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Southampton Town must issue $16 million in bonds this year

Just a little foresight . I am hearing ugly rumblings from neighbors that are not pleased with the fact that houses similar to theirs are now being offered substantially below assessed valuation.Question? What will this Township do when their voices unite and demand a downward reassessment of property taxes.
" Apr 16, 09 11:04 AM

Stop & Shop will open its doors Friday in Hampton Bays

Stop&shop is just another bait and switch chain no different then KK !Expensive!.Everyone I know with a family to feed and car to fill up have done and will continue to do their shopping in Riverhead.30 years ago there were 4 large stores in the Bays and they all made money with probably half the population. It makes you wonder, with all the "gentrification" that everone has talked about, has your quality of life realy improved in in all that time . The resounding answer is NO!" Apr 16, 09 2:49 PM

Southampton reassessments do not reflect economic downturn

All residents should heed North of the Highway's words. 2010 will be the year of bankruptcy for the township. With properties in HB now selling for 15 to 25% below assessed value, when they do find a buyer,it's a economical given that the massive reduction in revenues slated for 2010 will be fatal." May 14, 09 5:41 PM

UPDATE: SUNY Board Approves Southampton, Stony Brook University Hospital Affiliation

ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING that can improve that facility is long overdue. My family's care there over the years has been in a word FRIGHTING. I can never understand how the only major hospital serving, what many think are, Zipcodes that are among the " Tonenss" in the country continues to exist just above bankruptcy. It can only be a testament to the sad state of the communities they serve and over healthcare system. " Jan 12, 15 7:51 PM