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Public Calls For Simpler Solutions To Make Noyac Road Curve Safer

I sincerely wish Mr. Gregor had been at the meeting, or spent more time in PineNeck. The one thing the article in the Press doesn't point out that is a serious concern to those of us who will be adversely effected by his favored plan for the "cromers parking lot problem" is that it will funnel traffic INTO PineNeck, a residential community with very narrow roads. In the summer families and children walk these roads on their way to Circle Beach or Hidden Cove Marina. Boat owners who live in this community tow their boats to the Town launch, and residents from all over Noyac do the same thing. With traffic detouring into PineNeck this poses a serious danger to residents. The 4 accidents that have occurred at the Cromers/Whalebone area were ALL caused by drinking, drugs (prescription and non) and illness - NONE Of them were due to the parking area. Lowering the speed significantly and placing some police there long enough and than often enough to truly convince drivers that they shouldn't speed would help. Stop signs would allow for time with no passing traffic for shoppers to pull out into Noyac Road. If rumble strips don't work in residential communities (as Mr. Gregor says) but Noyac road has become a major through fare (as Mr. Gregor says) than rumble strips should work. The fact that Noyac Road is being compared to Montauk HIghway by a Town employee is a concern - this is a CUT THRU for those not wanting to be stuck in traffic on Montauk Highway. I regularly drive to work behind trucks that aren't stopping anywhere along Noyac Road. LOCAL DELIVERIES ONLY was well received by the crowd that night and if it only cut down the excessive over weight vehicles that now travel Noyac Road by a 1/3 it would be welcome. That would eventually save the Town money in pot hole repair not to mention making the roadway safer, these trucks are some of the worst speed offenders. I also can't believe that anyone would think making the road straighter would work - why give the speeders a straight shot? Right now the only thing that seems to slow anyone down is the curve right by Whalebone (and it only slows down those going East) Make that a straight shot and who knows how fast the night time traffic will go. Drunk and impaired driving is a real issue and we all know even intoxicated people are more likely to STOP at a stop sign than slow down for any reason. The desire to change the rural character of this area, increase the chance for accidents in Pineneck and spend lots of money in the process has just gotten out of control." Apr 6, 12 4:32 PM

East Hampton Village, Sag Harbor, Move To Paid EMS Personnel

But I don't understand why they wouldn't pay something to those who've been volunteering for all this time - I understand the issues of volunteers not being able to leave their jobs as easily these days - 25 years ago when I lived on Main Street Sag Harbor and the firehouse was still in operation there I'd hear the horn go and guys would run out of EVERY business on Main Street - bartenders with their aprons on etc. running to the firehouse - I'm sure that doesn't happen as much these days and not in the summer. However, Sag Harbor has had from my experience an AMAZING group of volunteer EMT's who have had a very impressive response time. I hate to think that will continue to go un-rewarded monetarily when someone is brought in to do paperwork for $42K.
" May 18, 14 11:19 AM

UPDATE: Three Arrested Protesting Beach Excavation In Montauk

the beach will naturally leave and naturally return. The issue is some businesses were built WAY too close to the dunes - what the Army Corps is doing is buying THOSE establishments some time and screwing it up for others further down the beach sooner AND ruining the beaches ultimately for good. Don't fool with mother nature - she'll kick your ass in the end! " Nov 7, 15 11:03 AM

Paddle Out Protest Held Against Montauk Shoreline Project Sunday

I guess dozens covers it but from what I've seen in other photos there was something over 100 surfers and as many people on shore for this weekends protest. " Nov 9, 15 11:56 AM

Hamptons Visitors Council Exploring Ways To Expand Tourism Season

Some 25 or so years ago I worked (volunteered) with the LICVB thru the Sag Harbor Chamber of Commerce and what was the big push? Bringing business out East during the shoulder seasons! My Gosh 25 years later and its still an issue? The idea was to have "festivals" Sept. Oct and Nov well.... we don't have to worry about Sept anymore it seems and October is still pretty busy (although crazier on the North Fork than South) but in 25 years nothing has improved for November? I'm with Tuckahoe Ted - lets get cracking on the last two weeks in January. Nancy Atlas is doing Fireside Sessions at Bay Street Theater so Sag Harbor is covered - get cracking everyone else. " Jun 6, 16 1:17 PM

Lee Jewelers In Sag Harbor To Close After 12 Years

Lee and my husband fashioned my wedding ring together - he's a talented and really interesting guy. Very sad to see him closing. Wish I could afford to go buy a ton of his stuff - " Oct 25, 17 11:59 AM

After Nearly Three Decades In Sag Harbor, La Superica Restaurant To Close

this is just WRONG. The landlord doesn't have to negotiate in good faith? I mean comeon? This stinks. Plain and simple.
" Mar 14, 18 2:43 PM

Tutto Il Giorno Will Return To Sag Harbor In New Location

will be interesting to see if they open Tutto or Urban Zen this summer. Lots of rumors out there.
" Mar 27, 18 1:23 PM

Erosion Collapses Bluffs At Popular Montauk Hiking Spot

Are we seriously going to call out the surfers who presumably have been using that "short cut" for decades on this erosion problem? Don't you think the mess made by the Army Corps a little way down the beach might be MORE the issue? For this "sudden" problem? Maybe join Surfrider Foundation and make your opinion count. Than you too can face personal lawsuits because you stood up to help save the beaches. " Apr 11, 18 10:14 AM

Code Enforcement Officer Will Be Stationed Outside Bridgehampton Community House Following Noise Complaints

so, are there complaints about the noise from the firehouse too? All those loud sirens and trucks backing up. COME ON folks. You bought a house a stones throw from Mtk Highway, next to a firehouse and a community center. Cavet Emptor for crying out loud.
" May 30, 18 10:38 AM