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Beached whale in East Hampton put down; euthanization dart missing on Main Beach

I agree with most of the comments before me - this was another Wildlife Rescue Circus. Reminds me of the dophin in NW Creek - more stranded mamals that should have been left alone. A lethal dart floating around the ocean is inexcusable. I watched a police officer a few years ago attempt to kill a car hit deer - took 3 or 4 shots. I offered to shoot it as I was returning from hunting and had my bow in my truck but I would have been arrested for shooting a deer on a roadway. Go figure. " Apr 9, 10 5:38 PM

IRS says Southampton Town comptroller owes $650,000 in back taxes

She can't handle her personal financial situation how is she going to handle the town's financial situation? In the printed Press Ms Wright is stated as saying that filing taxes while working abroad is 'very complex'. Well I know as a fact that senior officers in established and reputable firms with US Citizens working aboard usually have established and reputable accounting firms handling their tax filings. It's not rocket science nor is she the only person who has been there! And shouldn't her tax filer be fielding the inquiries by the IRS? I agree with the first comment here - you can't make this up. Lets move on - she broke protocol by not filing a financial disclosure - lets start here..." Apr 16, 10 9:23 AM

Southampton High School Unveils Marine Science Wet Lab

The Wet Lab is GREAT! My daughter is in the elementary school and now she can't wait to get to high school to study in the wet lab. I only wish I had the same opportunities she has in our wonderful community!!! " Jan 23, 12 3:27 PM

UPDATE: Services Announced For Flanders Man Killed On Sunday

That's a pretty strong argument supporting the legal ownership and possession of a defensive firearm in one's home. Either that or sub-let a room to a police officer. " Jan 27, 13 2:52 PM

You forgot to mention the two law breaking guys coming through the door have may well have illegal firearms and possibly illegal magazines so that's our legal 7 rounds vs their potenionally illegal 60 rounds collectively. But the law is on our side and the wall is on our back. Where to go from there? 6' down or out of the window and run like hell from our own home? Or hide until the first police officers arrive." Jan 27, 13 4:06 PM

Armed Men Rob North Sea Home

And the detective handling the case doesn't respond to attempts to reach her. Who does she work for again? As a public servant she needs to answer those attempts or be relieved of her position to be replaced by someone who will. I understand the investigation may be in progress but she needs to say that. Saying nothing tells me you're not doing your job. " Oct 27, 13 6:49 AM

Naval Plane Departs From Gabreski, Roars Over Westhampton Beach

To the pilot:

Thank you for your service to our country. We appreciate the sacrifices you and your squadron make every day!

The sounds of an F/18 is much better than that of a MiG! Go USA!" May 16, 14 9:46 PM

Man Charged In Noyac Home Invasion Takes Plea Deal

This is a failure of our justice system. Armed robbery and he serves 8 days. That's a joke.

What about the owners of the drug house? Seems like more than one crime was in progress here. Or is dealing drugs OK if you're robbed at gun point?

And shame on the Press - know your town - Widner Lane is in North Sea not Noyac. What other errors did you make in the article?" May 16, 14 9:56 PM

Southampton Village Bike Lanes Removed Following Safety Concerns

Most major cities and towns, including NYC, are creating bike lanes and promoting cycling as a healthy form of transportation EXCEPT Southampton Village.

Why don't we remove the cars from the village to make it safer (and put the mayor in one of them)?

Imagine what the village would be like if everyone rode their bikes in and out and there weren't any cars to mess it all up.

May I also suggest the mayor hop on a bike and try it out - you may like it. " Aug 6, 14 6:50 AM

Montauk's Dock Restaurant Changes Sign Deemed Offensive To The Irish

I think the three bridges over the Shinnecock Canal and the South Ferry ought to have restriction signs on them all composed by George. Let's put an end to what we don't like starting there! " Aug 6, 14 6:58 AM

Great White Shark Found On Amagansett Beach Being Studied At Stony Brook Southampton

Not many sea lions around here last I checked. " Aug 6, 14 7:10 AM

UPDATE: New Details Emerge In Case Of Missing Sagaponack Woman

Better pictures of Ms. Aucapina would be a good start. The in print photo of her is a joke. This paper must rethink it's priorities. There are much larger photos of the Wainscott Medical Building (not missing) and her estranged husband (also not missing). I hope she is found safe and if so it won't be by the photos in this paper." Oct 23, 15 12:47 PM

Oceanfront Homeowners Sue Over Trucks On Southampton Beach

You can not, in my opinion, complain about something occurring near your home after you had the option not to buy that particular home. Just like those who complained about the race track, or the airport. Both were there before you purchased your home so deal with it.

These people should live on an island in the middle of the Pacific. And then they can complain about the quiet and we won't have to hear it. " Oct 29, 15 8:10 PM

Local Banks Actively Working To Prevent ATM Skimmers From Targeting Customers

Would be nice to see a picture of one of these skimmers. " Feb 16, 17 1:30 PM

Centenarian Survives Hit-And-Run Accident In Hampton Bays

Glad Mr Quaresima is ok. I would bet driver was distracted by a cell phone maybe?!? I hope for a speedy recovery. And I hope the driver is apprehended.

The author should have proofed this article better and needs to study medical terminology: 1) A fracture is a break and 2) a contusion does not break the skin but a laceration does. " Sep 21, 17 6:48 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Village And Town Police Work Together On Traffic Signal Modifications

I vote for no more golf tournaments like this. Today was a disaster on the roads. " Jun 11, 18 9:21 PM

UPDATE: Town Officials Respond To Shinnecock Plan For Billboards On Sunrise Highway In Hampton Bays

When I was a child there were ads on the TV showing a Native American with tears in his eyes as he viewed a landscape littered with trash.

It seems the times have changed for now the Native Americans are littering the landscape with visual trash. " May 3, 19 1:32 PM

When I was a child there were ads on the TV showing a Native American with tears in his eyes as he viewed a landscape littered with trash.

It seems the times have changed for now the Native Americans are littering the landscape with visual trash. " May 3, 19 1:32 PM