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Two Convicted Drug Dealers Released From Prison; D.A. Cites 'Credibility' Of Arresting Street Crime Unit Officer

Retrying the same case would be an exercise in double jeopardy. The case has already been heard and a sentencing handed down. If you want both of these men in prison again, they will have to commit another unlawful act and obviously get caught.

Now, since the charging PO has/had substance abuse issues it can be easily argued that the charging officer was unfit for duty. If the charging officer is not of the right mind, the facts presented during the trial by said PO may be corrupted, wrong, and/or misleading due to drug addiction(s). Under this light, the state would find it unjust to hold onto two prior convictions of which it has little evidence to support such a conclusion .

Also, given what the DA has found so far and had the two men not been released, they could make themselves to be very litigious hornets. Not to say they don't have a few civil cases already that they can pursue." Jun 6, 12 7:07 AM

Actually the rule of law has not been broken. In fact the DA pretty much affirms that the rule of law is still around and kicking.

The way our justice system works is that to get tried by the state (the government by another word) you have to have sufficient evidence in order to prove the charges. The reasoning for this is that you don't want government officials (in this case Police Officers) fabricating charges just so that they can detain someone they don't like. This is not a perfect system of course because innocent people still go to prison, but because this is America and she is a great country, we have ways to right potential wrongs. What the DA has done recently is an example, as well as the appeals system.

So rest easy knowing that the rule of law is still being followed in some regards. Our law system is just very nuanced to protect us regular folk from government bullies" Jun 6, 12 7:16 AM