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Deferred Action Program Will Affect East End Dreamers

Here's a news flash. The undocumented immigrants, or whatever the correct term is, are here to stay. Get over it. I'm not saying if that's right or wrong, but the reality is they are not leaving, either by choice or force of the US Government. Just isn't going to happen, ever, get used to it.
Find your next battle." Aug 1, 12 9:36 PM

Can you elaborate on the "hundreds of thousands of military members serving our country " who are denied these benefits?
And does that pertain to you or an immediate family member? " Aug 2, 12 8:55 AM

Obama Fundraiser Is Planned For August 24

Your experiences are the exception and not the rule, Summertime and you damn well know that.
Heer's a test for you, without googling it, where is the Mason-Dixon Line?" Aug 2, 12 9:40 AM

Thiele Joins Effort To Close Hampton Bays Nightclub

Really, think it through. This "constituent" is a leach on society. His club and the diner as well does nothing but take from the community in the form of ongoing fights and drunkards. All Frank cares about is the almighty dollar. Look at the pretty neon sign you see as soon as you enter Hampton Bays, a sign which was strictly prohibited when the permit for renovations was issued.
I would think that Fred would be neglectful in his duties were he to not take a stand on this matter. " Aug 3, 12 9:12 AM

Deferred Action Program Will Affect East End Dreamers

N0, it is reality. Do you ever see it going another way?" Aug 3, 12 9:44 AM

Four Former Westhampton Beach Trustees Are Covered By Village's Health Insurance Policy

The contract just reached between SC Exec Bellone and the SCPBA will set the tone for future aggreement throughout the island. It was just a matter of time before one of the "big guys" reached a different type of contract than what we have been used to hearing about. Smalller depatments throughout Long Island willl follow suit. " Aug 5, 12 3:08 PM

UPDATE: Bicyclist Taken To Stony Brook University Hospital; Cause Of Accident Unknown

I would imagaine the info desrired could be had by the Press, or anyone, going to the PD and filing a freedom of information request.
Do you folks realy believe it is Anna's job to send out press releases on ongoing crime/accident investigations?
I've been here a while, and never saw a Town Supervisor do it it before. And come to think about it, there are probably 3 people posting here who could pick Chief Overton out of a line up.
How does anyone know that this information has not been released, and that the Press just declined to update the stories?Just sayin' ya know?" Aug 6, 12 10:35 AM

UPDATE: Police Identify Man Who Drowned After Jet Ski Accident In Mecox Bay

Pretty obvious at this point it was a single watercraft, holding two people, one of whom is missing and presumed dead. " Aug 6, 12 10:45 AM

Bronx-To-Riverhead Drug Ring Busted By East End Drug Task Force

He was NOT in DA Spota's custody. (no one is for that matter) He was incarcerated upstate by NYS Corrections.
Why do people read so selectivly?" Aug 7, 12 10:52 AM

Four Former Westhampton Beach Trustees Are Covered By Village's Health Insurance Policy

Typical of Chief1, ranting like a headless reactionary, He is the expert on all printed here.
You don't even live in the village, yet want us to believe that you have the know how to fix al that is wrong in municipal government. I would imagine you haven't attended a town or village board meeting once in your life. The village is no where near bankruptcy and probably never will be. All of you rants are critical, NONE are ever positive on how to make things better.
Go back to your hole. " Aug 7, 12 10:59 AM

Jay Schneiderman Considers Running For East Hampton Town Supervisor Next Year

wow...you didn't get the memo? Jay is an Independance Party member and will get the Democrat endorsement as well. Will you continue with your criticism of him as your party's candidate?" Aug 9, 12 9:20 AM

Firefighters Battle Blaze On Reservation

You don't take anything from the government? I gues you only drive on private roads. You won't accept Social Security when it is time, when you wake at 3am with chest pains you wont call for a publicly funded ambulance either i am sure. You never used the beaches ( cleaned by public employees) You didnt go to school, ( am damn sure not English or grammar class).
Now I am sure you are busy getting ready to assist in some function at th ambulance barn or fire dpepartment where you volunteer, so i won't belabor the point. BTW, if it is the Southampton Fire Department, please send regards to the Shinnecocks who are volunteers there. " Aug 9, 12 10:52 AM

Jay Schneiderman Considers Running For East Hampton Town Supervisor Next Year

Wing this.

Do you plan on ingnoring the debate when the Republicans put up a mini-Cheney to run against Jay? Not that that would be a bad thing, you never say anything worth reading anyway." Aug 10, 12 8:07 AM

Gregg Saunders, Whole Foods Developer, Lost In East Hampton Crash

Tell us, specifically, under what section of law a "poor kid" would have been charged. It's all there in the internet , so take a few minutes and enlighten us. You make it sound like the Rechtlers were standing there pulling hundred dollar bills off a roll and handing them to the cop investigating this accident. Tell us how they pay off the DA's office while you're at it.
Good grief. " Aug 11, 12 9:11 AM

Perhaps they looked at his phone ?" Aug 11, 12 9:13 AM

Well you could FOIL the accident report and get answers to your questions. Except the victim has passed so he can't say if he was distracted ( doubtful) Seat belt use would be quite evident, and the "accused"? Story says he had a passenger. So ask him why he didn't adjust the surfboard. High paid lawyers have nothing to do with anything anything except wingnuts conspiracy theories. " Aug 12, 12 8:16 AM

Drug Task Force Announces Felony Drug Arrest

HHS is a pompous a$$. But he is right on target on this one. We have been led to believe for so long that sending people to prison to "punish" them for their behavior will change them. I think we have learned this is not so.
Keep in mind the original reason for outlawing marijuanna was that the white politicians didn't want their white kids doing things that black musicians were doing. If I am wrong, i would like to be shown thus. " Aug 13, 12 9:22 AM

Gregg Saunders, Whole Foods Developer, Lost In East Hampton Crash

Hello? Bob? Are you there Bob? Guess you're buried inside the Vehicle and Traffic Law book looking for an answer. " Aug 13, 12 9:29 AM

Why would it go to the Grand Jury?" Aug 15, 12 10:23 PM

Hellooooooo TianaBob? Once again, why would it go to the Grand Jury? What charges do you think the DA would want to press against this little rich kid? And if money speaks, why would they be going to the Grand Jury?" Aug 16, 12 3:56 PM

Quiogue Residents Oppose Plans For New East End Hospice Facility

mon Cherie, I'll die, you'lll die, we all die..........let them do it in peace and dignity. Hospice does an incredibly compassionate job at what they do. They will be there for you and yours shoudl you need their services someday. " Aug 17, 12 10:52 AM

Bishop On Defensive After Claims Of Unethical Campaign Solicitations

Are you serious? " Aug 18, 12 8:03 AM

I wanted to infer that "They CallMe" had a few breaks in his brain synapses, Mr Z. I certainly hope you don't buy into this crap that he posted in order to influence anyone. ( At least no one who has completed the thrid grade) " Aug 18, 12 12:24 PM

Three posts on this issue and all of them an attack on RA, not one mentioning the incredible lack of common sense on behalf of Mr. Bishop's fundraising staff.
If this had been done by a Republican you would be screaming bloody murder. In the middle of his "attempting to help a constituent" the staff asks for as much as a $10,000.00 donation and you don't see anything wrong with that? I have no use for RA or his carpetbagging ways, but after this I know what office I will not be casting a vote for in November. While I admit this is not Mr. Bishop's doing, he certainly is responsible for setting the tone that allowed this to happen.
Shame on you and all of his supporters who cannot see the incredible ethics lapse we have seen here. " Aug 19, 12 8:47 AM

And just who do you think I support? Did you fail reading comprehension in elementary school? Read my post again, and then let SHNative respond to the post directed at her. " Aug 19, 12 1:18 PM

And I find it stunning that you can't see the forest for the trees HighHatSize. I get that Ms. Bishop is not paid by the taxpayer. I get that she works independent of Mr. Bishop's staff.
What I don't get, and you fail to see or refuse to take note of, is that she shook this guy down for cash at the same time Mr.Bishop or his taxpayer funded staff was performing a service for him.
You certainly aren't trying to claim that this is just a coincidence are you? As to the claims that Mr. Bishop is too smarrt to do this jusr prior ro election day? When IS a good time? You and most readers know that he serves a two year term, so that in effect he is ALWAYS in re-election cycle. " Aug 20, 12 7:36 AM

You pretty much reside under a rock with other pond scum, don't you, Steven?
Mr.Akin's statement is despicable, and for you to try and connect it to ANYONE other than the person who made the statement is revealing as to your character, or lack of it. " Aug 20, 12 7:40 AM

Guess Karl Rowe didn't get your memo on Republican Party Poster boys." Aug 21, 12 9:18 AM

It is Tim Bishop's responsibility to set a "tone" where Molly Bishop would never in a million years consider asking a constituent in Semler position to make a "donation"
Your ongoing attempts to say "Yes it happened but it isn't Tim's fault" are futile.

And for the record, I am NOT voting for RA. This line will not receive a vote from me.

For you folks who can't see the forest for the trees....Remember Mr Bishop's razor thin victory last time WITH the "I" line. He doesnt have it this time and with this spectacle, the race is over.

That is why is is called Political Science, not Political Art. " Aug 21, 12 10:24 AM

And the Republicans dont do the same? Are you smoking something again?" Aug 22, 12 10:35 AM

Romney Makes Second Visit To The Hamptons On Friday

It most certainly is. Nothing says forceable rape has to be physical force." Aug 22, 12 10:47 AM

Southampton Town Councilman Says Legal Action Could Be In Rumba's Future

"We aren't making any more fresh water" ? Are you kidding me? Do you spell potato with an "e" Mr. Malone?
Of course "we" aren't making any more fresh water, nature does it by filtering rainfall through the ground.
" Aug 23, 12 9:51 AM

Bishop On Defensive After Claims Of Unethical Campaign Solicitations

And still not even a mention by SHNative that this was at the least a matter of poor leadership by Mr. Bishop.
" Aug 23, 12 9:54 AM

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