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Southampton Elementary School principal faces uncertain future

Must have been a disgruntled, obnoxious parent who visited the superintendent's office one time too many and put pressure on the board. Shame on you!" May 7, 09 8:40 PM

Tuckahoe School Board considers superintendent's contract

Like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, Ms. Grimaldi lacks a brain. Her reasoning for voting against renewing Ms. Rozzi's contract sounds like something a second grader would come up with. Here's hoping that the current board members have a brain and will vote appropriately. Ms. Grimaldi is certainly not a loss to the Tuckahoe School Board." Jul 24, 09 5:42 PM

Interesting that all of the dissenters appear to be women. In the AKC (American Kennel Club) world of legal documents, show entries, Best In Shows... members of that gender would be referred to as bitches. Perhaps Ms. Rozzi is too effective and efficient for these individuals." Jul 24, 09 9:01 PM

Tuckahoe superintendent resigns amid furor

Only egocentric, self serving individuals would have the nerve to continually disregard the feelings and input of the district's parents. It's rather obvious that the two female canines on the board are doing whatever it takes to protect their litters. Obedience school is on the horizon in the future." Jul 29, 09 1:51 PM

teachourkids, perhaps you should be the one to stop posting. You comments are beginning to make you come across to look less and less competent and intelligent." Aug 2, 09 3:17 PM

Sag Harbor looking to trim 10-percent budget hike

Who was your English teacher in high school. It seems as if you need to polish up your knowledge of English grammar." Mar 11, 10 8:36 PM

BTW- there should have been a ? after the first comment. At least I caught the error after the fact." Mar 11, 10 8:39 PM

Superintendent candidates get a grilling

Wow, are you right on the money! This guy really twists words to cover himself and has the personality of a pea. They should have paid attention to what you said." Jan 24, 11 2:46 PM

Wainscott Super At Odds With Former Employer

Bayview has hit the nail on the head! It couldn't have been said better." Jan 28, 11 1:30 PM

Springs School Will Cut Teacher Positions To Stay Under Tax Cap

What it all boils down to is this - most of the "educational" decisionmakers at the federal, state, and local levels have had little to no experience in teaching in a regular classroom. As a result, the decisions made may look wonderful on paper, but would be disasterous if implemented in a real school setting. Think of it this way - Who would want a person just out of med. school to perform brain surgery on a loved one? Our country would be in dire straits if a recent boot camp graduate would lead the Marines into a major battle. Certainly we would not want an apprentice to wired an entire new home. It's only in education where one can soar to the top without any prior knowledge of how a classroom operates. Our current educational is in SERIOUS trouble." Apr 9, 12 8:09 PM

Woman And Dog Rescued From Icy Scallop Pond In North Sea

Glad that all turned out ok. However, knowing the breed of dog that was involved I find it rather negligent on the part of the "professional handler" to not know the characteristics of the breed and anticipate what might happen when having the dog off lead near a salt water pond. I'm sure that the dog was quite insulated with its double coat and tolerated the plunge well. The handler might consider taking a refresher breed course. " Jan 26, 13 3:29 PM

Jaws, there was a similar article in Newsday that mentioned that the dog was a Duck Toller. I have been in the breed for over 13 years and currently have two so am VERY knowledgeable about the breed." Jan 28, 13 3:48 PM

What she may have over me in experience, she certainly lacks in common sense. :) " Jan 30, 13 8:56 AM

Missing Peconic Teenager Walks Into Southold Police Station, Ending Search

Wonderful news! Hope she now gets the help she needs.
" Mar 8, 13 6:29 PM

Southampton High School Teachers Wear Black To Protest Student's Testing Accommodation

What's the principal going to do when multiple parents request special accomodations for their kids during regents time? Given the fact that they all make similar arguments, it would certainly appear bias if he granted this for just a few chosen ones. Poor decision-making Mr. Principal. Did you allow the parent to stay in the room and hold the kid's hand, too?
" Jun 21, 13 8:14 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Voters Overwhelmingly Defeat Merger Proposal In Straw Vote Tuesday

The comment in the article about Southampton losing tuition being paid for Tuckahoe high school students doesn't make much sense. Where else are the kids going to go? Home schooling? Must be mismanagement of funds if Tuckahoe is that close to going bankrupt. Perhaps they should cut out all the fluff and allot their funds for just the basics.
" Oct 29, 13 5:47 PM

Why would Southampton people want to vote to give themselves a tax increase? That's crazy!
" Oct 29, 13 7:00 PM

Bishop Bill Pushes For Medal Of Honor For Haerter

Yes, this is the right thing to do. Just hope that, with an election coming up in November, Mr. Bishop did not have a self-serving reason in mind for doing this. " Mar 18, 14 9:53 AM

Parrish Art Museum To Hold Budget Vote In April

So much money has been appropriated for this museum, and the building is very unwelcoming and unattractive. Aside from the collections, the inside of the building isn't much better. They should have gotten a local architect.
" Mar 29, 14 2:07 PM

Some East End Schools Weigh Eliminating Valedictorian And Salutatorian Honors

If many of the East End districts are bending to parent pressure because their children aren't reaching their expectations, perhaps all competitive sports and activities should be replaced by club activities. Newsday's graduation issue for Nassau and Suffolk featured all of the Valedictorians and Salutatorians and the great colleges that they are attending in the fall. Southampton appeared to be the only school in Suffolk County who did not recognize their Valedictorian and Salutatorian. As an educator, I find this to be the dumbing down of education and the loss of educational control by the school administration and Board of Education. Hopefully this policy will stop with the Southampton district and not influence other East End districts." Jun 30, 14 7:23 PM

Community Forum On Extended Day Learning Grant Scheduled For Wednesday At Southampton High School

Are the student scores in the Southampton district so low that they qualify for this extended day grant? Certainly the district's scores can't be as low as those in Wyandanch or Westbury, or are they? If the school day is extended for an hour or two, it would seem that after school activities would be greatly affected unless Section XI alters their scheduling to accommodate Southampton - lol! There must be an underlying reason for this potential plan. It sure seems to be perfumed with a strong scent of skunk.
" Sep 30, 14 2:57 PM

Then the Southampton parents had better be a well-organized, vocal force at the meetings. That's the only way they'll get anywhere. According to the description of the grant on the state ed. website, it does in fact have something to do with achievement/scores." Sep 30, 14 4:16 PM

Hampton Bays, Westhampton Beach Open To Taking On Tuckahoe Students

If Tuckahoe is so "cash-strapped" then how can they support giving the superintendent a $32,000 raise? It makes no sense. Perhaps the board president, at his age, is having trouble with his reasoning and needs to step down." Dec 5, 14 6:27 PM

Tuckahoe District Looking To Financial Future

Stop crying poverty when you gave your superintendent a $30,000 raise. For what? No wonder he decided to stay put. Poor decision making and ignorance on the part of the board.
" Dec 16, 14 11:36 AM

What do these comments about grammar have to do with the topic entitled "Tuckahoe District Looking to Financial Future"? To me this comment falls under the category of off-topic and/or inappropriate content. Stick to the discussion at hand." Dec 18, 14 2:56 PM

Southampton And East Hampton Towns Adopt Plastic Bag Bans

This ban stinks. I recycle the grocery bags in my bathroom garbage cans and also use them for picking up poop when I take the dogs walking. So now I guess I have to buy bags instead of recycle. Go figure. It makes little sense.
" Dec 22, 14 2:06 PM