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Planning Board Reviews Eight Plans For Estates At Remsenburg

Mr Citarelli purchased this land to develop he is proposing far less then he is entitled too . The land was for sale for a while anyone could have purchased it . I hope he makes as much money as he can this is america . People tend to forget about his civil rights . People need to voice concerns and work with the developer because if he does what is allowed by town zoning it benefits no one . Have an open mind because I know of a couple of subdivision in the hamptons the community fought the developer on and those developers gave up and went for there as of right and they had greater negative impacts then originally proposed . I live in Remsenburg and I cant figure out what gives people the right to try to stop someone else from building on there own property " May 3, 12 1:58 PM

Counter Protest By Immigrant Laborers Held At Southampton 7-Eleven

Let's be realistic who will do construction if you deported them . The country needs to document them it is scary million of illegals and we have no clue who they are . Yes there illegal but you can't ignore the dangers that are now !! No driver Lic ,lack of insurance not paying proper taxes they could be criminals from there country . There needs to be some sort of screening. They are here and always will be thats fact. The only you can do is document them . " May 4, 12 8:59 PM

If you think controlling the borders is working you obviously are not in construction. They come across pretty much at will the only reason it might be less coming in is because a soft construction market. There is no reason they can't have a tax id # and a driver Lic. That way there insured and tracked. You can't stand by and do nothing they are sucking our resources ." May 5, 12 8:33 AM

That's funny legal Americans doing the work. Open your eyes I am american and agree there illegal but when I go to work they work at the delis , fast food , kmarts, I was at my construction site the other day about 100 of them . Why do you think the government is not deporting them what do think they can't find them !! Instead of fighting a loss cause we have to document them . Quess what there all are having kids here so they are legall by being born here can't deport them . " May 5, 12 8:41 AM

What are you talking about if there illegal they don't have the right to protest hello what am I missing " May 5, 12 10:12 AM

I didn't realize we live in fantasy land . Pay more to Americas that's funny skilled illegals make the same . " May 5, 12 10:17 AM

It will never happen !!! The government isn't stupid you deport millions of working illegals you will have major problems if it wasn't the truth they would be gone. Instead of debating something that will never happen I guarantee that we need to document them there are murders /criminals here and as America always does ignore the problem . You realize in 20 years it will be less of a problem because they all are having kids here and the kids are legal thats how the problem will lesson " May 5, 12 11:18 AM

Do you understand the gov will not do it do you not see operation wet back did not work long term . Underestimate what nothing is being done that's fact nor will you ever solve the illegal problem I think history shows that . Deal with the facts not what we could do because then why don't we wipe out the drug crops considering we know where they all are but that will never happen either. Give tax Id numbers drivers Lic and know who they are ." May 5, 12 8:05 PM

I am around illegals all day in my business of construction and some of these guys are awesome but there still illegal . For you to say that the group who protested the two protesting had every right to is funny . There are over 20 mil illegals in this county and they have no rights as an American . What was that group there for to sell girl scout cookies . I was there that morning and they where there on the behalf of the illegals so how is it illegals have the right of freedom of speech your ignorance pathetic . It's simple they broke the law . " May 5, 12 8:17 PM

They have rights of protection read the amendment they are illegal !!! If aresested they would be quilty and have no rights and deported it's all in the interpretation . If you think they have rights maybe you should call the tile guy on my job that was arrested by town police 2 weeks ago for driving with a suspend Lic and transported to county and now in Texas waiting to be deported . There illegal what are we having a problem with . If I was in another country illegally working for cash I would know that was wrong and I would consider myself a criminal . Now if I was them I would probably do the same for my family but you still don't change the facts that they are criminals if I brake the law I get punished by the law so why shoundnt they?
" May 5, 12 9:02 PM

It will never work they can't stop drugs from coming here and you will never stop the illegals this is fact . So why can't we document them and if they don't want to be documented deport them . There are big problems with not knowing the back ground of over 20 mil illegals. We don't have to give citezenship but tax I'd #s and drivers Lic would be a move in the right direction let them be probably insured and be able to be productive tax paying legals instead of avoiding the fact that they are not leaving . You can blame it on what ever you like but they are not leaving . " May 5, 12 9:10 PM

Stop with your BS if there illegal they can be arested and deported . Talk about there rights all you like but that is fact . If you went to another country to work for cash illegally you wonldnt consider yourself a criminal ? I know if it was me I would . They broke the law they know it . Once an illegal is arrest by town police and bail is not made and they get transferred to county jail they are shipped to Texas and then deported !!! So they have no rights !! The only rights they have are for there safety . " May 5, 12 9:29 PM

You are missing the point I'm trying to make there here illegally we are not going to ever stop it . We need to stop avoiding the problem we have to accept there going no where they are having kids here and families these are facts . We have to have them documented for the safety of our country . We have to force them to be productive members of the community instead of draining our resources . " May 5, 12 9:37 PM

I don't consider someone having right if they get pulled over for speeding they could get arested and deported " May 5, 12 9:43 PM

Thanks for understand my point . " May 5, 12 9:47 PM

Just had this scenario happen my tile guy was pulled over for a speeding he was driving without a Lic for the second time he was arrest sent to Texas and deported. The worst part is he has a wife here with 3 kids 2 in college that where born here they tried everything with no avail . " May 5, 12 9:56 PM

When you get pulled over and deported . Sorry they have no rights. The only rights they have are about being taken advantage of . " May 5, 12 9:59 PM

What is your stance you are all over and she isn't legall . Kids born here . He is already gone but he will be back . $6000 and a dream they come in like it's an open door" May 5, 12 10:15 PM

Respectable but why all the bs and standing up for there rights. " May 5, 12 10:38 PM

I am American from America parents and the illegals are criminals and they shouldn't be here but they are along with the 70 billion dollars in drug trade a year . The USA does nothing about either and they are both controllable . So why not document them it will only make things better here " May 5, 12 10:47 PM

Ok mr cut and paste " May 6, 12 9:19 AM

D.A.'s Government Corruption Bureau Seizes Southampton Police Records

Your 100% right I know a couple of those cops myself. Clean house is an understatement what about getting rid of them all together and all the other village and town police there has to be about 30 departments across Suffolk get rid of them all I'm sure between Suffolk police troopers and sheriffs we be fine less tax dollars and easiers to control 3 forces then 30 +- " May 9, 12 11:41 PM

Maybe not all worthless but when your shredding docs and having the DA office going after you and people are being fired your obviously not the boy scouts . All priest aren't bad but I still woundnt leave my son alone with any of them. " May 10, 12 3:42 PM

I agree starts at the top but i think you'll see it involves many. The DA doesn't do things like this on small issues . George Guildi for example " May 10, 12 9:06 PM

Counter Protest By Immigrant Laborers Held At Southampton 7-Eleven

I have 2 legalls who work for me and they won't go to 7-11 because of these clowns think illegals are by color of skin they better get used to it because these are the kids of all those illegals " May 14, 12 4:48 PM

School Results: Tuckahoe Is Only District On South Fork To Reject Proposed 2012-13 Budget

The spending has to stop my taxes have almost doubled in the last four years . I think everyone should make a fair wage but put teachers contracted work day of 7 hrs over a full year comes out to about 26 hrs a week that is part time . The salaries although high leave it alone . Pay there own insurance like the rest of the world . Start contibtiting to pension for the whole time they work ." May 15, 12 8:58 PM

If you base it on a year it comes out to 26 hrs. Sorry my grammar is not to your level. Next time I will have one of the 50 people that work for me write it. You should get a grip property tax has a direct effect on home value . Let the taxes keep rising with out of control expenses and your property values will drop . Teachers are over paid . 700 applicants for one job they would just be happy to have a job. The teaching industry is a joke the people that get hired are friends of either someone on the board or administraders it is not most qualified . I'm sure you will think this is not true but this is fact in westhampton area and not hard to prove" May 16, 12 7:16 AM

700 people apply for a opening I'm sure they would be happy to pay there benefits .its not that were blaming teachers it's that the taxes can't keep going up that is what the 2% cap is for . " May 16, 12 7:21 AM

It cost between 37,000- 45,000 per student depending the district when does it stop do you know how insane that number is . Teachers are all saying it for the kids but when there fellow teacher gets laid off its all about them if it's for the kids pay some of the benefits and keep the program and your fellow teachers. Chaminde sends more kids to ivy schools then all the public schools in the hamptons and they do it on 10,000 a kid.

FULL-TIME STUDENTS Per Academic Year $38,480.00
Harvard tuition per student .
But I guess 40,000 in a public school system is just fine" May 16, 12 8:36 AM

Check your numbers before you respond next time
Whb. Is 28,769.88
Remsenburg is around 39,000
East quogue is around 39,000
Hb about 25,000

These are published" May 16, 12 9:46 AM

2008-2009 since then my taxes have doubled
Just look at the budgets that just passed
The smaller schools are between 37,000 and 45,000
I'm not making it up
Bigger schools between 25,000-35,000

Avg cost to educate a kid as per newsday in Suffolk county is a little over 31,000 .
Harvard 38 public school 31 that seems about right " May 16, 12 10:29 AM

You are debating an issue that is out of control if you cant see that I don't know what to say . But my mom was a teacher and my sister is one now and they agree also it's out of control like my sister said who has been teaching for 3 years if I had to pay more into my pension and pay more of my benefits she would still be happy to have the job instead of the 700 other applicant for one position . It's not just teachers it is government spending overall . When I was growing up you took teaching cops town jobs for the benefits and the low salary was a trade off now they get compensated more then avg and have the same benefits . " May 16, 12 10:37 AM

True but to send a kid to Whb it cost approx 20,000
Per student to keep a student in remsenburg is 38,000

Aprox budget 7,000,000 for just remsenburg kids not Whb
With aprox 180 kids There budget is 12,000 with Whb tuition

Whb looks like a deal at 20,000 instead of remsenburg 38,000" May 16, 12 10:46 AM

At 38,000 a student sounds like a bargin.

If you live in remsenburg as I do your taxes have doubled in the last 4 years. We are out pacing western districts and soon we will be the same . Property tax has a direct effect on property value . Bay ave Eastport waterfront house 35,000 taxes property value 1.2 mil . If my taxes double again in the next 4 years I will be at 20,000 . Keep voting yes and the problem is going to compound and then you will have lower property values
Hb high taxes lower values
Eq the same
Quogue low taxes height property values
Keep raising taxes you have to be smart to fig out what will happen .
" May 16, 12 12:08 PM

You don't think they would get the same eduction if teachers payed 30% of there benefits . " May 16, 12 12:10 PM

I voted yes also for the same reason and agree on of your comments except when comes to other careers offering the same . 100,000+- the best health insurence money can buy retirement of 60% of last three years and only paying 10 years into pension and work 185 days a year other then a cop please tell me other careers that are that lucrative . Most people don't have a problem with the salary it's the benefits and pension . Simple fix would be pay into pension for 20yrs and pay half the insurance . You wouldn't see one teacher leave nor would you see less applicants . If I was a teacher I would more then happy to do that if it helped my fellow teachers from getting fired or same programs from being cut because it's for the kids" May 16, 12 2:06 PM

I voted yes myself but the vote past because all the 18 - 21 year kids voted yes that can't afford to live in remsenburg or probably never will . They kept it in reason and you can't fix a broken system over night but as long as you have a 2% cap there will the problem every year . " May 16, 12 2:10 PM

What are you talking about 110 teachers .
Budget on there website is 7,000,000 for just remsenburg kids divide by 180 and what do you get . Am I missing something " May 16, 12 2:14 PM

Dude what are you talking about " May 16, 12 2:31 PM

Everything in government is little steps at least this 2% cap is a step in the right direction. All these people that take a hard line are minority just look at the voting only 11 +- budgets failed. " May 16, 12 2:35 PM

Listen you don't have to bash teachers are they over compensated yes is the 2 % going to correct that yes that's why all budgets passed for the most part . I couldn't be happier with my chidrens teachers are some better then others sure but people like you would vote no and bash eduction no matter what . Come up with blind stats and convince yourself that the eduction on long island is just average . I couldn't be a teacher nor would I want to deal with kids . " May 16, 12 2:55 PM

Then leave if it's bad here . Since a kid been hearing about taxes and other states .population has grown and our economy on long island is by far better then other states . But I know where heading in that direction if taxes keep going up so you better move before that happens . I think I will stay in the hamptons ." May 16, 12 3:01 PM

I'm 45 born and raised here . I've heard that one since a little kid and population has grown " May 16, 12 3:04 PM

Reality first do you understand you are a Monday morning quarter back . You can't solve a problem that has been developing for over a decade over night . We went throught a booming economy all government spending went out of controll and no one was paying attention . We vote for board members we vote for budgets we can also run for those board position . To sit here and bash the budgets when you and I and everyone else has the same opportunities is funny . I'm sure you took an active role over the years to make sure that the budgets in your district where in check . " May 16, 12 3:19 PM

Go to
See through new York.com

Lots are making over 100,000" May 16, 12 4:03 PM

Monday morning quarter back . You can't solve a problem that has been developing for over a decade over night . We went throught a booming economy all government spending went out of controll and no one was paying attention . We vote for board members we vote for budgets we can also run for those board position . To sit here and bash the budgets when you and I and everyone else has the same opportunities is funny . I'm sure you took an active role over the years to make sure that the budgets in your district where in check ." May 16, 12 5:29 PM

People the bash schools are comical . I agree over compensated but I can't complain I never ran for the board and the board members that negotiate these contracts are also voted in by the people . How is the teachers fault elected board negotiates and we vote . Am I missing something . If I want to make a difference I will I'm not going to blame and bash the school system for my lack of being involved and everyone else's lack of involvement . Classic Monday morning quarterbacks . The best is the people bashing the schools probably never voted on there board members or went to meeting. " May 16, 12 5:56 PM

Remsenburg people should really stop bashing !!!
The board members ran unopposed . Aren't they the ones that made up the budget if you don't like it run for the board then you can talk." May 16, 12 6:23 PM

What does a billionaire have to do with teachers who get payed by tax payers of all different classes . Teachers are a valuable asset to a community but if you see the problem that has occurred your blind . My opinion we are all responsible for the problem not the teachers . We as voters elected the boards and passed the budgets for the last decade or maybe some did nothing and just like to complain. This problem that effects all government didn't happen over night and it will take time to fix the 2% cap wil work over time . If any one can do better run for the board and take an active role." May 17, 12 10:17 AM

UPDATE: Police Release Photo Of Man They Say Robbed TD Bank In Hampton Bays Monday Afternoon

That's what happen when Southamptons not in charge . Southampton keeps it a secret FBI learned with most govt agencies share with the people and you will get results. " Sep 11, 12 12:16 PM

Westhampton Beach Middle School Teacher Pleads Not Guilty In Riverhead Court

The DA has the smoking gun! He will be found guilty the next couple of months will be procedure . The Boston bomber has a right to a trail but he will be guilty also . So please stop supporting him he is a pervert . I will paint a picture on how this will end his fiancé will leave him if she didn't already , he will be found guilty , he will profess on how sorry he is at his sentencing and there will still be people who believe he was set up . I hope the people still sticking up for him are just in shock. He is a wolf in Sheeps clothing . He had me fooled until a friend trooper told me exactly what came out yesterday . " Apr 30, 13 7:54 PM

Plea Deal Could Be In Works For Westhampton Beach Middle School Teacher Accused Of Filming Girls In Locker Room

Sheps attorney wants a plea because he is guilty , if shep went to trail he would go to jail for the max . Remember its a jury of peers when they see his face in the video during the setup of the phone in the girls locker room he will not have a chance . He did this to little girls . There is no attorney that would want to take this to trail . If he was innocent and they didn't have hard proof why not go to trail it would be one persons word against another . " Aug 1, 13 6:21 PM

Westhampton Beach Middle School Gym Teacher Pleads Guilty To Filming Girls In Locker Room

First of all you will not get a deal if the evidence is overwhelming against you . Second a good lawyer would never tell his client to go to trial when he is obviously guilty and in a case such as this with minors involved and the nature of what was done a jury will find him guilty . Deals are only given if the evidence is weak , when it's a slam dunk there are know deals . Don't try to find reason that he was set up it is absurd . If he was innocent he would of went to trial and rolled the dice but the evidence against was so overwhelming so he pled guilty and is hoping for probation because a trial would of led to a sentencing of jail " Oct 26, 13 6:36 PM

UPDATE: Man In Critical Condition Following Water Mill House Explosion Wednesday Afternoon

He didn't say he wanted the people to be injured at the museum. It's called sarcasm look it up I didn't get any heartlessness out of it. He was merely saying its a awful looking building you don't need a architectal degree to see that. " Feb 12, 15 8:01 AM

East Hampton Town, PSEG Seek Cooperation Amid Confrontation Over Utility Poles

These little villages and towns are out of control with spending money on lawyers to get there own personal agendas done. How much money has this cost tax payers on a obvious outcome that they don't and can't govern the utilities under building laws same goes for school buildings. This is once again local government overstepping there boundaries. " Apr 14, 15 4:13 PM

Sag Harbor Village Board Votes To Adopt Building Moratorium

Now sure how Southampton town failed, the only thing that will make the Hamptons fail are more laws and codes. Developers are only doing what is aloud and people want to change the rules to fit there beliefs. At what point does ownership of a property become not worth while? Answer when government puts to many restrictions " Jul 16, 15 12:35 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Secures Permission To Connect With Gabreski Sewer System

Where do you think the sewage goes now? What expert are you quoting a sewage plant is only as good as the money you put into it? Treatment facility's are used all over Suffolk county and are much better for the environment. Do you realize Main Street septic systems are sitting in ground water. Westhampton needs a treatment facility to thrive and property values will rise. The property values lag behind the rest of the Hamptons because there is nothing here except ice cream and real estates. A sewer district is a long term investment that will pay dividends like sag harbor." Jul 19, 15 10:55 AM

Southampton Builder Paints American Flag On His House To Exercise Property Rights

Your comments have no relevance what so ever!!!
He is not asking for anything illegal, only what the building code allows the ARB is only opinions. If he was asking for something other then what he is allowed that would be ARB. You need to understand how ridiculous the villages the arb can comment on your fence style on your property. The village should fly a swastika because as a home owner you have no rights. It's offensive that a neighbor can stand up at a meeting and say I don't like the cedar siding on that house and the ARB will listen to them ." Jul 23, 15 12:16 PM

My favorite is one of the board members lives in the village and he has vinyl siding on his newer house the ARB passed. When you are within all town codes for building what right does someone have to tell you we like these windows better then those. It's highly offensive and illegal because once you bring a lawyer the ARB changes there tune been down that road before. The DA office needs to investigate how people with virtually no architectural experience are telling people how to design the house . If people disagree with the builder on his actions I hope one day you have to go to the ARB it will make you wonder who owns the property." Jul 23, 15 12:25 PM

UPDATE: No Restraining Order Issued Between Westhampton Beach School And Killoran Family

First off proximity has nothing to do with it Eastport is about same distance, second Eastport is a feeder school for Remsenburg, third the family knew from the beginning that he would not be able to go to westhampton. It's a situation where people feel that the world should cater to each of there individual needs. As a parent I would hope I put what is best for my kids ahead of what is best for me. There is no question that Eastport would benefit him way more then westhampton it's comical people are even debating it, kids from Remsenburg go to Eastport all the time with special needs because it is better. " Aug 31, 15 5:44 PM

Bird who said he is being asked to change schools? He goes to Remsenburg from there you can goto westhampton or Eastport, westhampton doesn't have a program and Eastport does. kids go to Eastport with special needs because it has a great program, westhampton has none." Aug 31, 15 6:43 PM

East Quogue Luxury Golf Course Developer Answers Questions

I love when people comment that have no clue. Just go on there website and you will see the chances of kids going to school in the district are slim to none. Anyone who compares to the pines really has no clue, people who fought the original proposal of condos and a golf course through zoning change got what they deserved the has of right of 140 +- that use the school and services. I don't think people understand what can be done on the property without zoning change. I laughed at people when they fought the condos that would of been majority summer people and now they have the pines where majority have kids in the school system. Keep fighting and I guarantee there will be around 100 single family homes without open space. If you don't think so let me know and I can give about 10 other subdivisions in the hamptons besides the pines. Remember the as of right that exists on the land " Sep 7, 15 7:09 PM

Southampton Resident Threatens To Appeal ARB Decision

Looks like a nice house that fits nicely on the street, I do like the flag on the house also. I think someone should start a Facebook page to raise money to sue the village for all the grief they give the resident tax payers " Sep 7, 15 7:39 PM

Southampton Village Builder Files Suit Against Village, ARB

The village is crazy another lawsuit taxpayers have to defend caused by the ARB. If you meet all zoning standards, that means the law set forth by the village how can the ARB force there opionin. There own building department thinks the ARB is a joke. It's comical the village sets the zoning standards you obey them and the ARB does what ever they feel is appropriate even if what you are doing is leagal in the eyes of the building Dept. This is by no means any example of democracy. I think a go fund me page should be started i would love to donate to this lawsuit and anyone who has been in front of those dictators would contribute also. You one has the right to tell you what you can or can't do on your property if your meeting all building and zoning codes it is unconstitutional and the village will lose as all village that push the envelope and try to do this. The ARB needs to be put in check , this is taxpayer money defending lawsuits, what do they care it's not there money. " Dec 4, 15 2:25 PM

Southampton Town Offer To Purchase The Hills Property In East Quogue Is Rejected

To the environmentalist learn what it means to have a as of right. There will be houses there either what there legally allowed to do or a golf course with some summer homes. Keep fighting and you will have another Southampton pines that was originally going to be a golf course and condos with little effect on the school district and now you have aprox 120 year round houses that effects local resources. The residents should get behind it. There will be tax dollars with little drain on the local resources. Make no mistake they can build aprox 90 homes with out going for a PDD. Then again they thought they where going to stop the pines and guess what the developer got what he was allowed to do. I don't understand the fight against a golf course with summer homes" Aug 6, 16 2:40 PM

Big fresh they turned down the offer the only reason an offer was made is because they have legal right to build on it. A supervisor can't stop someone legal right. Keep fighting it because u will look like a bunch of clowns like the pines protesters. Eventually the developer will give up on the golf course and you will have aprox 90 homes. Try to understand reality. My favorite is when protestors complain about higher taxes but they support taking massive chucks of land off the tax rolls. Smart development is better for everyone and what they want to do on that land is smart ,cluster housing with open space, minimal burden on community and maximum return on taxes. " Aug 6, 16 4:12 PM

'The Hills' Developer Files $100 Million Lawsuit Against Southampton Town For Rejecting PDD

I laughed after everyone did the same fight against Southampton pines when a golf course was proposed there with 80 condos, Rego and Malloy gave up that fight and we got 120 homes that drains the town systems and schools. People never learn. They will build on that land either 130 houses (as of right) that will tax our local schools and services or what is proposed that will have little effect on our local government. Also the contamination in East Quogue is because of a chemical that was used in fire training on the property at Damascus nothing to do with fertilizer. You can’t take away the owners right to build on there own property and they are allowed to build 100+ single family homes something is coming I would take the better of the 2. How would anyone feel if you owned a property and then said you can’t build on it. " Apr 18, 18 9:35 AM

I laughed after everyone did the same fight against Southampton pines when a golf course was proposed there with 80 condos, Rego and Malloy gave up that fight and we got 120 homes that drains the town systems and schools. People never learn. They will build on that land either 130 houses (as of right) that will tax our local schools and services or what is proposed that will have little effect on our local government. Also the contamination in East Quogue is because of a chemical that was used in fire training on the property at Damascus nothing to do with fertilizer. You can’t take away the owners right to build on there own property and they are allowed to build 100+ single family homes something is coming I would take the better of the 2. How would anyone feel if you owned a property and then said you can’t build on it. " Apr 18, 18 9:35 AM

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