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DEC Investigates Reports Of 'Panther-Like' Animal In East Hampton

Panthers eat meat and fish. No plants.So that rules out a panther if the animal in question was seen eating composted vegetables.

If there is a dangerous exotic animal on the loose why is this article locked ? Does a disservice to the public at large." Sep 11, 12 3:35 PM

East Hampton Code Officer Fired, Veteran Department Head Resigns In Wake Of Hearing

Bloom? HA! Why am I not surprised. " Dec 7, 17 7:59 AM

Ross Seniors Display Their Projects

Nice project and way to go there young man but there is still no "proof" that President Trump said that. Only heresay from Dick "Disturban" Durban amplified by the leftwing msm. You most likely were to young to remember Dick Disturban Durban called our Marines "Nazis" in 2005. I hope you are open minded enough to not let yourself become indoctrinated into liberalism/marxism/socialism/communism which is the object of today's "indoctrinators" in our educational system. Carry on. " Jan 25, 18 10:27 AM

Service Station Restaurant Owners Are Out; Lease Sold Back To Landlord

There was an accident there in the mid-90's where then supervisor Cathy Lester was almost hit by a car while dining at a table on the patio. " Feb 1, 18 10:52 AM

New Security Measures Added To Southampton Town Hall This Week

Special "measures" are always taken for illegal aliens. Good luck to any one of us who tries to enter without "proper" identification. " May 1, 18 6:27 AM

Drunk Yoga Classes Come To Montauk

Why do so many city people instantly become idiots when they get to Montauk ? Enough is enough." Jul 10, 18 6:12 PM

Agreed. " Jul 11, 18 1:22 PM

"the proud founder and owner of Drunk Yoga"......... Talk about having high standards. " Jul 11, 18 1:23 PM

'Glamping' To Be Offered At Cedar Point County Park In East Hampton

I have an idea, how about Drunk Glamping to go with Drunk Yoga or vice versa ? Send some of these drunks up west to East Hampton. " Jul 18, 18 6:07 PM

Startup Luggage Courier Service Partners With Blade To Transport Bags

If your baggage is over your allowable weight limit just buy another seat or two or charter the whole dayum helicopter. " Jul 18, 18 6:17 PM

Numerous Forgeries Charged In Lawsuit Over East Hampton Campaign Nominations

Pat Mansir is the Hillary Clinton of East Hampton. Go away, PLEASE !!!!" Aug 1, 18 6:13 PM

More East Hampton Voters Say Their Signatures Were Forged On Petitions

Pat Mansir is East Hampton's very own version of Hillary Clinton. We've all had enough of both of them. " Aug 24, 18 1:29 PM

Judge Throws Out East Hampton Independence Party Nominations After Allegations Of Forgery

Pat Mansir is the Hillary Clinton of East Hampton. We've all had enough of both of them." Aug 25, 18 5:53 PM

Number Of Calls To East Hampton Town Police Dropped In 2018

“Following a nationwide pattern, 2018 saw a significant reduction in serious crime in East Hampton,”


This is the result of having a REAL POTUS and not a magical unicorn so-called president [formerly known as barry soetoro] who the MSM fawned and slobbered over 24/7 hiding his systemic incompetence. " Mar 6, 19 10:03 AM

Pro law enforcement. Unlike the poseur that occupied the WH in the previous administration who was anti-police. If I have to tell you this then I might also suggest you get your head out of the sand.