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Man Charged In Southampton Village Attack On Friday

And may he spend the rest of his life looking at the world through a two inch slat of glass from his prison cell!" May 10, 14 11:24 AM

Rodney and Marlin you need to keep your stupid ass comments to yourselves!
The above story is real, frightening and horrific for the family! Thank God they are all okay. " May 10, 14 7:49 PM

Amagansett Man Dies In Single-Car Accident

What an awful comment to make! I am sure the family of this young man will be greatly comforted by your post you idiot! Prayers to the family at what I am sure is the worst time of their lives. " Mar 14, 15 1:23 PM

UPDATE: Paul Hansen, Killed In Drunk Driving Accident Sunday, Is Fondly Remembered

Maybe other readers have enough respect for the family as not to disclose the name of the victim. Let his family process and grieve before all the stupid comments and theories start popping up in the comments section of this article. A man has died. Let his family be...." Aug 30, 15 4:01 PM

Venesina Family Sells Iconic Sag Harbor Restaurant Conca D'Oro To Owners Of LT Burger

Do you ever have anything nice or positive to say? Too much time on your hands. Happy that we had the Venesina family and their business for as long as we did. They gave so many local kids a job and a place to call a home away from home. Hoping that we will continue to see Frankie in the new place! " Jul 6, 17 7:55 PM

UPDATE: Municipal Offices, Schools Remain Closed Or Have Delayed Openings Friday As Storm Cleanup Continues

Do you negatives Nancy's really think these men want to be out for 48 hours or more, in blizzard conditions, doing the best they can under the circumstances, rather than be at home with their families? Get a grip! It is their job, they come when they are called, and they do the work they are hired to do. All while you sit in your cozy little houses and talk crap on this site. This storm was no fun for these guys. Instead of bashing them, you should simply be saying thank you. " Jan 5, 18 10:11 PM