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UPDATE: Services Set For Longtime Weather Observer Richard Hendrickson

A great man! My family and I had many dealings with him. He sold his wonderful eggs to us for years. May he rest in peace." Jan 10, 16 7:30 PM

Mariners Clinch League VII Title With Victory In Game Closed To Spectators At Center Moriches

Congratulations to the Mariners and Coach Lamison on their winning the league title, and to the Center Moriches team as well. It's sad the good kids were
denied the opportunity to play in front of their fellow students, family and friends.
The politically correctness and over reaction by school officials has to stop.
Furthermore, what happened to schools sending spectator buses for the students to sporting events. In my day, we had them. It was a great socialization experience for the kids. More importantly, this supervised activity
Gave them something to do, and kept them out of trouble and off the streets." Feb 5, 16 8:26 PM

New Westhampton Beach Police Officer Sworn In After Another Resigns

May I wish you much success in your new career. Always be safe! You will enjoy a great deal of satisfaction serving our society. God speed!" Feb 21, 16 2:47 PM

Pair Of Longtime Westhampton Beach Friends Will Celebrate The Century Mark Together

Congratulations to Mrs. Loos! She certainly raised a great daughter in
Diane. An old friend of Diane's." Mar 3, 16 9:15 AM

Hampton Bays Library Board Wants To Buy Adjoining Lot To Accommodate Expansion Plans

What a ridiculous plan. In this computer age, almost any book is available on Kindle or on a computer. The residents of Hampton Bays are already disproportionately over-taxed in contrast with neighboring towns. One wonders if the expenditure of a proposed $13,000,000 is realistic - with acknowledgment by the proposers that this does not take into account other possible expenses, including the acquisition of adjoining properties. There are so many questions unanswered and so many issue left not addressed at this time. I hope that the residents of Hampton Bays use common sense and defeat this project." Mar 7, 16 8:42 PM

Arrest Made In Connection With January Shooting In Southampton Village

Great job but the SVPD for solving this case. Hopefully through the court
Pr Odessa justice will be served." Mar 11, 16 7:43 PM

First Responders Help Save Quiogue Man's Life On Sunday

Great job! We have the best police and ambulance services. " Mar 14, 16 4:58 PM

Gregor Argues Against Use Of $3 Million Grant To Raise Dune Road

Go Alex! Your right, Years ago in Southampton Village the residents on Meadow Lane contributed to raising the roadway. Mayor Hattrick was the Mayor at the time. These funds should be used as the Superindent suggests.
Flanders, Riverside etc. " Mar 25, 16 5:23 PM

Donald E. Fanning Of Southampton Dies April 15

Donald was a wonderful man with an enormous amount of love for his
Community. He will definitely be missed! My sincerest sympathy to his
lovely family. God bless!" Apr 18, 16 12:57 PM

Hampton Bays Library Project Now Stands At $15.8 Million; Board Intends To Buy Adjoining Property

The library board has lost all sense ability proposing this rediculous project.
First is was 13 million, and now it's up to 15.8 million. The construction
hasn't started yet. Plus, another $130.00 a year per taxpayer for twenty years.
There will be a tax increase that will last forever. It is my hope that common
sense will prevail with the residents of Hampton Bays, and this obscure proposed project will overwhelmingly be voted down." Apr 22, 16 1:15 PM

Joan Westerhoff Petersen, Formerly Of Southampton, Dies April 16

Mr sympathies to her family. A wonderful lady." May 5, 16 4:17 PM

UPDATE: $15.8 Million Library Bond Referendum Fails In Hampton Bays

Vote No! Vote No! Vote No! This project is ludicrous. This is a un necessary
financial burden on our community. We already have one of the highest
school tax on the east end of Long Island. " Jun 8, 16 7:26 PM

Congratulations to the resident/taxpayers of Hampton Bays for voting this
ludicrous library project down. We must keep vigilant, because the library
trustees will be making another attempt at the project." Jun 15, 16 6:52 AM

UPDATE: Schneiderman Unveils More Details About Proposal To Reroute Tuckahoe Road

No No No This road belongs to us the taxpayers. Let us enjoy this
beautiful scenic road. It appears the rich want everything! Us locals are
losing our community at the expense of the rich. Us locals must fight to not
let this happen. Same for using our beaches." Jun 15, 16 12:53 PM

No! This road belongs to us all the taxpayers of Southampton. With respect to
safety for pedestrians, when was the last time a pedestrian was struck by a
vehicle on Tuckahoe Road near the golf course. I bet never!
" Jun 17, 16 9:52 PM

Southampton Town Police Department Dispatch Infrastructure To Receive Upgrade

Never mind the dispatch center, build the department a new modern day police facility like the village of Southampton, State Police, and Sag Harbor Village Police. The current headquarters is outdated. The Town Board should
get its head out of the sand and construct a new headquarters for our police
Department. The new headquarters would include a state of the art
Communications Center." Jul 2, 16 2:23 PM

Southampton High School Football Players Support Suspended Coach At Board Meeting

Give me a break! I know coach West and he is a good man. He did the right
thing with that student athlete. Let him coach and mentor those players on the
" Aug 31, 16 5:41 PM

Hampton Bays Superintendent Expresses Concerns Over Town Supervisor's Accessory Apartment Idea

I can't believe there will be many accessory apartments created east of the canal
with the higher real estate values there. Also, no accessory apartments
allowed on parcels under three quarters of an acre. Mr. Schneiderman, the town
Zoning Laws are being violated in Hampton Bays west of the Shinnecock
Canal with numerous home owners converting their properties into multi-family
dwellings. There are several on my street. Please enforce our zoning laws!
This would result in a smaller student population in Hampton Bays thus
reducing the financial costs resulting in alleviating our school tax burden." Sep 6, 16 11:58 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor To Meet With Shinnecock Hills President, Michael Bloomberg On Tuckahoe Road Reroute Proposal

If the Southampton Town Board closes Tuckahoe Lane which passes
through Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, then they should close Tuckahoe Lane
with its speeders which passes through the Southampton Golf Club between
the eleven and twelve holes. If the Town Board grants Shinnecock Hills Golf
Club their request, they should all be ousted from office next election. Enough
all ready." Sep 9, 16 10:16 PM

Hampton Bays Superintendent Expresses Concerns Over Town Supervisor's Accessory Apartment Idea

They can build affordable housing in Southampton Village at the low cost of
apartments for sale staring at 1,500,000.00. That would be a bargain in the
Village. What a joke! Along with Flanders and Riverside, Hampton Bays is
neglected with respect to code enforcement and enforcing the zoning laws.
This will never change as long as Hampton Bays remains under town
control. It's time to incorporate Hampton Bays. What do we have to lose?
Who knows, incorporation may turn out to be beneficial." Sep 9, 16 10:54 PM

UPDATE: Nassau Police Chief Speaks On New Role After Being Selected For Southampton Town Police Chief, Thursday

This is a complex appointment made by the Town Board. The appointee
I am sure is very qualified for the position, although I question his age with
42 years in law enforcement. More importantly, the new appointee will have
to take the New York State examination for Chief of Police usually administered
In March. This is a difficult test, and there is no guarantee of scoring a
passing grade. As I understand it, the highest civil service examination for promotion in the classified field in the Nassau County Police Department is
for the rank of Captain. All the ranks in Nassau above the rank of Captain
are internal appointments. Personnel serving in the higher ranks such as the
appointee serve at the pleasure of the Police Commissioner, and are not in the
civil service classified field. In Southampton Town a candidate for Chief of Police must pass the state Chief's exam before receiving a permanent
appointment. Therefore, I don't believe the new town appointee can be
given the position permanently until he takes and passes the Chief's examination. Furthermore, the only way the appointee can take the position with the town is to transfer as a Captain from Nassau. This transfer will
necessitate both the Nassau County Civil Service Commission and the
Suffolk County Civil Service Commission to agree to permit the transfer. Of,
A reduction in rank from Chief of Department to Captain could encompass a
huge financial loss with respect to his severance pay unless he negotiates a
deal with Nassau County. Finally, is Town of Southampton willing to match his salary with Nassau which is 237,000.00 per year. So as I stated earlier, this is a complex appointment. Then again, politics always seems to be the way some things get accomplished in Southampton Town.

In the Nassau County" Sep 15, 16 3:41 PM

North Sea Residents Object To Possible Development On Land Slated For Preservation

Better yet, next election keep him out of the Supervisors Office." Nov 16, 16 8:46 AM

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