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Kabot says town in the process of correcting fiscal crisis

It seems a little suspect that suddenly our supervisor finds these mistakes when she is under the gun for overspending. I don't buy it. And re: the police payments? Those figures were traditionally tallied by the personnel office, Mr. Blowes office, not the comptrollers office. " May 21, 09 7:49 AM

Because Linda spent the money in the town's rainy day fund (started by Vince and Heaney) and put millions of surplus into last years budget to cover the spending. She threw the budget together in late September--last minute as usual-- and now she is in trouble and is casting blame.
The rule of thumb is that the town should have ten percent of the annual budget as surplus. If the budget is $80 million, surplus should be $8. Anybody know the surplus figures for 2009?" May 28, 09 1:29 PM

Shinnecocks reach settlement that could bring federal recognition by 2010

Get ready for 100-200 busses driving through the western Hamptons every day and hundreds of tired, drunk motorists on the roads 24/7. Every weekend will be like Memorial Day. Jobs? All low-paying service jobs that will attract thousands of new immigrants. " May 28, 09 1:35 PM

The only ones who make money off casinos are the corporations that build and run it. The Shinnecock will lease their rights to the corporates and will have no say, the town will have no say. These big conglomorates build and run casinos all over the world. And they are the ones who benefit." May 29, 09 10:53 AM

Highway Superintendent might become an appointed position

What possible benefit could there be to taking away the voters' right to decide who runs the highway department? If this goes through, the job will be filled by alternating Republican and Democratic Committee people, depending on who holds the majority that year. Pure patronage.
" Jun 10, 09 1:26 PM

Tribal members want greater protection for sacred sites

I'd like to read just one news story where Supervisor Kabot does not blame the previous administration for all the town's ills. If I recall, the previous administration paid millions to preserve property just up the street from me once it was announced that there were Shinnecock graves there. Ms. Kabot? Just once get your facts straight? That would be a nice change of pace." Jun 23, 09 3:24 PM