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Plans For Hampton Bays Diner Building Are Moving Forward

What's the reason?
" Oct 9, 17 4:33 PM

Southampton Town Issues More Than 200 Code Violations For Illegal Rentals In Hampton Bays During Housing Crackdown

The only way an illegal is eligible for official affordable housing is....HE/SHE IS NOT ELIGIBLE!
However, unofficial, illegal affordable housing is created when too many people crowd into a house because it's the only way they can pay the rent being charged.
Any overcrowded housing, and it's not limited to illegals trust me, still pays property and school taxes via the property owner.
You are right though that it's probably not a fair share if a lot of children from different families are living in what was built as a one-family house. But taxes are still being paid. No house gets off scot free.
" Oct 23, 17 2:31 PM

Developer Files Pre-Application For 137-Unit Subdivision In East Quogue, Backup Plan To 'Hills'

I'm really not up to speed on all of this but I think in justifying how a golf course has no impact on the school system, which is correct, I think the rest of your argument is not. First of all, the choice is golf course or Section 8 housing? One or the other? Where does that come from?
But one thing a golf course does seem to impact is the environment. A desirable golf course has to have grass manicured to a tee. No pun intended. That involves lots of water and fertilizers and pesticides etc. Every plan concerning a golf course always insists they will use environmentally-friendly methods. Promises. Promises. I don't believe it for a minute. Love to surprise inspect them a few years down the road and see what it really going on.
" Nov 19, 17 3:53 PM

Southampton Town Board Finalizes Design Options For Ponquogue Pavilion

Plans sound good. Agree with HamptonDad about solar. Why not?" Jan 18, 18 11:42 AM

Women's March Draws A Crowd In Sag Harbor On Saturday

Good grief! Such anger! What's really going on folks? I was at the parade in Sag Harbor and was thrilled. You could see people's concens were varied. They weren't all marching to one tune. You could see hope on the faces of children. You could see people trying very hard to express concerns for others' well-being. I found it an uplifting and energizing event. I came away feeling happy that the sun was shining, God was in Her Heaven watching over all and all would eventually be right with the world. And I wasn't even drinking.
" Jan 22, 18 10:38 PM

Local Group Will Pitch $25 Million Aquatic Center For Red Creek Park In Hampton Bays

Martha Rogers pushed for this years ago when she was on the Town Board and I have often regretted it did not succeed. I think it will be a fine addition to HB and make it an even more desirable place to be!!!

" Jan 31, 18 7:32 PM

New Owners Of Former Hampton Bays Diner Plan To Maintain Building As An Eatery

My first wish is that it be locally owned. If it is part of a chain, only a very small portion of the incoem goes back into the community. For example, supplies bought nationally. Also Accountants, lawyers, all professionals are at a headquarters somewhere and not local.
My second wish is that it be a diner. Please let it be a diner. And a good diner to boot!!! It's unreal that this community does not have a diner or even a large size luncheonette.
At least it won't be a nail place. I'm trying to stay positive!
" Feb 15, 18 2:14 PM

Center Stage Presents Disney's 'Beauty And The Beast' Starting Friday In Southampton

The best show I have seen in a long, long time!!! I am so proud of all this great local talent. And special thanks to Michael Disher. How he pulled this all off to provide truly first rate theatre in a relatively small space is beyond me.

Theater Review: 'Beauty And The Beast' Is A Musical Delight And Visual Extravaganza

The best show I have seen in a long, long time!!! I am so proud of all this great local talent. And special thanks to Michael Disher. How he pulled this all off to provide truly first rate theatre in a relatively small space is beyond me.
" Mar 15, 18 7:36 PM

Bishop McGann-Mercy Diocesan High School In Riverhead To Close In June

I don't know ANY LI clergy running around in $80,000 cars.

" Mar 23, 18 3:51 PM

UPDATE: Community To Rally For New Pole For Riverside Osprey Nest

I went into Riverhead well over a week ago and saw an osprey in the nest. Sunday four of us were in the car and remarked how wonderful to see the pair of ospreys in the nest sitting up high and proud.
Someone is lying. Either PSE&G or the contractor. But it's up to PSE&G to set it right NOW.
" Apr 10, 18 9:07 AM

John Tortorella Buys Former Friendly's Building, Plans To Put In New Restaurant

Yes, the diner closed and it was mostly due to taxes. Yes, Friendly's closed but they were cutting back on their locations. Citibank did not have a drive-thru and I think that was bad for business. Also Citi has closed all branches east of somewhere near Smithhaven mall. Don't blame HB. How about success stories like 1 North, Canal Cafe, Francesca's, Gators, Centro Trattoria, Rumba, Guava etc. And that's only the restaurants! HB is doing great and I think it looks better than ever!!!" Aug 13, 18 4:00 PM

CVS Eyes Hampton Bays Movie Theater Location

Question: I read this "
On Thursday, May 23, the Planning Board will set up a pre-submission conference on an application to convert the 14,886-square-foot theater into a 27,552-square-foot drugstore operated by CVS."
How can the theatre be doubled in size from 14K sq Ft to 27K??? Where is additional space coming from?" May 25, 19 10:41 PM

Hampton Bays Teens Sad To Say Goodbye To Movie Theater

The article says 1997.
" Aug 21, 19 7:46 PM

WHOA. You sound angrier than any "angry old white lady leftists" I've ever met. Calm down, man.
Here's the problem as I understand it.....The building is located in a zone where drug stores are allowed as per Town Zoning. So the Town cannot say "No we don't want a drugstore." What they CAN do is not give them a darn thing over and above what they must give them. Want an extra parking space or 20? NO. Want an extra pedestrian entrance? NO.
And do you REALLY think it is ok to put a 3 year old child in a locked cage without an adult family member? Do you really think they should be deprived of toothpaste and soap? Do you really think the workers should not be allowed to hug or comfort that scared child when they cry?
These angry old ladies are probably loving and caring mothers and grandmothers who realize that children, regardless of their immigrant status, should not be treated this way. Have a heart.
" Aug 21, 19 8:00 PM

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