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Canoe Place Inn Site Plans Still Incomplete

A tranquil existence! Look at the west end of our Hamlet, a diner for sale and some other abandon buildings, now drive to the canal, CPI falling apart and the east side of the canal with abandon buildings. What I see is a Hamlet on it's knees begging for help. If it gets anymore tranquil no one will have work, no one will want to visit our beaches, no one simply want to be here and the Hamlet will continue on it's downward spin. I don't know the Rechlers but, I've seen what they've done at the WH airport, looks good and it's being done quickly. Maybe with a little luck and some good publicity, Hampton Bays can start getting from under the foot of people that are concerned only with their own small minded vision and do whats best for the members of our community.We all know Hampton Bays has lots to offer it's just this small minded attitude that keeps us down. Expand your vision and Hampton Bays can be a quaint place like Sag Harbor but there is work to be done. Are the condo's on the east side of the canal the best solution, I don't know but I'm thankful that the way things are going someone is interested in improving on Hamlet. If they make some money developing it, great, maybe they would consider some downtown renewal too.
" Dec 17, 15 12:27 PM

Judge Rules That Canoe Place Inn Lawsuit Can Move Forward

If I'm not mistaken there was Altenkirks tackle shop (privately owned), the building that use to house 1 North Steak House (privately owned) and Tide Runners (privately owned). These businesses were sold to someone that's willing to put some money into our Hamlet and cleanup the eyesore that is privately owned. Technically, if you use those areas to access the canal you would be trespassing I would think that Tide Runners and the bars before in the months they were opened created a lot more sewage and waste than 37 mostly seasonally used condos? Who knows maybe the Rechler's reopen the bars as they are. Maybe they sell it to an chain of fast food/pub style franchises. So here we remain a dump as you come into Hampton Bays to the east and another dump to the west (the old Hampton Bays Diner). Then we all cry about our depressed property values and high taxes. No one wants to see anyone's neighborhood changed for the worse but somewhere along the line something has to change." Sep 26, 16 5:13 PM

Hamptons Summer Colony Well Represented In Trump Cabinet

Give it a year then post your comments. No one knows what will happen yet.
" Dec 8, 16 3:07 PM

Residents Want Hampton Bays Business District To Have 'Small-Town Charm,' Survey Finds

If the town would enforce the housing laws, we might not have so many single family homes with 2 or 3 families living in them. Just another study that is meaningless as the Hamlet sinks further into disarray. I doesn't take an Einstein to figure out that septic systems that are designed for a single family home are over taxed, adding to polluting our bays, schools that are cramped students and neighborhoods looking terrible. Who cares about downtown pattern book when the the foundation of our community is crumbing? Start with enforcement. It's the same old story for 40 years, Southampton just appeases us for the short term and does nothing else long term. We need leadership from Town Hall not another silly study.

" Feb 2, 17 2:39 PM

Southampton Town Board Delays PDD Extension Vote For Canoe Place Inn

There is no question the Town Board should approve the extension. The idea of denying the extension serves no purpose except to keep Hampton Bays looking like a dump. I don't know the developers but I thank them for wanting to invest in our Hamlet.
" Dec 14, 17 12:09 PM

Hampton Bays School District Files $10.6 Million Notice Of Claim Against Town Over Illegal Rentals

About time the town is held accountable for their inaction. Bravo, HB School Board
" Feb 1, 18 1:12 PM

What remedies do you propose?" Feb 1, 18 1:28 PM

Hampton Bays To Get Two New Waterfront Eateries As Edgewater Owner Plans Expansion

Best food in the Hamptons. I would expect the best coffee coming soon. The owner is a great guy and staff is top notch. Great idea hopefully the Town gets on board and starts to become more pro business.
" Feb 15, 18 11:33 AM

Southampton Town Looks To Blinking Traffic Light To Improve Traffic Flow

Traffic circles, they work great on 58 in Riverhead. Should do the trick in HB by the Shell station on the east end of the hamlet.
" May 24, 18 6:57 PM

Commuters Frustrated By Traffic Delays At Start Of U.S. Open

Get rid of the railroad and make it an express way.
" Jun 14, 18 2:52 PM

Zeldin And Gershon Come Out Punching In First Days Of Congressional Campaign

There's lots of issues in the community that need to be sorted out. One minor one is all the plastic campaign signs are removed and properly disposed with after Mr Gershon win. Hopefully he has his campaign members do this simple task.
" Jul 5, 18 2:29 PM

Advocacy Groups Promote State Bill Allowing Undocumented Immigrants To Get Driver's Licenses

"Allow undocumented immigrants the opportunity to obtain drivers’ licenses".
Please tell me this is a joke.

" Jan 24, 19 11:40 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Rejects Petition To Incorporate East Quogue As A Village

I don't live in East Quogue so I have no vested interest in the debate but I think becoming a Village is a good thing. You may pay a bit more in taxes but you'll have control of your destiny and locals will address concerns a lot faster than the Town of Southampton will. Keep up the fight!!" Jun 14, 19 6:29 PM