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Locally Wed Couple Are Plaintiffs In National Lawsuit To Have Same-Sex Marriage Recognized

I agree with you when you say, "Who cares who marries who?" Same-sex or opposite-sex marriage should never be an issue under the law. But to say, "I'm sick of this liberal crap!!" reveals your shameful disregard for millions of others rights and privileges under the Constitution and Bill of Rights, mine included. "Liberty and justice for all..." is not "liberal crap." It is sad you do not understand that liberty and justice are non-partisan values woven into the very soul of this country. Granting it to only some, and not all, is an affront to our democracy. The US Supreme Court is where inequalities have been corrected in the past and, hopefully, will do so in this present marriage equality case. If not now, it will do so in the future. Along with millions of other LGBT citizens, my same-sex spouse and I will not be silenced when we have our rights denied and called "liberal crap." " May 26, 15 9:10 AM