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Hamptons Visitors Council Says Cut In Funding Could Hurt Tourism Industry

Let me get this straight. There is something called the Hampton Visitors Council. They have gotten $20,000 from SH Town to help encourage tourism to the Hamptons. Is that correct? They then say that $20,000 is not enough to conduct this promotion and this may be their death knell. Then, because the $20,000 is not quite enough money for the promotion they had in mind, this could hurt east end tourism. Do I have this correct? And do I have it correct that nobody thought this was all very funny? I say we take our chances and give them $0.00. Something tells me it will be unbelievably crowded this summer regardless. Just a hunch." Feb 27, 12 11:57 AM

With Demand Mounting, Trustees Rein In Clam Harvesting

How about spreading the word that clams are gross bottom dwellers that feast on the excrement of mobile sea life? Don't hate the playas, hate the game." Feb 27, 12 12:00 PM

Southampton Village Taxpayers Foot Bill For Building Department Error

Headline should read:

"Southampton no different, Taxpayers continue to foot bill for errors of those who are demanding increases in taxes."" Feb 28, 12 6:42 AM

Long Island Receives Millions For Economic Projects

How much did Solyndra, I mean Green Long Island, Inc. get? I beg of you, please do a story in 6 months about how this money was completely wasted and didn't amount to one job, one upward tick in the cleanliness of our waters, in the restoration of scallops (that's funny, $182k to stop mother nature) or in anything else other than to put an IOU in the pocket of those that Thiele needs votes from. Really, The "Agricultural Enterprise Park" needs $500,000 for "processing and storage" and nobody thinks we should take a closer look at who they are or what that means? What does it mean to "commercialize research" and "strengthen the workforce". Really, what in God's name does ''strengthen the workforce'' mean? Exactly, nothing. This article is EXACTLY what is wrong in our society. Hack politician gets cash from friends, gives it back to friends and press releases. Press releases says absolutely nothing, which it must because how else do you describe money laundering?" Feb 28, 12 6:48 AM

Southampton High School Marching Band Yearns For Uniforms

Hey Max, last I checked, the Remsenburg-Speonk school system was dealing with minors stealing lap tops, you might want to check yourself before you check SHS. And for future reference, SHS is indeed for the kids and has provided legions of children with educations that have helped them attain great heights. A perfect public school system does not exist. The story is not an opportunity for a bunch of you to upchuck the old and tired lines about budgets etc. If the kids who play in the marching band need new uniforms, it should be the duty of the local civic organizations and alumni groups to help the kids look sharp for the parade. And by encouraging pride in your appearance and decorum, we build character. Stifle it with the useless white noise." Feb 29, 12 5:32 PM

Towns Say Borrowing From State Pension Fund Is Not Viable Long Term-Option

You just started a post with "Southampton Republicans don't like fiscal sanity". Do you actually expect us to read anything else after that? Young man, there is no single party in any government body that has a lock on fiscal insanity. Stop it." Mar 1, 12 6:05 AM

Governments don't survive without borrowing - which is unreal considering the amount of funds they confiscate illegally. There isn't anything left to borrow from, so their own pension fund is all that is left. Funny thing is the pension fund is borrowing money for itself, so when the hacks borrow money from the pension fund, that money was already borrowed. So as you can see, its all a bunch of nonsense and in fact, there isn't any money in reality. It is all on paper. And it is no shocker that David Paterson was launched this poor policy. Good news, rich have to pay their share. Bad new, government thinks you're rich." Mar 1, 12 6:10 AM