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Southampton School Will Have To Cut 12 Positions To Stay Under Tax Levy Cap

Perhaps if the teachers opted to not get their two raises, step and annual, no one would loose their job." Mar 20, 13 11:21 AM

Tuckahoe Looking At Options For Rescheduling Graduation

Why the days were added to the end year is puzzling to me. Tests are over, everything is done then!!! The students are not getting an instructional time at the end of June. Another poor decision.....surprise " Mar 12, 14 9:40 AM

Southampton Students Petition District To Change Columbus Day's Name

When my son was in the 6th grade at SIS, he came home and told me that his teacher said Christopher Columbus is a murderer. Followed by another teacher (English) saying there should not be a "Columbus day" to celebrate the discovery of America. Is history being rewritten? I am unaware of any change in the historical prospectus. This is another example of our liberal teachers polluted the minds of our young people...." Feb 6, 15 10:49 AM