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Tim Bishop Given Environmental Steward Award

It is pretty obvious that PHILATHOME HATES WOMEN. Why do you hate women? A strong women who has the freedom of choice is threatening to you huh? Its not enough that women don't make as much as you men, you just have all out disrespect for women, that much is obvious, us ladies have read several of your posts and it is obvious what a overactive male ego you possess, always ready for a battle and just want to keep women down. Gross." Feb 19, 12 6:40 AM

Frustrating when someone manufactures an entirely fake premise and then shouts it from the mountain tops. It starts to feel like its true if kept up right? Thank you for making the point. We are are everywhere." Feb 19, 12 7:59 AM

Race For Congressional Seat Warms Up

Nobody has outsourced more jobs overseas and provided more funds to stimulate foreign economies that President Barack Obama. Be educated and find out for yourself. From providing massive defense contracts to Brazil instead of our domestic firms like Boeing to providing $800 Million for the Arab spring countries. When you give funds of that magnitude to foreign competitors, in an attempt to bring wipe out or position in global leadership, it dwarfs anything a private citizen might do with a private company. To actually make it look like a single person can impact the job market and global economy is laughable. You're talking about taking jobs from this country and providing opportunity in other countries right? Start at the top and hunt for the big game." Feb 20, 12 7:59 AM