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Levy signs anti-discrimination law into action

So does this mean that all of the 55 and over communities are going to have to change their rules and regulations? Or does it not apply to them?" Nov 19, 09 11:37 PM

Trespassing charges dropped against East Quogue woman arrested near ANG base; wrongful arrest lawsuits filed

liitleplains, are you serious? Almost all of your blogs are intended to incite and antagonize people with whom you do not agree. To say that you lead a "non-confrontational life" is an absolute joke.

How about you left-wing buddies in ELF, PETA and Code Pink? Would you consider them "non-confrontational and peaceful?"

I did see, however a news clip of someone carrying a gun at a tea party, to which I assume you are referring. What you probably didn't realize (because almost no news channels showed the person from the front, rather just the gun hanging over his shoulder) was that he was at the tea party to support Obama, as a counter-protest." Nov 22, 09 4:33 AM

Oddone won't take stand; both sides rest, and closing arguments slated Tuesday

did freind4life just refer to oddone as a "great man"? what exactly, friend4life, has oddone done in his lifetime that warrants such designation? i know all about who reister was, i find it insulting that you wish to characterize oddone as an equally positive member of society. this guy is a murderer, who destroyed a family, as well as putting an entire community through grief. why would i see oddone as a "great man"?

please enlighten me as to all of the wonderful things he has done in his life." Nov 28, 09 5:11 AM

Correction, freind4life, oddone was not "a good kid who was part of a terrible tragedy" he was the cause of the terrible tragedy. don't try to paint him as the victim." Nov 28, 09 5:14 AM

To all of Tony's up-island friends.

You guys simply don't get it. We are a small tight-knit communty, not just a vacation spot for you to come and raise hell in over the summertime. Where you see just another bar fight "with a tragic twist" we have lost one of our own, and not just one of our own, but one of our best. We, as a community, lean on one another through difficult times, such as this one.

To hear you guys question Andy's character, and to listen to you call Oddone a "great man" is absolutely disgusting. You are flaunting the fact that Andy is dead, and disregarding the horrible actions of Oddone because he is your friend. At what point did picking up a second job to help support your children better become a bad thing? Are you kidding me?

If this is honestly how you feel, than perhaps you should find another forum to console one another. By doing so here you are spitting in the eye of everybody out hear who has lost a husband, father, friend, and neighbor, due to the actions of your friend.

" Nov 29, 09 2:28 AM

I was merely suggesting that if you insist on dancing on our friends' grave, perhaps you wouldn't mind doing so in a venue not intended to throw it in the faces of Andy's loved ones. I was suggesting such not as an insult, but out of sympathy for the victims loved ones. Why is this pathetic?" Nov 30, 09 12:52 AM

How are we expected to believe that a murderer is remorseful and sympathetic for the victims family, while his friends go out of their way to drag the victim and his loved ones through the mud? Have you no morals, or are they just put aside due to your blind devotion to your friend? What an absolutely disgusting breed you all are." Nov 30, 09 1:39 AM

Please stop referring to this incident as an accident. When you put someone in a chokehold for that long you are trying to hurt them. Death being the extreme result of doing so, unusual--but everyone knows it is a possibilty. Tony's intent was to hurt Andy, and he did. It is not as if Mr. Oddone was driving his car and Andy wandered out in front of it-- THAT would be an accident, and a forgivable one at that. You speak as if this would have happened with ANYBODY that was dancing on that table, and that Tony was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is something to be said for accountabilty, of which you seem to offer none.

Friend4life, I can understand supporting your friend through such a situation, but not grandstanding in front of everyone who attended Andy's funeral. If I was in your shoes, as you had asked us to imagine, I would be supportive of my friend, but also equally as compassionate to the lives of the still mourning community of the victim. I can respect you supporting your friend, but not at the cost of causing more suffering for those who have lost a close friend. Would you have shown up at the wake and tried to convince the widow that Tony was really a "great kid?" Would you get up at a fundraiser for his children and try to explain that your friend was "kind, smart, athletic, and had everything going for him and on one night was involved in a terrible accident"? Of course you wouldn't. There is a time and place for everything, this blog is neither." Dec 1, 09 1:43 AM

Second juror dismissed at Oddone murder trial

Keep beating that drum. " It couldn't have been my dear Tony, he is being set up by everybody in the entire system." That is a hell of a conspiracy theory, good luck with it.

There is something to be said for accountability, which Tony's friends seem to not possess. Your buddy is not being "set up" by the government, you know. He killed a man in a bar fight. The police did not pull over his cab that night and say, "hey lets fabricate a story to screw this kid." HE KILLED A MAN IN A BAR FIGHT. Again you guys just don't get it,- HE KILLED A MAN IN A BAR FIGHT!!

Man up" Dec 2, 09 1:56 AM

Defense seeks mistrial; Judge rejects motion

Anybody else recognize a plot from Oddone's friends to have a mistrial declared? The two bloggers in question were admitted "close friends" of Oddone's, one of whom claimed to have been with him that night (username1). So perhaps the lawyer felt that if someone, anyone, claimed that the jury was tainted then a mistrial would be awarded. I think there might be some type of scheme between his friends and his lawyer on this one. Anyone else have those thoughts? What a terrible group of people this guy has surrounded himself with, no wonder why he's in this situation." Dec 4, 09 12:32 AM

You guys amaze me. Tony is the victim here? This is very hard for both sides? Get a clue. Your friend killed our friend, the only reason it is hard for him is because he is being reprimanded for it. That deserves zero compassion. Tony was the murderer, NOT THE VICTIM." Dec 5, 09 12:39 AM

I bet, friend4life, that you would have told me (before this incident) that Tony was not capable of killing another man also-- wouldn't you have? So why would I take your word for it about his friends (who have danced all over Andy's grave on these blogs) not being capable of something that terrible?

As far as that night being "a terrible tragedy, not just for the Reister family" you are correct, it was a terrible tragedy for this community. Don't you dare suggest that your friend was a victim, he was the cause of the tragedy-- stop trying to get sympathy for him." Dec 5, 09 12:47 AM

Wait a minute, if someone isn't wearing a nametag on their shirt you can curse them out? What kind of a mentality does your group of friends have? Is this common for you guys? Unbelievable. " Dec 5, 09 1:01 AM

Jury deliberations continue in Oddone murder trial

Save your breath, Maryb, there is no reasoning with these people. I've given up on arguing with them, all I can hope for now is a swift and just verdict which will result in two benefits. 1- Oddone rot's in jail for a long time, before he rots in hell for eternity. and 2- The still mourning members of this town will not be subject to the ridiculous and offensive statements of his friends on this blog.

I cannot even fathom how Mr. oddone's friends think it is helpful to scream about injustice on this site. Do they honestly think that Stacy will agree with them? Or perhaps Jimmy will understand how they big bad cops are to blame? Maybe Andy's daughters will schedule a press conference to address the horrible corrupt judge.

Why can't this guys friends see that they are crying crocodile tears to the victims loved ones by airing their grievances here?" Dec 7, 09 5:57 AM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

"the thing is when you are confronted by a bully, you punch him in the nose," is this your mentality? I'm all for sticking up for yourself, but jeez, no wonder your friend is gonna do 25 to life. Let's examine this using the same theory, but from a different point of view. Andy asked Oddone to get down off the table, and Oddone cursed him out--wouldn't that make Oddone the bully? Should Andy have broken his nose? If the situation was reversed, there is no way you would be arguing these points. Accountability--learn some.

friend4life, I hope your paying attention. If you are than I don't really need to express why I'm disgusted with some of these people talking like this on a forum primarily made up of Andy's loved one's." Dec 7, 09 10:36 PM

You don't know what your talking about, allow me to correct your misinformation. Andy was 220 lbs (not 285) the weight you are referring to(I assume) is what he weighed at the hospital with almost fifty lbs of equipment on his bed, which was keeping him alive. Secondly, there were no other men dancing on tables, as is the policy of the bar. Thirdly, Andy identified himself as a bouncer. Oddone asked "are you a bouncer" and Andy said "Yes." at which point Oddone cursed him out, and ignored his request to get down.

"Why pick on Oddone?" you asked. Because he was the only person there breaking the rules of the establishment. Now if you are unhappy with what Andy did, please give me an alternative that would've resulted in Oddone getting off the table. Perhaps offer to buy him a drink? Or maybe get on your knees and beg him? How about just letting him do whatever the hell he wants because your not allowed to touch him? Where is the line drawn? I expect and answer from you Shamrock." Dec 10, 09 1:16 AM

U.S. Representive Tim Bishop details new initiatives

Let's see hear. He is helping the poor and uninsured by regulating noise from helicopters? Does anybody on this blog think that if someone is having a problem feeding their family, or paying for medical attention for an elderly family member, that they care about a millionaire's commute out to the east end causing them 30 seconds of noise?

Mr Bishop is looking out for the big donors for his war chest, and it'll work. Unfortunately, his constituents on the east end who need his help more are being ignored. I can honestly say that Mr Bishop no longer represents my demographic, if he ever did (as he would have us believe) I simply don't make enough money to matter to him." Dec 19, 09 1:30 AM

Chuck Schumar to the FAA regarding this matter, in a meeting along with Tim Bishop to FAA officials, "low-flying helicopters have tortured and tormented Long Island communities for far too long"

That's a bit dramatic, no?" Dec 19, 09 3:17 AM

Never heard mom complain. But maybe she'll start to after she finally does retire." Dec 19, 09 4:41 AM

Blizzard snarls life on the East End

This was obviously written by someone who didn't miss work on monday (36 hours after the storm) due to plows not able, or willing, to get to their road in a timely fashion. I would've paid a cab the sixty dollars to take me to and from work, but the roads were still too bad for the cabs to be out running.

I also noticed that on wednesday only two schools on long island had delays or cancels- hampton bays public schools and religious classes in southampton. There is a feather in the highway departments cap." Dec 25, 09 12:47 AM

Southampton Town analyst says proposed wind turbine would harm environment

The issue here is not whether or not a wind turbine is bad for the local ecosystem (as the petitioning neighbors would have you believe) The issue here is that the neighbors due not want a wind turbine disrupting their view. "Along with wildlife, the scenic quality of the wetlands is another commodity that needs to be protected," THIS is indicative of the neighbors true motives.

The neighbor directly next to Mr. Seddio's house is the head of a group called LI Green, he is also the one spearheading this protest. Check out CoweeDewey's post in a previous article on this matter, it is VERY enlightening.


This guys makes a living advocating for the implementation of renewable "green" energy throughout long island, cramming projects such as this down the throats of unhappy neighbors. Funny how his tune changes when the shoe is on the other foot. "Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony." -Morpheus." Dec 25, 09 1:42 AM

Or they could offer some of the power to their neighbors, as to lower THEIR utility bills as well, I bet that would change the opinions of some of the NIMBY's. (Almost as if it would make the well-being of bats and birds less important, hmm)" Dec 26, 09 3:55 AM

U.S. Representive Tim Bishop details new initiatives

Well that is true, Oshaunnessey, the Bush administration did spend us into the poorhouse. But, that being the case, Obama's first year (which is not over yet) has burned down that house entirely. What are we to do when both parties fail us in this manner, and won't allow us more than these two options come election time? They have seized power from those who they claim have all of it (the voters) and are simply unwilling to listen to their constituents.

You like to use the term "partisan" alot. If by calling me partisan you meant that I have something against Bishop than you are correct, I believe he has failed me. As far as my points of view go, they are certainly not down either party's lines. (I just wanted to make sure you were using the term "partisan" correctly)" Dec 26, 09 4:26 AM

The monies spent by the federal government did not "avert" an economic disaster- all it did was delay it. These tactics were only good for a short term "stimulus" of the economy, which worked, but in reality this just kicks the can further on down the line (probably for someone else to deal with) Watch how everyone who still is throwing Bush under the bus will refuse to do so with Obama when he leaves office in an even worse economic situation." Dec 26, 09 4:48 AM

Southampton Town Board closes out old capital projects

$800,000 was allocated to put up street lights in Hampton Bays? And now is being spent elsewhere? I smell a HUGE lawsuit from the first tax paying family who loses a child due to a car hitting them while crossing the road in one of these dark spots. It happens in Hampton Bays quite often, that would have been money well spent-- rather than spending it to cover the former regime's @ss." Dec 31, 09 5:57 AM

Shinnecocks are looking at benefits that come with federal recognition

A mortgage cannot be given to someone who cannot be forced to pay it. If the home purchased cannot be taken away after the owner refuses to pay for it, why would the bank give it out in the first place? I understand this (it stinks, but it makes sense). If the individual seeking the loan is so sure of their ability to pay it, would they be able to waive the inability of the bank to seize the property? Perhaps the governing body of the tribe would be willing to offer this as an alternative to its people living in such poor conditions. If the governing body of the tribe is sure that the mortgage will be paid, than this would not be a very big risk, but if they feel the mortgage might be too risky they could deny it before the bank even looks at it. Just an idea, if it's even plausible." Jan 2, 10 6:22 AM

U.S. Representive Tim Bishop details new initiatives

The monies spent by the federal government did not "avert" an economic disaster- all it did was delay it. These tactics were only good for a short term "stimulus" of the economy, which worked, but in reality this just kicks the can further on down the line (probably for someone else to deal with) Watch how everyone who still is throwing Bush under the bus will refuse to do so with Obama when he leaves office in an even worse economic situation." Jan 3, 10 12:31 AM

If Obama was to say, at this point in time, that an economic disaster has been averted that would be the equivilant of Bush claiming "mission accomplished" in Iraq. Obama will not do that, he's seen what type of criticism comes with overplaying ones hand. Obama will keep saying in interviews and addresses that the econmy is recovering greatly, but this is just an attempt at a placibo effect. Sooner or later, real steps will need to be taken to correct the problem-- not just saying that there is none. And when I say REAL steps, I don't mean another couple hundred pork projects-- you can't spend your way out of a recession." Jan 3, 10 1:06 AM

You want proof that the stimulus did not avert economic disaster? How about double-digit unemployment, the falling value of the U.S. dollar, and a national deficit that we will never be able to catch up to. I didn't say that Bush was not responsible for alot of this, what I was trying to drive home is that Obama (and Congress) is sprinting towards the opposite direction which we should be moving.

P.S. The guy I voted for IS in office, so I don't know what you mean when you say that I lost the election-- I feel as if we all lost this one." Jan 4, 10 12:46 AM

Peoples life savings are no longer in jeopardy? Are you kidding me? The U.S. dollar will be worth nothing in a few years due to inflation caused by this administration printing money as it sees fit.

The "Real steps" to which I was referring, SHNative, was to stop spending money on all of those ridiculous pork projects, and than hiding them under the guise of economic stimulus. These projects offer minimal, if any, stimulus to the economy. If we didn't allow our money to be spent on such trivial BS, than we wouldn't owe as much, would we?

Also, the free market system is not intended to have government money acting as a brace to hold up a few poorly run large companies. These companies should've been allowed to fail, so others could prosper, as the system had intended. At what point did ANY company become "too big to fail?" that is absurd. Instead these companies will suck off the teet of the american taxpayers for years, and ultimately will fail anyway due to the fact that they never needed to correct their poor business practices." Jan 4, 10 1:13 AM

East Hampton Town harbormaster arrested for marijuana possession

Dr Rythym, your defense of your friend is admirable. When people are suggesting that he was "set up" does that mean he didn't know about the pot in his car? If this is the case than I will gladly throw into his defense. But, Dr Rythym, you seem to suggest that he was a habitual user, and if that is the case than it may have been his. If the "set up" was merely him being turned in to the PD, than I must take exception to your rantings on this blog.

If the pot was his, and he knew about it, and he was flipped in by someone, I cannot defend his actions. He is obviously aware of the consequences of using pot, and the fact that he could lose his livelihood if caught-- so if he does it anyway, it is HIS choice to risk losing the job (and apparent great reputation) that he has." Jan 8, 10 3:44 AM

Lt. William Hughes named Republican nominee for vacant Southampton Town Board seat

I have a question that I don't know the answer to (not as a dig on anyone), and I was thinking possibly someone here knows the answer. I am friends with a retired suffolk cop, who is not allowed to make more than a certain amount from the suffolk county government because of his pension. I don't remember the exact amount but I think it was somewhere around 19,000 annually. This would hold true if he held any government job while earning his pension from suffolk. Is this policy also practiced in Southampton, or can Mr Hughes receive both at their full amount." Jan 15, 10 3:49 AM

Just curious SHNative, how do you feel regarding the democrats overwhelming majority in congress, or the super-majority in the senate? I bet you won't complain about them nearly as much as a still-to-be-decided open seat on the town board. If you want balance, than why even have elections? Let the people decide, even if they disagree with you--that's democracy." Jan 16, 10 3:31 AM

I assumed his name WAS frank wheeler. was I mistaken?" Jan 16, 10 3:53 AM

Using your line of reasoning, Publius, let's not let lawyers become judges-- because they preside over lawyers with whom they are familiar. Let's not let law enforcement veterans become police commissioners, or life long firefighters become department heads. In fact, let's ban any company promoting a valuable member of its staff to a supervisory role-- force them to hire outside the company." Jan 16, 10 4:39 AM

If only THAT negotiation was as transparent as congress' on the healthcare bill." Jan 16, 10 4:47 AM

Election date set; nominees lining up

"During a phone interview last week, she explained that in the last race she has learned the issues that really matter to the community."

Really? We want to hire someone who takes a crash course on our local issues, instead of someone who has lived those issues for their entire lifetime? I'd rather hire my garbage man, at least he's been in this town for 30 years." Jan 17, 10 2:29 AM

Lt. William Hughes named Republican nominee for vacant Southampton Town Board seat

Mr Hughes stated, concerning being an officer, "I know where the perks are." It is my understanding that he said this as an indication that he would cut down on these perks, in an effort to make the town more financially efficient. I have also heard that not all of the town police officers are happy with him running, this could be foreshadowing that he will not put the well-being of the police department above the priorities of the overall community." Jan 17, 10 3:14 AM

Suffolk County will stop using East End trailers to house homeless sex offenders

$90 a day? This can't be accurate. I have a one bedroom apartment, which I rent, that costs about $35 a day (utilities included). $90 a day works out to be $32850 a year. My annual income, after taxes, is less than that. This is disgraceful. We are going to pay people to become pedophiles-- what the hell has happened to our country?" Jan 18, 10 4:04 AM

p.s. my annual income is that of a blue collar worker who works 40 hours a week, all year round." Jan 18, 10 4:06 AM

Southampton Town Board candidate Fleming receives Independence endorsement

So, rabbit, can I assume that you will be voting against Tim Bishop this fall as our congressional representative? The democratic party has a massive majority in both the house and senate, and by your line of reasoning it would seem essential that a balance in congress would create some "checks and balances"" Jan 20, 10 4:09 AM

So SHNATIVE, can I expect your ballot in November to be cast against Tim Bishop? "One party rule is never good," as you put it, and the democrats have massive majorities in both the house and senate. In fact, they didn't even let republicans in the "secret meetings" where they hashed out the healthcare proposals. By your logic you are a hypocrite if you support Tim Bishop." Jan 20, 10 4:15 AM

To a select few on this blog (you know who you are):
Stop trying to cloak your support for Fleming over Hughes in the guise of "a balanced team of both parties" on the town board. This is not why you are planning to vote in this manner, it is simply a false notion to try to persuade those of us on the fence to support Fleming. Be honest with us, and yourselves, you'd have no intention of voting republican if the democrats had the majority on the board." Jan 20, 10 5:19 AM

I have voted democrat in the past, and would do so again if I felt the candidate would do the best job-- not simply because the party is in the minority. Fcmcman, I am merely pointing out that the standard some people are claiming we should all follow is not even followed by them in similar situations (ie- congress and senate)." Jan 21, 10 12:24 AM

So, are you saying that you will NOT vote for Bishop in the fall? It's the same situation, but on a different level of government. Will you continue to avoid the question, or will you answer this simple question for us?" Jan 21, 10 12:36 AM

I think the intent of my previous statement was misunderstood, allow me to clarify my point. When selecting a candidate for whom you will be voting, the political party of which they are a member should be of very little (if any) importance. Select the best person for the job based on the issues, not whether or not they are red or blue. Unfortunately some people vote based on party affiliation, who might not vote in this manner if party affiliations were not known. The two party system has become a kind of sporting event for some, and this is always detrimental to the community." Jan 21, 10 12:45 AM

I notice that you refuse to answer the question too. Hypocrite?" Jan 21, 10 6:27 AM

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