting and uncouth as you, she would have thrown you to the wolves long ago. Instead she had (early on) embraced and encouraged you only to have you bite her hand that fed you! If by some WEIRD chance you do make it, you should kiss Linda's feet for giving you such a hand up in local politics! My voting (and encouraging others) for you and for Heaney were my most sorrowful mistakes!

" May 22, 09 6:26 PM