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Southampton Town Officials Float Ideas To Help Alleviate Traffic Following Serious Accidents

As a former certified and experienced traffic investigator it is my professional opinion that one of the biggest problems our town has is that ZERO of a transportation director Tom Neely....
He was a political appointee from a corrupt administration as a favor to certain people....
He does NOTHING but hide in his office or goes to meetings and collects a HUGE salary for his MALFEASANCE!
ENOUGH is ENOUGH! When are we going to stand up and put our town board on notice by telling them you either do your jobs and get rid of the dead wood on our payroll or we will get rid of you!
The second idiotic thing the town board did was to remove the large sign of the police officer with a radar gun at the beginning of the C.R. 39 corridor. It was an effective deterrent and IT WORKED! As soon as it was removed the speeding and the accidents began.
The residents of our town need to wake up!
Get rid of the "do nothings" and "dead wood" that we the tax payers are supporting!
Put up the proper signage, illuminated radar boxes and cameras.
Also add overtime traffic patrols and ENFORCE THE LAW and TICKET all speeders and unsafe drivers with a zero tolerance policy!
This will make our roads safer, SAVE LIVES and also create a much needed revenue!" Aug 10, 13 1:20 AM