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Anti-illegal immigration protester reports car window smashed, sign stolen

Well, I WAS going to get a whole set of tires from SH Tire, but NOT NOW. I'll bring my business else where.

No matter how you try to justify illegal activity it will never make it right just to ignore laws. I don't drive down the road selecting which road signs to obey or completely disregard just because. Go talk to the families who have been changed forever with the acts of murder, rape or unlawful presence for which they have absolutely no recourse and no hope in collecting restitution.

One only needs to look at the police reports to see the activities of ILLEGAL influence. Driving with NO INSURANCE, NO LICENSE NO REGISTRATION. Well, I guess those in favor of them being here wouldn't mind paying for the damage or for the loss of life an illegal immigrant being here causes in their wake of distruction. Or, when a homeowner contracts to have a house or property work done and there happens to be an individual injured like the "worker' who had a wall collapse on him, I guess those who condone the presence of ILLEGAL UNDOCUMENTED here wouldn't mind paying for all the fines and loss of life, limb or whatever that an honest, law-abiding USA citizen would be expected after having the books thrown at them in court would have to pay.

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG DOING THINGS THE LEGAL RIGHT WAY? You want in? Get in line, fill out the paperwork, pay the fee, wait for permission and then pack your bags. CONGRATULATIONS. WELCOME. The fact is illegal, undocumented presences only cost law abiding citizens MONEY.

It is disgusting that most are now living in our woods like animals all the while desecrating our land and defying our laws then have the audacity to stand out there with the hands in their pockets, ruining our landscapes and lining up for handouts when one, there is McDonalds next door and two changing our way of life that is supposed to be a vacation spot that many LAW ABIDING LOCALS rely on as in resort area to make an honest living.

It's one thing to celebrate a culture but to bring THAT KIND of culture is just ridiculous to justify. Tom Wedell might not be a prince but at least he's LEGAL, PAYS HIS TAXES and if he were to go to another country, he'd respect the laws of that country. Those that condone vandalism and got a chuckle out from his vehicle damage disgust me and proves to me that your endless justifications are what is ruining this country's core; to those who endured hardship, came to this country LEGALLY and EARNED LEGAL ENTRY.

Can you really see yourself doing the same thing down in Mexico. Your ass would still be sitting in a Mexican jail waiting to see the light of day because you entered that country ILLEGALLY.

" Apr 21, 09 3:57 PM

Bottom line here is that NO ONE is above the law. There would be no issue at all if it were not for the fact that most if not all of these "workers" are here in USA ILLEGALLY!!!!! If there is such a need for these workers then they should have no problem getting in LEGALLY. Their presence only incites hatred because they put themselves in HATRED'S way by considering themselves more important than IMMIGRATION LAW. The minute you try to justify their ILLEGAL ACT, you are really saying that "JUMPING THE FENCE" a.k.a. ILLEGALLY ENTERING THE COUNTRY is okay just because.... What?? That there's work here!?! NO ONE, NOT YOU, NOT THEM IS ABOVE THE LAW. The USA HAS A BORDER FOR A REASON. " Apr 23, 09 1:47 PM

East Hampton Town poised to adopt airport plan

Here...draw a 5 mile radius around any airport and make a point not to buy any property within that radius that you'll consider your dream home/escape. Buyer beware! " Sep 3, 10 9:38 PM

East Hampton Town Will Hold Hearing On Requesting Federal Airport Grant

A "pilot?" Really?!!? Ha!! You're fooling no one....save one.

" Nov 18, 11 10:42 PM

Stanzione Welcomes Airport Debate

PBR...Do you really need it spelled out for you?? Is that really the best argument that you've to offer? It's rhetorical, PBR just so you know. EVERY PERSON who flies commercial has paid the fees that go to a fund that supports airports like East Hampton Airport all over this country but because of the narrow-minded anti-everything-but-your-personal agenda and damn the greater good of the community we should skip the FAA funds just because you can't see beyond your nose. Man, I'd hate to see how you balance your books. Do us all a favor and NEVER run for public office.

Thank goodness we have dedicated and open-minded individuals like Councilman Dominick Stanzione and Supervisor Bill Wilkinson and a Board that understands the asset that this airport is to the community. To tackle the airport ALP and Master Plan like the THIS Board finally did after so many Boards before them DIDN'T that in turn only allowed the airport to suffer without basic maintenance and service for so many years is about as stupid as stupid gets. And it was all political plain and simple. And, it's all because of politics and the narrow-minded and selfish agendas of a few especially those who bought property near an airport only to complain about airport noise or even under the flight paths to/fro the airport.

There are many noise abatement procedures, especially the control tower that was insisted upon by anti-noise committees, that can be implemented and all together would drastically reduce noise but now that the Town Board is taking it's first steps in doing so YOU make more noise than any jet I know and cry foul. Councilman Dominick Stanzione has no hidden agenda like you do with wanting the airport closed. He's doing the job he was elected to do for the community as a whole. He's researched the airport issues like no other before him...ever...and understands the facts of accepting FAA funds or not. " Nov 24, 11 4:39 PM

East Hampton Town Board Agrees To Seek FAA Grant

It's a no-brainer. If someone offered to pay to fix my fence, go at it. FAA Grant money requires noise compatible programs so it's a win-win-win for all. Great reduction in noise disturbance and a safe airport and asset to the east end." Dec 2, 11 1:15 PM

"Why hasn't this happened before now?"....Because for 20+ years attempts to put forth an ALP/Master Plan have been met with costly lawsuits and delay tactics and dirty politics by a certain few airport opponents affecting all who would like meaningful and immediate noise mitigation and abatement. Without the ALP/Master Plan and FAA money, noise issues would continue. It's vital to work with the FAA and not perpetuate an adversarial relationship with the very agency the Town needs to work with. " Dec 8, 11 10:50 AM