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Poor economy exacerbates persistent East End tension over immigration

We are only ashamed of doing the jobs of the illegal aliens because they are the ones doing them. Who wants to take a job that is usually reserved for an illegal alien or undocumented worker. Tim Bishop says that eastern Suffolk County relies heavily on these workers. Before the 80's this problem didn't exist at all and the " East End" didn't rely on them at all. We only let ourselves become dependent on cheap labor because of there own greed. Then when there is Mr. Oscar Javier Hernandez, who came to this country illegally and when he has his first payday he sends money out of the country. This happens Daily on the east end. Does anyone realize how much money that is supposed to stay in our local economy leaves the country daily?
The police don't want to get involved in any of this because there is no money in it for them. They will go to 7-eleven to pick up their coffee and walk past the immigrants standing in front of the No Loitering sign. How about the hundreds that stand on village or county property and destroy the grass constantly. I'm sure the bus company loves the increase in rider ship. I personally have a truck and you should see the looks you get when you have to drive past them. If these undocumented workers are so willing to work hard. Why don't they work hard in there own country to get here with a work visa or why don't they want to pay for their share of taxes owed? Mr. Bishop stated there are 11 million undocumented workers.
Have you ever looked at any of these stores that wire money to other countries? They are some of the busiest stores around. Maybe the INS or ICE should set up right next to them and just wait for the illegal's to come to them. On another note is there use of the hospital system. Am I correct when I say that if two illegal aliens have a child in the USA, that their child is now a US citizen? Who paid for the hospital expense? Who is paying for their education? Why do they need to have 4-6 children each on our dime?

" Apr 30, 09 10:59 AM

Debate over Southampton farmers market continues

(Those opposed to the market say it will undercut retail prices . . . So? Healthy competition for business benefits all of us. Why should Dennis Schmidt, or any other reatiler for that matter, be allowed to dictate produce pricing? His prices are too high for many locals. Farmer's markets bring communities together and promote local good. I'll be the first in line each Sunday report as inappropriate)

I am a local and shop around for prices on common food items all the time. Schmidt's has many common items that are less than at your local grocery store.
" May 18, 09 4:48 PM