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Removal Of East Quogue Memorial Upsets Family, Friends

I am considering putting a memorial in my front yard. A member of my family died at my home. After I pass i hope my family will honor me by putting another memorial in the front yard also. Nobody goes to cemetaries anymore so I think we should rethink using them. Cremation and memorials at the roadside and private property are the way to go leaving what would have been cemetaries could now be parkland or workforce housing." May 23, 12 12:37 PM

Bill in Riverhead: If the property is sold then the memorial on my property could be removed but the ashes would stay there.... like you do with pets you bury in your yard." May 27, 12 1:27 PM

Opening Weekend Off To Smooth Start For Whole Foods In Wainscott

I wonder how this store is different from Wild by Nature? I'll have to see." May 27, 12 1:35 PM

Mattituck Woman Admits Fault In Death Of Hampton Bays Teen, Accepts Settlement

I hope Mrs. Marino finds some closure to her horendous loss. I have seen the memorial on Ponquogue. It is quite the tribute. His burial site must be even more tended to." Aug 16, 12 2:58 PM

UPDATE: Elizabeth Lindtvit To Replace Rebecca Molinaro

Congratulations Liz!!!! from Diane C. " Apr 29, 13 8:21 PM

Revised Canoe Place Inn Proposal Is Receiving Mixed Reviews

Meshutte beach!!! Pronounced mish ut not miss shoot!!! /sorry, one of my pet peeves." Aug 17, 13 4:45 PM

New Senior Condo Plan To Go Before Southampton Village Board This Week

What senior needs a two story home?" Jan 8, 14 11:34 AM

Deer Kill Faces Permitting And Funding Obstacles

It is amazing that the rules for killing deer that exist for hunters are suspended for the government riflemen. Why not let legal, local hunters expand the hunting to include the weekends. More hunters would be able to participate, thus culling the herd and avoiding butchering costs as the hunters use the meat." Jan 8, 14 11:40 AM

Flanders Man To Face Multiple Felonies In Relation To Fatal Accident In Hampton Bays

I wonder if anyone found Ms. Sartori's dog. I heard her parents were attached to it." Jan 22, 14 12:09 PM

Residents, Town Officials Hope Park Will Anchor Downtown Revitalization In Hampton Bays

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot." Apr 19, 14 12:01 PM

I wonder how much maintaining and policing this park will cost the tax payers." Apr 19, 14 12:03 PM

Good Ground Park Designer Discusses Potential Features, Including 'New Main Street'

Who is going to pay for the maintenance, liability insurance, road repair, garbage, police etc. GUESS!!" May 15, 14 2:29 PM

Airman Surprises Brother At Eastport South Manor Graduation

in this case balling is spelled bawling. For shame editor!" Jul 2, 14 11:58 AM

New Westhampton Beach Mayor Seeks Pay Increase

I can't believe it!!!! She knew what the salary was before she became mayor. She should have waited until next year but then isn't she a lawyer?" Jul 9, 14 1:29 PM

Sag Harbor School District Ratifies New Teachers Contract

What a poor contract for the teachers!" Jul 9, 14 1:36 PM

KKK Recruitment Material Distributed Throughout Hampton Bays

Once upon a time the KKK was very active in Hampton Bays as was Eastport. I recall a home being burned down because the owners were black." Aug 22, 14 7:48 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Unveils $91.1 Million Spending Proposal During Quogue Meeting

The Southampton side of Eastport would be included in the town's budget. Your school taxes are another entity." Sep 17, 15 11:10 AM

Southampton Town Board And Supervisor Candidates Sound Off In Debate

same ole same ole. Lets have ANoTher study yadda yadda." Oct 1, 15 9:37 PM

Case Of Whooping Cough Discovered At Springs School

i am under the impression that children have to be immunized before being enrolled at school!...or is this now not the case?" Nov 17, 15 11:37 AM

Richard Yastrzemski And Julie Lofstad To Face Off For Open Southampton Town Board Seat

Truthfulness matters. Capitalizing on someones good reputation is dishonest." Dec 11, 15 1:31 PM

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