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Tim Bishop Named Distinguished Professor At St. Joseph's College

Before Congress, he was in academia. I think it's very appropriate he return to that world. And, I think he is a fine man and I hate to see all the vitriol out there about him." Mar 12, 15 1:51 PM

Hampton Bays Diner Closes After 30 Years

I remember when, after a night of partying, we would all go to the diner for either a burger or bacon and eggs! There would be a line waiting to get in.
The diner's in such a great spot that it should be a prime attraction.
Maybe like Phoenix, it will rise again from the ashes.
Hampton Bays needs a friendly diner, with decent food and fair prices. " Jul 16, 15 11:29 PM

Parishioners Are Raising Money To Repair Hampton Bays Church

I hope the community responds with generosity. The church may not be an "official" landmark but it is one in reality in HB." Aug 14, 15 10:18 PM

CVS Officials, Others Express Interest In Hampton Bays Diner Property

My first choice would be a decent diner. This area needs one.
Second choice: Library pursuing expansion options.
That might work." Sep 9, 15 4:28 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Win Right To Control Finances

How wonderful! I think if there is one group of electeds people trust, it is the Trustees. " Sep 27, 15 12:11 AM

Marie Mulcahy, Founding President Of Hampton Bays Beautification Association, Dies At Age 85

Marie could always be found at the Noon Mass in St. Rosalie's. She was not only religious but spiritual and very civic minded. We were blessed by her presence in our lives." Sep 29, 15 4:05 PM

Southampton Town Will Set Aside $750,000 For New Hampton Bays Well

Town housing and code enforcement policies, plus the ever-notorious ZBA, , allowing for more and more density in HB, costs the residents of HB to pay for a new wel when one is built. It costs the town nothing. " Sep 30, 15 9:25 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Councilman Brad Bender Pleaded Guilty On Drug Charges And Resigns, Facing Up To 20 Years In Prison

While there is no way I can or will defend a drug dealer, I do feel sorry for Brad that he got caught up in the mess of illegal drugs for whatever reasons.
I also feel for Larry who seems like a decent fellow.
There are no winners in a situation like this." Nov 24, 15 9:21 PM

Southampton Publick House Owner At Crossroads, But Sees Opportunity For Growth At New Spot

He doesn't sound happy to me. Just a nice guy trying to make the best out of a less-than-perfect situation.
I wish the Public House the very best!" Nov 27, 15 2:41 PM

Former Hampton Bays School Board Member Charged With Looting Scholarship Fund

What truly bothers me is that a current school board member was guilty of misusing those funds before he was on the school board and then was allowed to run for a position. At least the public could have been told somehow. Now a former school board member is accused of doing the same thing. A third former school board member left the board when he pled guilty (at least I believe it was a plea) to stealing from his then-employer.
If the school board is so attractive to this type of person, one has to wonder if there is a "perk" to being a school board member of which we are not aware? e.g. Could it be open to "gifts" or "favors" from textbook publishers? I don't know. But it seems curious that people who appear to have a problem with integrity would be so noble as to "serve" the public without getting something in return." Dec 14, 15 9:30 AM

No, I think maybe you, Chief1, are missing the facts. He was a Board Member until May 2015. He had already served two three year terms. That means he became a Board Member in 2009. He is charged with starting to loot the fund in 2010 if I read the article correctly. So it allegedly started and continued while he was a Hampton Bays School Board Member." Dec 14, 15 10:24 PM

Zeldin Introduces Bill Aiming To Prevent Suspected Terrorists From Buying Guns And Explosives

The headline to this article says he introduced a bill to prevent suspected terrorists from buying guns. But Newsday had an article on this saying his bill was at odds with Peter King's. It said Zeldin's bill would ALLOW individuals on U.S. terrorist lists to buy guns unless the Justice Dept stops them with a court order. Zeldin must either owe the gun lobby a lot or is currying their favor big time. Either that or he is NUTS!!!!!" Dec 15, 15 10:18 AM

Southampton Town's First Female Supervisor, Mardythe DiPirro, Dies December 13

A wonderful human being. Mardy's death is truly a loss. I think the best we can do is celebrate her life, take example from it and put that example into action.
Condolencees to her family." Dec 17, 15 11:41 AM

Former Hampton Bays School Board Member Charged With Looting Scholarship Fund

Vikki, Just to clarify. The problem was apparently NOT known about Booth until recently. However it WAS known about someone else prior to that person's election to the school board in 2015. " Dec 19, 15 11:10 AM

Zeldin To Vote In Favor Of Obamacare Repeal Bill

The Congressman does NOT have the interests of the working man in mind. He is a tool for big corporations who dont give a flying you-know-what about our well-being.
I have NEVER taken anything for nothing. I have NEVER looked for anything for nothing. But I worked for corporate America long enough to know what they are interested in. They would rob us blind if they could and then blame us for being blind and deny us a seeing eye dog.
But they spend a lot of money trying to make themselves look good and lots of poor suckers out there fall for their trickery, deceit and outright lies.
Zeldin is a party puppet through and t through. Not a thought of his own. I am ashamed he represents our wonderful district." Jan 6, 16 11:26 PM

Southampton And East Hampton Democratic Officials Endorse Calone For Congress

But the article says Gordon Herr DOES support her. " Jan 20, 16 9:01 PM

Moriches Bay Diner Owners Eye Hampton Bays Diner Spot

I am overjoyed at the possibility!!! Having a diner there is iconic. " Jan 25, 16 2:04 PM

Artifacts Found At Rogers Mansion Create Uncertainty For Installation Of Sewer Line

Reminds me: Are they going to do an archaeological study at the site of the proposed condos on the east side of the canal?
" Jan 25, 16 2:06 PM

Pending Southampton Town Attorney Appointment Leads To Political Squabble

I think these comments are mostly missing the point. The position is for Town Attorney. The person in charge of the Town's Legal dept. It seems pretty obvious to me the person hired should be experienced in Municipal Law.

If I were getting a divorce, I would hire someone specializing in divorce. If I were an accident victim, I would hire a lawyer specializing in that.

If Hagen were a Municipal Law expert and a Republican, then he should be interviewed. If he's not a Municipal Law expert, and apparently he is not, then he shouldn't be interviewed regardless of party.

Unfortunately, the GOP response here seems typical of their line of thinking over the years. Who cares if the guy is qualified as long as he is a team player.

I am glad Schneiderman seems to be resisting this kind of thinking." Feb 27, 16 6:17 PM

Question: I don't know the players but is Jim Burke related to Ed Burke. And isn't Ed Burke's daughter's name O'Brien? Are any of these people elated to Ed Burke?" Mar 5, 16 9:04 PM

Locals Share Hampton Bays Diner Stories

Five years ago the taxes were $17K. Now they are $65. That seems nuts. Did the town get a higher assessment to force the diner out of business so they could buy it cheap for a new road to connect from Rte 24 to Good Ground Road?????
Otherwise, considering the decline in the RE market (or at least stagnation), how in hell did the taxes rise so much?
" Mar 21, 16 10:29 AM

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