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Forces Tried To Oust Southampton Town Police Chief

There has to be some truth to politics playing a role here. Is it not true that Kiernan was promoted to Lieutenant? He is a Republican and also sits on the screening committee. Wouldn't that mean that he would have chosen Nuzzi and Scalera to run? There should be rules preventing such a conflict of interest. If his promotion doesn't sound like a political pay back from the GOP, then I don't know what does. Wonder if that promotion was Wilson's idea or if it was the boards doing, just like Pearce? " Apr 1, 12 4:50 PM

Southampton Police Chief May Face New Challenge

The political wrangling between the Board and Chief of Police is nothing new. In fact, all the sunshine illuminating the back room deals, patronage appointments and other shenanigans is quite refreshing..considering darkness is the standard at Town Hall. Does anyone else think that the document investigation and now trying to rid themselves of Chief Wilson is a tad dubious? Hang in Chief...truth will shine through, Town just needs you to point the spotlight. " Apr 7, 12 3:20 PM

Code Enforcement Officer Among Six Netted In Drug Sting

What an embarrassment! Was he selling these drugs while on duty? In uniform? Republican committeeman, go figure. I almost could have predicted that. Interesting that the supervisor was not aware of the arrest, I bet all of the republican cronies were well aware. I'm sure he called them all for a return back scratch. Drug dealers on town payroll, missing files and cover-ups, typical day in Southampton. Taxpayers, you deserve better! " Apr 19, 12 9:51 PM

What makes you think he has no prior criminal record? Better do some background research before you make incorrect starments. Did anyone find out who hired him into this position or why? Hope the DA cleans this mess up. We all deserve better! " Apr 20, 12 7:16 AM

The following was in the 4/4/02 Southampton Press and was retrieved from the archives:

"Richard Neems, 27, of Northport and Alfred Tumbarello, 28, of Westhampton were arrested on Thursday, March 28, and charged with loitering in the first degree and criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree. Village Police said they saw the two men snorting cocaine in a parked car on Bowden Square."

Who did the background investigation before Tumbarello was appointed to the code enforcement position? What was the date of his hire? Curious-Dan Russo is his current attorney, former Town Board counselman, was he responsible for Tumbarello's hire? Republican?? Ahhhhh yeah!" Apr 21, 12 11:49 AM

More Than 100 Arrests Being Reviewed By D.A. After Two Are Released

Concerned Citizen,
Are you off to Town Hall this morning to purchase Herman Lamison's house that is up for forclosure sale on the steps of Town Hall with your "9/11 disability retirement" money? Be careful they are looking into your dirty dealings next!" May 31, 12 9:19 AM

UPDATE: Throne-Holst Promises 'A Seamless And Positive Transition' For Police Department

Are you people kidding me? The Chief despite resistence from the board every step, paid to have the interior of the pd painted out of his own pocket, secured tasers for his staff with independent funding as well as police cars. He has tried to stamp out corruption that has been going on for years with republican golden children and you think he hasn't done a good job or proven his worth. He was brought to the town under false pretenses! ATH should crawl in a hole for taking him from his secure job to the catastrophe that is Southampton Town. No contract, no support, and then the icing making Pearce who should be indited right along with Kiernan captain, without the leader of the troops recomendation...politics at its most toxic levels. I am sure he is appauled that Kiernan was allowed to come back to work and no less at rank of lieutenant when he has pled guilty to charges. What kind of message does that send to the rank and file. I will tell you, it says be dirty, disruptive but make sure you are a republican committeeman and your job is safe! And what about Tunberello? Do you all know that he is still on the town payroll after being arrested for selling narcotics. If you want to talk about this, let's talk about everything, not pick and choose! " Nov 8, 12 12:22 PM

Carson, are you bipolar? Did you not just say on the other article that Pearce should have been chief from the beginning? He is the president of the SOA. Just goes to show that no one on here knows a freaking thing about the pd! And no it was not without penalty...do your homework! Fact can be your friend!" Nov 9, 12 6:19 PM

Captain Robert Pearce Named Acting Chief Of Southampton Town Police Department

HHS- he was on a scheduled vacation, and was not even in the country. He worked 72 hours straight during Irene. And I am sure had he not been away he would have worked the same during sandy. Get a life!" Nov 9, 12 9:41 PM

Southampton Town Hires Two More Cops, Sacks Planner And Grants Coordinator In Final Budget

Its not a rumor, he will be in Hauppague tomorrow pulling them...what are you going to do now Nuzzi? " Nov 25, 12 8:01 PM

It was not the Chief's call to make whether the photo was released or not." Nov 25, 12 9:19 PM

Pearce Is Named Southampton Town Chief Of Police

Why are mrobin's comments being deleted? Is it because he speaks the truth that they are putting in a puppet regime to do the Republican's bidding? That now the Republican Controlled Majority has put their inside spy, in as top dog even before Wilson's official retirement date? What happened to the 1st ammendment? " Nov 28, 12 11:23 AM


Do you intentionally omit the fact that Pearce is/was the SOA President..or are you ignorant of that fact. You demonize the PBA, let us not forget that the SOA is just as powerful a lobby group as the PBA. Pearce's union roots run deep. At least Wilson had progressive ideas and wasn't Overton with a smile. " Nov 28, 12 2:50 PM

BREAKING NEWS: beginning today the STPD's new headquarters will be located in HHS's living room (which should be a slight upgrade from the HQ in Hampton Bays) however, the patrol officers will be wheeling eachother around in wheelbarrows and using slate tablets and chisels to write reports. All while the current chief/SOA president negotiates a contract for himself and the union he represents and the "labor" as HHS so elegantly put it (you know, the ones that do ALL of the work) runs from call to call while the Supervisors manipulate their OWN time off (meaning reload their banks to ensure they get hundreds of thousands of dollars in scat pay when they retire)" Nov 29, 12 8:43 AM

District Attorney Looking At Town Police Attendance And Time-Off Payments

HHS-lets not forget about his supervisor who gave him approval to do so. Who is more at fault the officer with a substance abuse problem or his supervisor who knew about it and let him continue to interact with the public?" Nov 30, 12 6:55 PM

Even more compelling, villages such as North Haven and Sagaponack who pay combined 3.2 Million Dollars to Southampton Town do not even received the police services they are promised and entitled to. " Dec 2, 12 5:41 PM

UPDATE: Witnesses Say Verbal Altercation Led To Alleged Assault By Retired Southampton Village Sergeant

It is unfortunate that the Internet has degenerated into nothing but an unfettered men’s room wall for every angry, dysfunctional, jealous and cowardly anonymous poster who roams its cyber halls…

Here are the FACTS (you remember those right?)
• There was an incident at Bobby Vans
• A retired Police Sergeant was arrested for assault
• A victim was transported to the hospital for treatment of injuries (and no he is not injured to a felony level...as of now)
• NO ONE ELSE from the FD/PD retired or active was involved at all!

The Southampton Town PD responded and handled the call properly. Witnesses were interviewed, statements were written, photographs were taken and I’m quite sure that any and all video surveillance was secured and will be examined. If evidence is produced that requires and upgrade of the assault charge then that’s exactly what will occur.

Yes, public employee pensions are exorbitant. Has nothing to do with this case.
Yes, the local PD’s have had their share of negative publicity. Gagnon is Retired, therefore not his former employers problem.
No, a public employees pension cannot be stripped unless it was secured by fraud.

IMO (yes that’s directed at you PBR) there is far too much speculation, innuendo and spinning going on here, and we ALL know it.
" Feb 5, 13 5:57 PM

In this instance I know more than you. " Feb 5, 13 6:24 PM

There may be an attempted political assassination being conducted:

“At least two other retired Village Police officers were present as well, though witnesses said that the other men, including former Village Police and Town Police Chief William Wilson Jr., had just entered the building when the fight broke out.”
“The other two guys walk in, they didn’t even have their coats off and he went over to [the victim]—I was looking right at it—and punches him in the throat,” one witness said. “He goes down, hits his head on the bar and is out cold. There was blood coming from his mouth.”

Three independent witnesses reported to Police and the Press that Wilson had just walked into the restaurant. Gagnon is clearly at fault here, and last I knew Wilson is not clairvoyant. If he was I’m sure he would not have left the Village for the most politically toxic municipal environment on Long Island. (Wish you had a do over on that one right Chief?)

Other than bad timing, and choice of dinner companion on the night in question, Wilson has no culpability for the assault.

I am going to go out on a limb and assume that since Wilson rocked the sacred boat that is the STPD, and flung the facts in the GOP’s engorged faces, that he is none to popular at the committee meetings. “We have to dirty him up!” was the quote.

You can spin, twist, contort and misrepresent the information reported in this article to your hearts delight...but the truth is the truth and you can’t change that.
" Feb 6, 13 10:51 PM

Board Members Say Female Officers Were Not Discriminated Against

So let me get this straight, the psychopath board member who locked someone in his office because he didn't want to pay for services rendered was questioning Chief Wilson's decision making skills? Is this not also the same person who cannot make a decision on his own without the politico's telling him exactly what, where and how to do it? Wilson's judgement should only be called into question when asking WHY he would go to work with the DIRTIEST, MOST TOXIC, DYSFUNCTIONAL municipal board on Long Island???" Mar 1, 13 7:54 AM

SGT. COSTA is in the SOA not the PBA so how exactly would promoting Costa be a reward to the PBA? So the answer to your question is NO! Zarro is the current president of the SOA he took over for Pearce. Maybe if Costa becomes the next president of the SOA she will have a shot at a promotion. Zarro more deserving? I would like to compare the stats of Zarro and Costa I am sure that would be very compelling evidence that this was favortism versus merit. After all, they did give Zarro a take home car before they even interviewed for the lieutenant's position. If that alone doesn't prove the fix was in, I am not sure what does." Mar 1, 13 11:51 PM

Female Southampton Town Police Officers File Sexual Discrimination Claims

Pearce must have amnesia. He apparently forgot about his peer, Sharon Ibel, who was discriminated against and had to sue to break the glass ceiling to become the first female sgt. I guess he does not remember when he got the promotion to lieutenant over her and used to taunt her by tapping his LT bars when he would give her orders. He must also forget when Tony Tenaglia changed the Emergency Service Team policy that all Street Crime Unit members could become members without a tryout, but then changed the rule back to needing tryouts when Melanie Grodin became the first woman in the Street Crime unit. Then how the policy changed again to no tryouts when she left the unit, but low and behold you needed to try out when Susan Ralph got into Street Crime only to flip flop again when she left but still Jane Harrigan could not join when she went to street crime. Not a problem if you can't remember it.
" Mar 2, 13 4:21 PM

Board Members Say Female Officers Were Not Discriminated Against

Aren't Pearce & Zarro related? Who is it that they have in common?" Mar 5, 13 8:52 PM

Kabot Asks Supporters If She Should Run For Southampton Supervisor

The whispering is not so bad. I thought it was much worse when he was texting out the events of the confidential executive sessions." Mar 5, 13 9:23 PM

UPDATE: Top Cops Dispute Charges That Street Crime Unit Office Was Strewn With Drugs

Is Nuzzi actually claiming that he has never heard about any of this. Must be because he made it a habit of either storming out of meetings where Wilson was telling grusome tales that he didn't want to hear or when he was there he wasn't paying attention because he was perpetually texting, or whispering in Sundy's ear while pulling Anna's hair like a 6 year old bully. All so he could claim ignorance to the problems which ARE the STPD. If ignorance is bliss, Nuzzi lives in Nirvana. " Mar 7, 13 10:51 PM

If there is such transparancy in government then I ask you this: what charges did Kiernan plead guilty to? Was not releasing that information part of the political back scratching agreement between Nuzzi, Sclara and Malone for Kiernan getting them into their board positions? Is all of this secrecy because they are trying to protect Kiernan's reputation so they can pop hom into a Captain's position, then eventually make him Chief when Pearce retires? If Pearce had knowledge of the wrongdoings (which he must have because he was in charge of SC) how could they have made him Captain (which Wilson opposed) nevertheless Chief? Had any of the board members tried to do the right thing here, we wouldn't have all of these questions. I question the Boards "judgement skills" along with their genuine motives." Mar 8, 13 7:08 AM

Elizabeth Rush is now working in the Town attorney's Office! Wonder who she knows?" Mar 8, 13 5:49 PM

Oh yes! Chief Pearce has Lieutenant Kiernan in charge of internal affairs. GO FIGURE!!" Mar 11, 13 10:24 PM

Board Members Say Female Officers Were Not Discriminated Against

Wilson did not think Peace was qualified to be Captain, and told the town board so several times, yet they made him captain anyway to pay back political favors. Wilson also recommended Costa for the position of lieutenant several times and the board majority wouldn't even discuss the idea because she was a female and even went as far as to implimented a separate set of rules for her such as an interview process which they did not impliment for any male's up for promotion. Funny Pearce is allowed to put his team together as he sees fit but Wilson was not. Looks like the board majority discriminated against both Costa and Wilson. " Mar 12, 13 11:21 AM

UPDATE: Top Cops Dispute Charges That Street Crime Unit Office Was Strewn With Drugs

Wow! I looked at the photos and it doesn't look like residue or anything I would want to put in my coffee. " Mar 13, 13 1:35 PM

Auditors Say Southampton Police Department Compensation System Is Easily Abused

Aahhhhh! Wilson found a problem with record keeping of time off. Was that the "lack of judgment" Malone was talking about? A second grader could tell you that people being in charge of their own time off is a BAD idea. Human nature always comes into play along with greed and stupidity. What a shame they ran Wilson out of town, he was actually trying to clean up the mess that was 22+ years in the making. Guess his honesty and knowledge of how a police department should be run intimidated the majority of the board. Made them look inept so it was time to send him packing. Looks like after this us attorney investigation, looks like Wilson will have the last laugh. Every taxpayer should be outraged that there were any discrepancies what so ever, ones that I am sure will never be disclosed. There is NO TRANSPARANCY!!!!!" Apr 1, 13 4:24 PM

This very well might be the most interesting article yet. Here is what I took from it: ATH states that there were unwritten policies which she was told about by administration of pd which entitled departing officers more money than contractually agreed upon. So why set up limitations within a contract and why is she allowing pd members to set their own terms of employment? Who is in charge here? Who is looking out for the taxpayer? This is outrageous! Pay an auditing firm to come in for thousands of dollars to clear up something that should have been handled by human resources? What does kratoville do exactly? That is business management 101. " Apr 3, 13 11:49 AM

I would also like to know what other unwritten policies the town has? That they don't promote women? That they cover up corruption? What exactly is an unwritten policy? " Apr 3, 13 11:58 AM

Southampton Supervisor Calls For Investigation Of Police Department

What wrongdoing would anyone find?? I mean all of the birthday cards have already been shredded!" Apr 5, 13 3:49 PM

The International Association of Chief"s of Police or the Police Executive Research Forum and the Attorney General's Office will investigate for FREE. I can see why the board would not want any of these agencies to investigate because they could not dictate the results to such a firm. The board wants to keep a firm grasp on the findings and what is released to the public. ATH wants to give the community confidence in the pd so the only way to do that is to hire a paid agency to say what she wants them to say. Any negative finds would go against her reason for the investigation so she will never allow that to happen. We are on to you and your wicked deception. God forbid anything negative turned up about Kiernan or Pearce or the "unwriiten policies" or inappropriate dealings with board members and an outside law enforcement agency was backed into a corner and actually had to do something. Only way to avoid that is to manipulate the results which can only be done with a paid agency." Apr 5, 13 6:31 PM

Southampton Town Police Logged Long Hours Following Sandy

Where is Malone the numbers guy? Lets do some math here: there are 336 hours in 14 days, he worked 40 hours regular time each week totaling 80 hours then in addition to that he worked 215 hours in overtime which totals 295 hours leaving a mere 41 hours that were not worked, which means that he only took 2.92 hours off each day for 14 days. Why is the numbers guy not concerned? " May 10, 13 1:39 PM

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