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Southampton High School Student Will Not Return To School After Shotgun Arrest, District Says

I didnt know the kids that committed the columbine shooting either, but that doesn't mean that I shouldnt have an opinion about it (and an acccurate one at that). If I bring an unloaded gun onto that schools campus, I would certainly be arrested. So why shouldn't he?" Oct 27, 11 5:25 PM

Cops: Westhampton Man Nabbed For Leaving Scene Of Accident

these plates were from ny. lol, in fact they were mine. luckily i reported them stolen a few months ago, when a group of hispanics took them off my truck while i was in the supermarket." Oct 28, 11 9:55 AM

Southampton High School Student Will Not Return To School After Shotgun Arrest, District Says

i agree with you fully, mr z. However, just because the cops around here are overpaid (I agree with that) doesn't mean that they don't conduct themselves with the level of proffesionalism that their position requires. The fact is that the police did everything here by the books, but some would like to demonize them when their only fault seems to be too high of a number on their paycheck, rather than a laspe in their protective duties." Oct 28, 11 7:36 PM

yes we did, mr z. kinda funny how one can look back on such a derogatory term with such affection." Oct 31, 11 6:27 PM

If a cop shoots this kid because he thinks the gun is real, isnt that a little bit better of an outcome than if the gun is real and the kid kills a few (innocent) people? Your automatic jump to how ignorant the police are is disgraceful. "the cops here have no more experience with firearms than do the citizens" ARE YOU SERIOUS? I don't know any CITIZEN that is required to do mandatory time at the range, nor citizens obligated to attend such lengthy firearms safety courses. I'm disgusted that our finest are actually obligated to protect someone like you who will never give them credit when warranted. You should be ashamed." Nov 1, 11 3:01 PM

Camp Developer Files $65 Million Lawsuit Against Project Critics

bigfresh, you're not helping your cause by incorrectly spelling words while in an arguement claiming to have superior wits. It is entertaining, however. Try spellcheck next time." Nov 1, 11 5:01 PM

Southampton High School Student Will Not Return To School After Shotgun Arrest, District Says

Regarding the "simulations that take place in training," as you put it, that the police recieve--what training, specifically, do "citizens"
have that is equally preparatory? To insinuate that the average "citizen" has the same or more capabilities to respond to this situation is simply false. Granted, the police in this area don't have as much experience as most jurisdictions in the city, but that doesn't mean that they are not properly trained and prepared. Also by your line of reasoning, a professional baseball player, who is at bat for the first time, is equally capable of hitting a homerun as any of the fans watching the game (despite endless hours in the batting cage and years of training) Your arguement is simply not logical. Your logic in this matter is clouded by your anti-law enforcement stance, not because they are incapable." Nov 2, 11 2:20 PM

not all of us, pstevens. not all of us." Nov 2, 11 8:21 PM

Teen Night At East Hampton Nightclub Called Exploitive

You're all being racist because there's alot of hispanic patrons!

(Sarcasm) I just figured I throw that out there, before some bleeding heart liberal comes to the clubs defense with that same arguement." Nov 6, 11 12:52 PM

'High-End' Supermarket In Agreement To Move To Southampton Village, Pending Zone Change

It won't be a stop and shop, not after the town held them hostage to local political extortion in HB. The company paid four times as much in licenses, permits, and required campaign donations (through "approved local charitable organizations") as it cost them to develop and build on the property. If this town wasn't so crooked, it'd have alot more services to cater to our local needs. Unfortunately nothing happens without the politicians getting their palms greased." Nov 6, 11 4:12 PM

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Confirms Plan To Drop Most Small Group Plans In New York

You didn't notice "kkk" in your post? Are you just bad at spelling? It was just "a coincidence," huh? You've got to be kidding me. You, sir, are disgraceful. You intentionally spelled it that way, so own it. Your cowardess is amazing, I really hope nobody takes you seriously on this site anymore (if they ever did)
But this is typical of the left-wing. If their arguement is not credible, let's just play the race card. A disgusting tactic that spits in the eye of minorties who actually have to worry about racism. Isn't that actually racist in itself?" Nov 17, 11 2:56 PM

Whooping Cough Confirmed In Student At Southampton Elementary School

the nursing staff didnt do anything except recieve a call from an outside doctor, and than relayed the message to the proper authorities. It's not like a school nurse diagnosed the child from her office, or began vaccinating other children when the news broke." Dec 8, 11 8:00 PM

Town Will Go To Court, If Necessary, To Stop Homeless Shelter At Hampton Bays Motel

ok philathome, out of about 60 houses on my street, there are people from at least a dozen different countries from five different continents, various different religions and speaking about at least five different languages (and yes-alot of them are minorities) So since you moved there because of the "obvious" opposition hampton bays holds toward minorities.tell me, how many people on YOUR street are of different ethnic bsckgrounds?" Dec 9, 11 3:38 AM

what i had said, which was blocked, was that philathome can't possibly talk to people the way he insults them on this blog. He throws around the race card, and if he did this face to face, I (as well as many other people) would hold him accountable. Also, phil, I notice that you didn't respond to my question regarding the ethnic makeup of YOUR street. Don't worry, we can all take a guess at how racially diverse it is. You, sir, are a hypocrit." Dec 9, 11 9:37 PM

phil, you're the one who said hampton bays doesn't like minorities, and thats why you moved from there. I just wanted to point out that you moved out of an area that appears to be more accepting of minorities than the neighborhood you moved into. Also if you're going to tie wealth and race together (which you already have) than how many poor people live in YOUR neighborhood? You don't need to answer, hypocrit, just continue to throw stones from afar." Dec 10, 11 11:35 AM

lol, phil, did you just complain because I don't know enough about your relationship with minorities to make assumptions about it? That is all you do to people on this board!! You are unbelievable!! But I do know that you love to stir up racial animosity, and then call everybody a racist. But don't you think it's strange that YOU are always the one to bring race into everything? Enjoy your overwhelmingly diverse neighborhood (sarcasm) and hope that the real world doesn't catch up with you one day--not that you would recognize it if it bit you in the a**" Dec 10, 11 12:10 PM

"Hampton Bays has a well-deserved reputation for its oposition to minority residents. " That means hampton bays is racist, how else can you read it? That is what you insinuated, and were trying to get people to think, without being painted into a corner by using more direct terminology. Own it, phil, just like your kkk statement in a prior post--you don't want to accept responsibility for the cheap shots you deliver, so you suggest that they don't mean what you actually intended them to mean.

" Dec 13, 11 2:24 AM

Repeat DWI Offender Avoids Jail Time

correct me if im wrong, but there is no rule saying that the wealthy and the poor should be treated differently in court. In fact, there's probably a rule stating the oppsite. Just because the justice system is shoveling u know what into our mouths, we dont have to pretend that its sugar. The judge and attorneys SHOULD be held accountable, and people who make the complacent arguement that you just did are the reason that injustices such as this one happen in the first place." Dec 20, 11 1:46 PM

Anonymous Santa Delivers Toys To Homeless Families In Hampton Bays

A little different from what you claimed the residents of hampton bays were, huh, phil? Perhaps you should rethink your opinions. This is the hampton bays that I know." Dec 24, 11 11:17 AM

Hidden Cove Puts Human Face On Homelessness

we know, phil, EVERYBODY IS RACIST BUT YOU. Get over your self-ritcheous ego, and start to contribute to the conversation in a productive manner. Otherwise--tone down." Dec 24, 11 11:27 AM

Anonymous Santa Delivers Toys To Homeless Families In Hampton Bays

we've read your posts as well, and this article shows evidence that your opinions about the community are flawed. Your right though, this wasnt me, but who are you to suggest that i do not help the community in similar manners? Do not assume that i am not a generous person, because that is the furthest thing from the truth, that being said-- I am extremely proud of my community, and this act is what I know to be an accurate representation of it." Dec 25, 11 3:39 PM

Hidden Cove Puts Human Face On Homelessness

ok, so now the term "they" can only refer to minorities? The term "they" can not be used to refer to a group of people in general? "They" is now not able to be used when referring to any group of people, without having an underlying message? If you were to refer to your neighbors, phil, would you be allowed to use the term "they"? You are the only one to bring race into this issue, This is about homelessness, not race." Dec 25, 11 4:29 PM

only a racist would see race in the comments regarding this subject, for their is none. How about instead of trying to read BETWEEN lines, you read the lines themselves, for there has been no hidden suggestions. But if you read an undertone as such, perhaps its because YOU feel that way..." Dec 26, 11 9:04 AM

point out to us all, on this blog, where is race ever mentioned (or suggested) prior to your comments? You're embarrassing yourself." Dec 26, 11 9:51 AM

"The language used,especially references to willful or forced unemployment,drug and alchohol abuse and the suggestion of large families doesn't conjure up images of middle-class white people living in a shelter,it conjures the images of minorities,as it was intended to."
What you mean is that these references don't conjure up images of middle-class white people "TO YOU" I'm sorry, phil, but when i hear of alcohol abuse and large families, i think of irish catholic families. I think of my own family. Just becuase the first place YOUR mind goes is to minorities, doesn't mean that the rest of us think in that disgusting way. You just proved that your way of thinking is bigoted, not the people discussing this topic on this board. Own it.

I've worked with about two dozen homeless families in the past year, and none of the rhetoric on these blogs has made me think of anything that can be categorized by race, creed, ethnicity or religion--the fact that you do that is reprehensible. I truly feel that you feel guilty for thinking the way you do, so you look to accuse others of thinking in the same horrible manner, whether they think like you or not. But you should feel guilty, because if I thought of minorities everytime someone said something negative, I'd feel horrible too--but I would work to correct the problem, not accuse others of it." Dec 27, 11 2:21 PM

"your attitude reflects exactly what others have said here-not in my back yard."

Phil, lol, exactly when did I say that I was against the shelter? Or for that matter, where did "MY ATTITUDE" say not im my backyard? lol, I never even weighed in on the issue, I just wanted to call you out for making the discussion about race. (like you often do) But just so you know, I'm in favor f the shelter, but against your use of reprehensible debate tactics." Dec 28, 11 6:32 PM

"I guess they're the wrong color."

By philathome (1906), Southampton on Dec 21, 11 9:20 PM

Thats when race enetered the discussion, an absolutely horrible thing to say. Period." Dec 28, 11 8:30 PM

That is a fair question, bigfresh. I dont have a problem with the shelter being implemented, but i'd need to know that the financial burden won't fall strictly on the town (due to the fact that many of the residents will not be from this town) However, I believe that the county will pick up majority of the costs, which is fair. I'd like to know more about the monitary aspects of this project." Dec 29, 11 1:32 PM

Well phil, can YOU offer a reason why their local communities have turned their backs on them? (you know--what you're claiming that we are doing) If they are from our community I don't think anybody would argue that it is our obligation to support them-- but the problem seems to be that members of our community do not want to be responsible for all of the homeless on long island, simply because their respective towns refuse to. That is, I think, a fair concern. Again phil, can YOU offer a reason why their local communities have turned their backs on them?" Dec 30, 11 10:12 AM

I didnt mean to suggest that every homeless person on the island would live here. What I was trying to stress was that some locals are upset because they feel that because local jurisdictions refuse to help these people, the burden will fall almost entirely on them. That is an understandable concern. Why should one township take responsibility for another townships problems, if the latter township has the means with which to fix the problem theirselves? This discussion is, no doubt, going on in a number of communities (concerning utilizing more homeless shelters) the end result should be all townships step up and help--not just one small hamlet on the east end (which would alienate and make the locals here feel taken advantadge of, and rightfully so)" Dec 30, 11 10:46 AM

"What you have stated is the standard talking points that have been used to support the elimination of programs that help the poor and support the strengthening of the middle class."
phil, what YOU have stated are the standard talking points against individual accountability. I'm not saying let's eliminate ALL programs, but some definitely need to be reworked (AND ALL OF THEM NEED TO BE POLICED BETTER FOR ABUSES)
I have an idea, let's give a tax break to the bottom earning half of the counrty...... o wait, they don't pay taxes to start with. Best model to implement--flat tax. Everyone pays their fair share (and its fair because everyone pays it)" Jan 2, 12 11:36 AM

Sag Harbor Considers Using Dogs To Deter Drugs At School

if teachers get caught smoking weed, they don't lose their job. The union wouldn't allow it (on the first offense) But if it were possible for them to lose their job over marijuana, don't you think they have a choice to stop using or stop teaching? It's not like they HAVE to do it. It's a recreational activity that they would intentionally be choosing over their job." Jan 15, 12 10:02 AM

Southampton High School Unveils Marine Science Wet Lab

This seems like a nice luxury--but I don't think that luxuries should be sought after when the elementary school is listed as an underperforming school. Perhaps a better use of OUR MONEY could be used to help get that school up to par, rather than squandered on something like this.
p.s.-itsamazing, great comparison to the planetarium. Very expensive, and I can't remember more than a dozen students who utilized it while I attended that school." Jan 18, 12 8:12 PM

That is a horrible story. I can't speak to the validity of it, but I have no reason to see it being untrue. But I'd like to point out something... "The money to build the planetarium years ago was money given by the government to be used for Shinnecock students" translation-- it's still OUR MONEY!! (just happens to be earmarked for a more specific use than regular funds)
All I'm stressing is that this money would be better spent on a school that is about to (within the next 2 years) be publicly dragged through the mud due to both poor performance and public perception. (rather than for such a specific venture to benefit ANY amount of students in a school that is showing no problems with performance)
In other words if you must choose, why choose to throw money at the students who don't NEED it, instead of those who are in GREAT NEED of it?" Jan 19, 12 1:15 AM

What makes more sense-- Teaching already apt students about a the ocean (earth science already covered that), or helping the children that are being written off by the same school district? The answer is obvious. As for the "threat" of public mud dragging- just you watch, the elemenatry school is on the list of underperforming schools, and if they don't correct the situation within a certain amount of time, then a number of state penalties and regualtions kick in. This combined with a few awful stories (ie-unattended 5 year old walks out of class into the village) is the perfect storm for some serious public relations hits. Mark My words "within 2 years"

did not mean to click "like," obviously" Jan 19, 12 2:48 PM

Sag Harbor Considers Using Dogs To Deter Drugs At School

...loading, if a teacher is smoking pot, they are breaking the law. Now, teachers won't lose their jobs if they're caught smoking or in possession of marijuana on the first offense (the union is steadfast on this) but wouldn't you agree that if they get caught enough times to lose their job, than they made a deliberate decision that getting high is more important to them than teaching. It seems to me that you want to allow children to get as high as they want (on campus) because you're worried that the teachers will not make the proper decision regarding drugs themselves. That speaks volumes about the teachers, doesn't it?" Jan 20, 12 8:34 AM

Southampton High School Unveils Marine Science Wet Lab

I am glad to hear that Goldenrod's account of the swimming pool debacle was innaccurate. Regarding the teacher from hampton bays in the seventies--Did she use tax payers money for this program at a time when another school within the same district was in danger of being crucified by the state because of poor performance? The answer is "no." I have nothing against a program such as this, but I think that this incident shows poor resource management by a school district that is clearly making the wrong decisions." Jan 20, 12 8:57 AM

Ocean, Wind Lash At Georgica Beach Again, Taking Out Fences

I really wish that the government would stop using OUR money to fix properties of the welathy who build mansions where they will be severely damaged every storm season. How about they don't build there, and if they do, the repairs are on their dime. Isn't there some form of environmental impact study, that should predict this scenario (it took my grandmother nearly two years and endless dollars to have a garage added to her house, due to government red tape) Or is that just for those of us who don't have the money to circumnavigate these guidelines?" Jan 21, 12 5:13 PM

"Mr. Sullivan had workers collect storm-freed metal poles so that they would not pose a danger to the public, Mr. Lawrence said."

Yeah, I'm sure it was so that the PUBLIC will be safer. I Zweig is one of those people who yell at and chase people off of what she percieves to be "her beach." Be honest Mr. Lawrence, she had his workers clean it because it was an eyesore (unfitting of a hamptons estate)" Jan 21, 12 5:18 PM

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