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Zwirn decries tax penalties

my payment was received 1 day late and it cost me $350. Thanks East Hampton! That would have bought a lot of food for my family. VOTE THEM ALL OUT!" Jul 14, 09 5:04 PM

Surfers injured by feeding bluefish at Sagg

good thing they were not "skinny surfing"." Jul 27, 09 11:55 AM

Montauk party boats busted for keeping illegal fish

good. don't do the crime if you can't do the time. go after the netters and draggers next." Aug 12, 09 11:47 AM

Bentley sinks in Lake Montauk

good way to get rid of a car you can no longer afford! i'm just sayin'...." Aug 18, 09 11:30 AM

In the Field: End of a beautiful summer

Any updates on saltwater fishing licenses? Are they still going to be required starting in October? " Sep 3, 09 2:41 PM

Report says anti-immigrant atmosphere in Suffolk County fuels violence

Agree that article needs to differentiale between legal immigration and illegal immigration. I am pro immigration but anti illegal imigration. People should be able to immigrate here to make a better life for themselves and thier families but should do so within the laws of this country and contribute to society by paying taxes, assimilating, learning the language, etc.

If you think illegal immigration is not a problem keep your head buried in the sand until it bites you on the a$$.

if you want to cut down on the number of illegals go after the employers who hire them and stop the hand outs. No work, no welfare, no need to come here....

" Sep 16, 09 2:09 PM

SUV flips in Montauk crash Sunday

just to set the record straight, i was driving the car that the guy in the flatbed passed. if i was speeding up so he could not get back in the east bound lane i would be dead. i was at least 100 yards behind him when he got to the top of the hill at hit the yellow suv head on. i took the picture from where my car came to a stop and i got out to assist and call 911. the guy never tried to get back into the east bound lane." Sep 30, 09 2:33 PM

the accident took place in the westbound lane 30 yards or so behind where the yellow suv ended up. the tow truck hit him head on and was travelling east in the westbound lane. yellow suv flipped several times and ended up across the road on the guard rail. the guy swerved at the last minute and the tow truck hit him in the front on the passenger side. the tow truck ended up along the guard rail about 40 yards or so behind the yellow suv. you can see the driver standing on the back of the truck looking back just about the yellow suv. if the guy did not swerve or the people in the car were not wearing seat belts i am sure they could have easily been killed.

the guy driving the tow truck was 100% at fault. he was driving on the wrong side of the road.

take another look at the picture timebomb. the road was wet and the yellow suv was not speeding or on the wrong side of the road." Oct 1, 09 8:15 AM

Montauk fishermen cited for violations

good to see the rules being enforced. How exactly is that out of control? " Dec 1, 09 3:54 PM

Trespassing charges dropped against East Quogue woman arrested near ANG base; wrongful arrest lawsuits filed

she did not break any laws. the feds questioned her at length and let her go. the Suffolk county sheriff arrested her on a trespass charge and she spent time in jail? Sounds like a lawsuit to me. The Suffolk county DA should investigate and if the Sherriff acted improperly he should be fired. Guess where the money to settle the suit is coming from?

Also, last time I checked you cannot arrest someone because their political views differ from your own.
" Dec 1, 09 4:20 PM

Man dies in East Hampton blaze

did he have smoke detectors? " Dec 2, 09 9:18 AM

ANG assists in search for missing Canadian sailor

Bermuda triangle strikes again?!" Dec 2, 09 11:20 AM

Montauk fishermen cited for violations

what would happen if there were no regs? maybe the regs now are not perfect but they do serve a purpose. you have to admit that, no? I say let them catch as many bass as they want. just don't drag with nets use a rod and a bucktail." Dec 2, 09 11:29 AM

nah, if you read the post it say's "don't drag with nets use a rod and bucktail". it was a joke, dude. lighten up! i am a recreational fisherman and if you read my previous post i am for enforcement although admittedly the regs themselves probably are not perfect." Dec 3, 09 9:28 AM

Illegal fishing charges brought against East Hampton harbormaster

the rules are the rules. like it or not. as a harbormaster he should have known better. " Feb 4, 10 1:11 PM

my reading is that the patent covers the land, water, access, etc. does it cover migratory fish? I belive that is what the state and feds regulate." Feb 11, 10 3:39 PM

Budget officer: East Hampton not allowed to have a comptroller

makes sense since the town's finances are out of "comptroll"." Feb 15, 10 12:45 PM

Weather service predicts a foot of snow; many closings announced

have you been reading the news recently. seems like it is about as far from "science" as you can get. Read this report recently prepared by the EPA:


" Feb 17, 10 2:26 PM

Fishermen to Washington: Help us or we won't survive

tough making ends meet. gee there is something you don't hear much of these days. " Feb 25, 10 2:39 PM

East Hampton CPF audit expected next week

how is it that McGintee has still not been charged?" Mar 3, 10 4:12 PM

Supporters gather for brothers facing fishing charges

i have read the Dongan Patent and no where can i find that it covers migratory species that venture thru our waters. it covers land, access to the water, etc. Am i wrong? If so, please point it out. Does not seem like an adequate defense to me. So by the attorney's logic any resident does not have to abide by ny state or federal regs? So i can keep as many short bass as i want? Ridiculous!

The regs are in place to protect fish stocks for all of us. Not just a select few....

" Mar 5, 10 9:25 AM

Also, i would like to add that there are many other factors hurting the commercial fishing industry. The economy's impact on demand, ever increasing operating expenses (fuel, dock fees, etc), cheap farm raised imports, and TAXES!

Interesting article on cnn.com the other day regarding lobster fishermen in Maine. Harvests have increased but demand is way off due to lack of demand due to the bad economy and prices are lower than they have been in years. yet costs continue to increase.

what is the answer, clean out the oceans until there are no fish left. then what will you do?" Mar 5, 10 9:37 AM

so knowing they only needed 1000 lbs to meet the quota there is nothing different they could have done? " Mar 5, 10 12:46 PM

so the draggers should be allowed to clear out the oceans so no one else can catch fish? what about other citizen's rights? you are kidding, right?

keep shooting those buffalo...." Mar 5, 10 3:06 PM

yeah, just like the striped bass population in the 80's and early 90's. i could go on but clearly you have no idea what you are talking about. And by the way i am about as far from a liberal as you can get. answer this, what brings more money into the local economy commercial fishing or recreational/sport fishing?

Just ask any one of the local captains what they think..." Mar 5, 10 4:58 PM

the only one that is going to win here is the lawyer.

" Mar 9, 10 3:27 PM

Court tosses out guilty plea from 2003 murder in Water Mill

yes. if you read the article it says "The vacating of the conviction means the case will now return to the Suffolk County Criminal Court system where it had been on the verge of trial. Jury selection was scheduled to begin on the day the plea was reached. The case will be on the calendar of Judge C. Randall Hinrichs this time around, and neither Mr. O’Brien nor Mr. Kamen said he expected to represent Mr. Santiago."

" Mar 17, 10 2:54 PM

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