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Pre-Dawn Raids In Hampton Bays Prompt Complaints

I hope the community realizes the life threat if there was ever a fire or any other kind of tragic emergency. Having double the occupency leads to many different issues especially when many are children. I wouldnt even just say for the children but what about the emergency personal that would have to respond there. With the over crowding and making what is supposed to be a room not an apartment. Look at the black sunday fire for example. The owner of the building made changes to the building with out notifying the proper authorities and fire fighters were killed. " Jun 8, 12 3:36 PM

Hampton Bays Students Urge School Board To Keep Spanish Teacher

i have had teachers in this school district that were absolutely awesome and they had lost their job cause a teacher came back from leave. Why does it always come down to ethnicity? A good role model is a good role model. Its unfortunate that the teacher has to leave but for whatever reason she was asked to leave it was best for the students.

and flatland it has nothing to do with the principal and going through 4 if not more principals in my five years there... from a student perspective he helped stabilize the students. " Jun 15, 12 5:57 PM

Dont treat me as if im a child. Im not. If you do work within the school system you remember how the students misbehaved and would treat the teachers before he was there. It was absolutely unacceptable. The substitute teachers had it the worst. I am still embarrassed to this day that the kids within that school system were not fully accountable for their actions. He makes them accountable. If the principal is that bad as a co-worker than maybe that teacher is best going to a different school but i am not going to give a perspective on something i have not witnessed." Jun 18, 12 2:47 PM

Hampton Bays Graduate Never Missed A Day Of School

What a wonderful person!! we could use more people as sweet and caring as her!
" Jun 29, 12 4:01 PM

UPDATE: County Road 39 Reopens Six Hours After Crash

suffolk police doesnt have jurisdiction... however if there is a murder or an arson in some cases they do work with southampton town." Jul 25, 12 12:52 PM

Mattituck Woman Admits Fault In Death Of Hampton Bays Teen, Accepts Settlement

ms goss wants to share her story with people? why doesnt she share the story of how she didnt learn from her first dwi and her second one killed a innocent boy who could light up the room he walked in... making people laugh when they didnt even want to. Yea shes a great one to share her story. The marino family is incredably strong with everything they have encountered with this... stay strong guys" Aug 11, 12 9:24 AM

Are August Visitors The Rudest Of The Lot To Invade The Hamptons?

its not just august..." Aug 25, 12 9:46 AM

UPDATE: Charges After Partiers Are Rescued From Sandbar

how else can you punish the kids? what else were they legally doing wrong? they have to be punished in some way...
" Aug 28, 12 11:49 AM

UPDATE: One Airlifted, Several Others Injured In Three-Vehicle Crash; Montauk Highway Reopens

Anyone realize that the bigger/ heavier trucks and buses are going faster than most the cars? how close they get to the back of your vehicle when stopping? scary i hope everyone in these scenerios is ok!" Aug 29, 12 11:02 AM

Brawl Ends Southampton-Hampton Bays Game Early

theres been many issues between southampton and hampton bays over the years and not just in football.... why continue having them play each other? " Oct 8, 12 5:47 PM

Eastport South Manor Student Withdraws From High School After Being Bullied

Schools still wont do anything...the bullies get off all the time. I hope the student in this matter finds a place to learn where they can be accepted." Oct 26, 12 9:29 AM

Oddone Pleads Guilty To Manslaughter Charge

if your drunk and kill someone with a kid in the car and an open container in the cup holder, before leandras law you serve less than 6 months. even with it being your second DWI offense." Feb 21, 14 3:25 PM

Six-Year-Old Girl Hit By Car In Water Mill Dies At Hospital

The young girl may not have been stable enough to fly directly." Jun 17, 14 4:17 PM

Hampton Bays Fire District Won't Say Why It Is Buying Land

peter 201 i hope you never need one of those fire fighters that are too fat to climb a ladder to save you. I bet they would still climb that ladder faster than most to save a loved one of yours or to save you. Im in the emergency service and your ignorance is disgusting. I hope you never have to experience some of the things that the responders have seen/ see. My hopes for you sir is you are able to gain a better respect for this job. " Jul 17, 15 6:50 PM

Ps we dont get healthcare." Jul 17, 15 6:51 PM

Now Widespread, Plastic Bag Bans Draw Mixed Reviews

By banning the plastic bags (which you can use for other things), you are still damaging the environment by cutting trees down for the paper bags. Makes sense." Feb 6, 16 1:37 AM

Man Attempts Suicide On Ponquogue Bridge Sunday Morning

there is no more mandate.... used to be 72 hours but now you say the right thing ur released " Jul 4, 16 5:09 AM

Cancelled Flight Dashes Disney Dream For Hampton Bays Marching Band

No, children and parents are responsible for the cost. While attending HBHS candy fundraisers and various other fundraisers were used to help take a burden off. " Apr 14, 17 2:08 AM