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UPDATE: Witnesses Say Verbal Altercation Led To Alleged Assault By Retired Southampton Village Sergeant

people, he was forced out....." Feb 4, 13 7:51 PM

he was forced out" Feb 4, 13 7:52 PM

Police: Pair Arrested After Robbery In East Hampton Home

Jonathan I. Pressley, that name has been in the news before. Maybe now there will be enough to make sure it isn't." Feb 11, 13 4:20 PM

Westhampton Beach Middle School Teacher Pleads Not Guilty In Riverhead Court

Once again, female victims victimized twice. Once by the perpetrator and second by the community. These girls are being tormented in school and the town, leave them alone. If the evidence is as they state enough already plead out to something lesser and be done. Don’t victimize the girls again. This is something that WHB will take a long time to recover from, the accused (guilty or not) and accusers will never be the same.
" Apr 29, 13 4:51 PM

"Towana told the truth", Spike Lee
" Apr 30, 13 10:25 PM

voracious- nice word usage!" May 4, 13 1:56 PM

Westhampton Beach Middle School Gym Teacher Pleads Guilty To Filming Girls In Locker Room

Hang your head low if you publicly supported him. Hang signs in your store front apologizing to the victims if you had a sign of support for him. Hand out bracelets that say “Shep is guilty” Now it is time to see how the admin at the school covered for him and who will be held accountable. " Oct 24, 13 11:19 PM

Chief1 "alot" is TWO words 'A LOT'... come on!!!" Oct 24, 13 11:22 PM

No More Flood Insurance Grandfathering

Timmy did you read it before you voted?!?!?!?! I bet not" Nov 2, 13 8:32 PM

Thirty-Foot-Tall 'Walking Girl' Statue Causing A Stir In Westhampton

Some nice SW winds and it will be "lay down girl"" Jun 6, 14 10:12 PM

One Injured Following Two Rollover Accidents On Saturday

did Boardy Barn open late? " Jun 8, 14 5:55 PM

Jewish Religious Boundary Goes Up In Westhampton Beach

Take down the Nativity scenes, but put up an eruv. Remove crosses from federal land that have stood for decades, but put up an eruv. Remove plaques from schools that have been there for decades if those plaques have the word God on them, but put up an eruv. Hang a religious symbol for all religions on the same poles as the eruv markers, or take the eruv markers down. We are way beyond double standard. " Aug 8, 14 7:15 PM

How far do these markers work? Like a cell tower you need to be close to one? Put a marker on the GW Bridge, Verrazano Bridge and the Montauk lighthouse. Now the entire island is covered.
" Aug 9, 14 9:13 PM

Communication Still An Issue With Quogue Beach Rebuilding Effort

Those living on the beach in Bridgehampton, Water Mill and Sagaponack paid for their project, there is your paradigm!!!!!" Aug 12, 14 7:43 PM

Southampton School District Presents New Projections For Tuckahoe Merger

The last big merger, Eastport South Manor, did nothing to lower taxes. Taxes went up faster and higher then the projections that were sold to the public. This merger will not save money only save Tuckahoe. The only way to save money and lower taxes is reduce staff, by a lot. Mergers will not accomplish this only the absorption and dissolving of schools will save money. For example, take a school like Bridgehampton; the students from BH go to either EH or SH and the BH school is dissolved, there is a savings. " Aug 16, 14 7:27 AM

The ESm merger study had the taxes all wrong, even with construction, they went up beyond what was told to the tax payers. This merger will do the same. Mergers don't lower taxes, laying off a lot of staff does. " Aug 17, 14 6:40 PM

Phillips Avenue School Opens Food Pantry In Riverside

1-Chief, did you read the same heart warming story I did about people seeing a need and trying to make a difference? If you missed it, it is right above these comments
2-What do any of your comments have to do with this article or helping children? Don’t propagate misinformation, the superintendent you are referencing did not make that amount annually, it was part of a final year package given upon retirement (very common I am told). Don’t just read the headlines, read the entire story.
3-Do you know for a fact that the new classrooms in Riverhead will have A/C? Because I know they won’t, I go to the BOE meetings.
4-No I am not a teacher.
5-Feel free to reply to this, I have said my peace and won’t reply.
6-Check yourself. " Jan 24, 15 8:37 PM

Quogue Village Sets Hearing To Discuss Piercing Tax Cap

do you really think that is how taxes are raised?
Total Budget / # of people in a town = taxes " Jan 23, 17 2:44 PM

Simple math
Simple thoughts
" Jan 25, 17 7:14 AM

Three East End Schools Listed This Week By State Comptroller As Being In 'Fiscal Stress'

The real tax problem is the town budgets. Give the public a chance to vote on those budgets and you will see taxes go down " Jan 28, 17 10:03 PM

Unconfirmed Case Of MRSA Reported At Southampton High School

The Trumpcoats are coming " Feb 4, 17 8:32 AM

But DukhiAatma's comment is
Pick all or none " Feb 4, 17 10:58 PM

East Hampton Lining Up Laws To Meet Uber Onslaught

Adapt or die
Long live Uber " May 2, 17 8:29 PM