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Revamped Supermarket Development Proposed For Tuckahoe

boston lettuce- kk - 1.59, waldbaums - 2.49
vidalia onions- kk - 1.19 waldbaums - 1.29
clementines - kk 1.80/lb waldbaums - 2.00/lb
These are the first three items I bought at king kullen the other day, I went online and here are their prices at waldbaums. Stop lying." Mar 7, 12 1:45 PM

and rightfully so, xtiego. The only difference in the two projects is that Glennon is apparently paid up to the right politicians, and those behind the tuckahoe site are not. It's all about cronyism and crooked lawmakers at this point, NOT about whats best for the community." Mar 7, 12 2:01 PM

Suffolk County May Face $500 Million Deficit

phil, coward or not, his arguement is lucid and on point. Your response was not even trying to argue the facts, just trying to distract from the issue that you were in the wrong. Typical left-wing tactic, "if you are wrong, go after your opponents character. That way maybe people will think that you're right."" Mar 13, 12 2:22 PM

UPDATE: Monsignor Trench of Sacred Hearts Remembered As People Person

A wonderful person to be around, one of the most genuine people I've ever met. He will be missed." Mar 17, 12 5:54 PM

Police: Teen Was Behind Wheel Of SUV That Flipped In Westhampton

correct, nypol, however some high schools offer drivers education to their students before school and since drivers ed IS one of the places to which one can drive if possessing a junior license, the schools allow the students to drive to and from the school. (it's kind of a clever way of circumventing the rules for a junior license if your a teen, but very common)" Mar 17, 12 6:02 PM

Supermarket Opponent Offers $1.6 Million For Glennon Property

harvard, I stopped reading your post after you said we have no traffic for 8 months of the year. What planet are you on?" Mar 19, 12 3:01 PM

Shinnecock Hills Man Arrested Twice For DWI On Same Night

maxwell, the state trooper barracks in flanders has no holding facility, so everyone who is arretsed for DWI is released (as long as they has someone pick them up from the station)" Mar 20, 12 2:26 PM

Supermarket Opponent Offers $1.6 Million For Glennon Property

I don't see how the proposed location will affect traffic less than the spot in tuckahoe. The interesction of the Glennon property is already a terrible bottleneck, why add to it, while the tuckahoe location would offer more (albeit slightly) relief. How much did Glennon donate to Epley's re-election campaign last cycle?" Mar 23, 12 1:56 AM

Attorney Warns Quogue Village Not To Reject Eruv Application

Funny how a "real jew" uses the cpu on the sabbath. Perhaps you should rethink your comments." Mar 26, 12 6:16 PM

Biba, funny how as a "real jew" you use the cpu on the sabbath. Hypocrit?" Mar 26, 12 6:19 PM

Residents Still Contending With Traffic Delays In Hampton Bays

That might take them ANOTHER 10 months" Apr 2, 12 4:59 PM

Police: Bicyclist In Stable Condition Following Accident In Southampton Village

icecreamman, e159 is right-southampton is NOT a trauma center. Find something else to complain about when talking about wasted money. These chopper rides are in place to save lives, not to waste money, and whatever their costs, the fallout from not taken precaution in these situations would cost taxpayers alot more. If someone was to die, rather than be taken a a 2000 dollar helicopter ride, the family would be entitled to millions of dollars in lawsuits, costing the taxpayers substantially more. Think about how stupid your arguement is." Apr 3, 12 12:15 PM

Please cite a specific example, icecreamman, because I don't believe you." Apr 3, 12 12:17 PM

DA: DePersia Violated Condition Of Her Probation

The judge has egg on his face in this case, and rightfully so- The original sentence was WAY too lenient, and a travesty of the judicial system. I wonder what type of favors Ms. Depersia's lawyers have remaining in their bag of wealthy hamptonite tricks. If the resulting penalty turns into anything less than the original sentence requested by the prosecution, this judge should be run out of town." Apr 11, 12 9:13 PM

North Haven Mayor Charged With DWI

This article states that an aggravated DWI is a misdemeanor, but I happen to know that it is, in fact, a felony. Perhaps the Press can look into this, and make corrections as needed." Apr 12, 12 11:59 AM

I have a family member who recieved an aggravated DWI (more than .18 BAC) as a first offense in 2007, and it was considered a felony. This person had never been in touble before, and still it was classified as a felony. I suppose the law may have changed since than, but I find it hard to believe that the law became more lenient." Apr 12, 12 4:30 PM

Bishop, Altschuler and Demos Sound Off On House GOP Budget

Great retort, Phil. You're not even trying anymore :(

I guess it's difficult to respond when you're called on BS, so just go ahead and turn it into a joke." Apr 13, 12 5:28 PM

Thats right Phil, because there can't POSSIBLY be more than one person who doesn't agree with your view." Apr 16, 12 11:30 AM

UPDATE: Motorcyclist Injured In Saturday Night Crash Has Surgery, Still in Hospital

If a car is making a left turn, it must yield right of way to oncoming traffic. If you don't know this you must be a horrible driver. The motorcycle had the right of way, period.
But frontline, the motorcycle did collide with the car, because she cut him off-- so technically the report is not misleading, as fault wasn't insinuated." Apr 16, 12 2:10 PM

icecreamman, stop with your phony crusade against emergency workers using helicopters. If you were in this young man's place (or one of his family members), you would want the best medical attention possible.
Aug 15, 2010 7:23 AM You applauded the local volunteers for using a helicopter for a car accident, so what is the difference from then to now? They are doing there jobs, now shut up, let them do so, and hope that you aren't in an accident when they decide to shortchange the party's involved of proper procedure (like you seem to want)" Apr 17, 12 6:07 PM

Since you seem incompetent to find answers on your own, here is a couple reasons why this young man qualified for a medevac;
• Motorcycle crash greater than (>) 20 MPH or with separation of rider from motorcycle.
• Patient ejected or partially ejected from a vehicle
• Suspected spinal cord injury OR limb paralysis.
• Suspected pelvic fracture.

In all cases, the goal of prehospital care, selection of transportation mode, and selection of destination hospital should be focused on getting the patient to the hospital best capable of caring for the particular injury or illness in the most expedient manner. (in this case, Stony Brook would trump Peconic Bay due to the extensive work needed to be done on his legs. They see alot more injuries like this, and are much better versed at the treatment of them.)
" Apr 18, 12 1:04 PM

"Glad you got the care u needed" lol, it's pretty easy to play monday morning quarterback isn't it, icecreamman. If you read WMFlyPt's post the medevac ride is the "precautionary measure" with which you seem to have a grudge. In this case it saved a life, and had you been the one calling the shots this man would be dead (in an attempt to save the taxpayers money)" Apr 18, 12 1:17 PM

I understand that, bb, but whether the motorcycle is going 5 mph or 100 mph, he STILL has the right of way. I too have seen alot of motorcyclists blantently disregard the rules of the road, and it bugs the heck out of me, but I don't believe that this young man was at fault." Apr 19, 12 1:54 PM

please cite a story about someone with a sprained ankle getting a medevac ride, because I think you are lying. Point me in the right direction, after all, I did do YOUR research by explaining to you why Mr Manglaviti needed a chopper. Although I suppose if you couldn't even find THAT out on your own, it might be a little tougher for you to find a story that you fabricated, huh?" Apr 19, 12 10:21 PM

You know what, icecreamman, PBR is right, just leave a note saying that when you get into a horrible accident, don't waste the precautionary expenses on yourself, that'll save the taxpayers money (which you seem to be worried about) but more importantly, you won't be able to post your backwards rhetoric on this site." Apr 22, 12 9:01 AM

Services Announced For Two From Shinnecock Indian Reservation Who Died In Car Crash

what the hell is the matter with you, constructivecriticism?" Apr 29, 12 1:30 PM

I'll miss you Jason, R.I.P." Apr 29, 12 1:31 PM

Taxi Driver Assaulted In Hampton Bays Road Rage Incident Dies From Injuries

I think that there may be more to this stroy than the press knows. Ms. Miller used to work with the cab company, and there is some backstory here. Perhaps the Press could ask her a few more questions concerning this matter, but I had heard about bad blood between her and the entire company." May 2, 12 8:03 PM

Southampton Students Wear Hoodies To Honor Trayvon Martin

I seem to remember when I attended that school, when I was wearing a "hoodie" I was not allowed to have the hood up. In fact, I remember being told many times to take off the hood of my soccer "hoodie" which the school provided. Did these policies change, or are some teachers/administrater's just too afraid of being called bigots?" May 5, 12 12:53 AM

Phil, "the only people who call me that (racist) are those who I point out making racist comments."
Really, Phil? I seem to remember it a little differently in a few other exchanges with you (see preivious articles about the homeless shelter)
You like to interject race into every conversation, and than accuse everyone on the other side of the arguement of bigotry. Anyone can read your remarks on these blogs, you can't hide from the truth my friend.

" May 5, 12 2:34 AM

Phil, did you just call me a racist?
" May 8, 12 1:37 AM

More Than 100 Arrests Being Reviewed By D.A. After Two Are Released

They test either once a year, OR when an incident happens that waarants it. More testing if they work for Home Depot." May 30, 12 3:41 PM

Legislature Renames Theodore Roosevelt County Park To Montauk County Park

Well said, by both TianaBob, and Funbeer. Our political hacks are not concerned by the fact that they are destroying our future, but trivial situations like this get voted on. I hope nobody tells them that Jackie Robinson never played for the mets, otherwise they might force the team owners to rename the homage to him at citifield." Jun 6, 12 7:01 PM

Pre-Dawn Raids In Hampton Bays Prompt Complaints

"wake people up early in the morning and force them to let you into their homes in a non-criminal case is not American"

Thats okay Sister Moore, neither were the occupants. Ask the residence how law enforcement would operate in this scenario in their respective homelands, and I'm pretty sure they'd rather have it done this way." Jun 8, 12 10:24 PM

"All businesses in Hampton Bays should have Spanish signs-it should be required"
By your line of reasoning all workers shoulld be obligated to speak english and spanish. However, there are more than a few workers in Hampton Bays who cost their employers money due to not being able to communicate with English speaking patrons. Should the customer be obligated to learn spanish, or vice-versa? (that's a rhetorical question, as the answer should be obvious)" Jun 12, 12 4:22 PM

Your statement, baywoman, is pure speculation. If there are 80 people living there, you think that only 5 of them are not home at seven? The FACT is that at the early hours of the morning is generally the time that most people are in their homes. If most people were home at one in the afternoon, the raids would have been then. Plus by catching the residents while they sleep, it takes away the defense of them claiming that they don't live their, but are just visiting a friend. Use your head. " Jun 12, 12 4:32 PM

It was not a yes/no question, EastEnd. The question is, "who is responsible for making an effort to communicate with the other, the worker or the patron?" If you're suggesting that customers should learn the language of the workers at a store, than why have signs in spanish at the DMV, Social Security, Soocial Services, Hospitals, Police Stations and other critical "english speaking" instituations?" Jun 13, 12 11:16 AM

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