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Police Investigate Shots Fired From Shinnecock Reservation

I am a law abiding tribal citizen that works in law enforcement. Since we do not live near the location of the shooting; how would we be able to tip NYS Police. Please do not assume that we are aware of everything that goes on here.
Early a.m. is off to work only to return home in the evening. No time for beach patrol or to shoot at white people.
This type of behavior is unacceptable and needs to stop..." Jul 31, 12 4:56 AM

Well for one the shooting took place while my family was asleep. With hundreds of families living here; how are we suppose to have an idea of who the bad apples are. Since you do not live on our land; you would never know what my family is doing to help the youth.
All adults living here are responsible for their own actions. It is the NYS Police job to investigate and NYS Court System to convict the person(s) responsible for this.
" Jul 31, 12 5:47 PM

Firefighters Battle Blaze On Reservation

Still at work and hope everyone is safe." Aug 7, 12 2:38 PM

Omg! Please let the address be wrong - 80 Montauk Highway survived the hurricane in the 30's...
" Aug 7, 12 6:33 PM

Sad day out here. It hurts to see how this house was ravaged. We pray for our tribal members that lost their home yesterday..." Aug 8, 12 11:14 AM

UPDATE: Shinnecock Man Dies In Thursday Morning Crash On Icy Road In Hampton Bays

Condolescenes to Uncle Martin, Uncle Harry and my male cousins that who are left to grieve their brother, Matt..." Nov 8, 12 8:59 PM