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East Quogue Residents Vote In Favor Of Purchasing Property Adjacent To Elementary School

The Children from East Quogue have always been at the top of the WHB graduating class !! They have grown to be fine young men and women who have made the community of East Quogue what it is today !! Clearly the education the recieved early on in their lives has helped as they attend some of the best colleges in the Country. kudos to the School Board for putting the Children first !! The Children are our future lets give them every opportunity to become the champions of society. I hope that the "Crusaders" against the purchase of the property will go around and pick up all the signs they illegally placed throughout East Quogue and Hampton Bays.
" Feb 29, 12 9:39 AM

Crusader You seem to hold a grudge against the school district and its employees!! The issue of the purchase of the property has been settled. Now you are once again attacking the district and its employees .Instead of hiding behind the shadows of this forum and attempting to start trouble with rumors and false accusations The district has invited the public to tour the building and witness first hand the work being done by all its employees Maybe you should take them up on their offer.. Time To Move On !! " Mar 2, 12 7:02 AM

No Injuries Reported After Fishing Boat Takes on Water In Peconic Bay

Kudos to the Team !! So Glad these Guys were around to save the day !!
" Jun 17, 12 5:11 PM

Coast Guard Rescues Three From Burning Boat Sunday

Southampton Bay Constables also had Two vessels on scene within minutes and will more than likely be conducting an accident investigation !! Thanks to all the first responders !! " Apr 7, 14 5:54 PM

Woman Injured Onboard 34-Foot Boat In Little Peconic Bay Sunday Night

Chief1, the pound nets in Great Peconic and Little Peconic Bays are managed by the State DEC not the trustees." Sep 9, 14 7:09 PM

East Quogue School Superintendent Acknowledges Benefits From Hills Development

There were discussions at the BOE meeting before the letter was signed. " Sep 23, 15 9:39 PM

This letter, as well as other issues are openly discussed at meetings each month - that is transparency." Sep 24, 15 9:48 AM