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Kabot: Loss of Conservative Party line a 'betrayal'

xatiannorthsea, you accuse people of poo slinging and the sling some of your own! HAH! Unlike us, your posting does so much to "add to the intellectual or real ramifications, blah blah, blah . . ." HAH! And to Sam, HAH!" Jul 28, 09 10:50 AM

Tuckahoe superintendent resigns amid furor

Unnamed, your posting speaks volumes about you and the type of person that actually supports Riccardi and Grindle. No wonder you are ashamed to reveal your identity. You have done more to help the cause of those that support Linda and Tuckahoe then any supporter could." Jul 28, 09 3:55 PM

People keep insinuating that there is “so much more” to the forced resignation of Linda Rozzi then we are willing to hear, but no one has come forward to say what that might be. They say it is out of fear. Nonsense. No one was subjected to such unwarranted hate-mongering as my family and others who stood up for what we believe, but that has not stopped us. So let's focus on what we DO know. Which should, I believe, include the discussions already had concerning our board's history, their deplorable conduct and actions as told by those that were present to witness that conduct first hand. To the facts:

A review of the 2007/2008 New York State District Report Card (the latest that is available online at Tuckahoe website) shows Tuckahoe receiving high marks across the board for ALL grade levels.
Some excerpts for your convenience.

Percentage of students that scored at or above level 3 in English:

Grade 3 60%
Grade 4 77%
Grade 5 88%
Grade 6 81%
Grade 7 76%
Grade 8 64%

Percentage of students that scored at or above level 3 in Math:

Grade 3 83%
Grade 4 87%
Grade 5 93%
Grade 6 87%
Grade 7 91%
Grade 8 74%

A great majority of Tuckahoe students from ALL grades are performing ABOVE level 3 and we even have a strong percentage of kids scoring above level 4. In fact, in 8th grade science 30% of students scored above a level 4. That is impressive. And overall, the numbers are up from the previous year. My son, by the way, is entering the sixth grade so I believe that excludes me from the “newer” parent category. Also, my son AND daughter both learned to read and began to write as Pre-K students at Tuckahoe. The crayons were reserved for home.

And, as you can plainly see, in Math especially, Grades 6 and 7 (higher grades) out perform all others. Yes, grade 8 scored lower, but given that only 25 kids were tested in English and 27 tested in Math, it would only take one or two poor scores to drastically lower the percentage.

That is one very important factor that people always neglect to mention: because Tuckahoe is such a small school and the grade levels have so few children, one poor grade can completely skew over all percentages.

The highest mark given to any school in the District Report card is:

"District in Good Standing A district is considered to be in good standing if it has not been identified as a District in Need of Improvement or a District Requiring Academic Progress."

Tuckahoe achieves this rating in ALL categories in the report. All categories. And, by the way, why would 3 out of 4 kids achieving honor roll be a bad thing?

I am currently gathering even more factual evidence that Tuckahoe has performed excellently under Linda Rozzi's leadership and I will present this some time next week in a pdf that I will make readily available for download to all Tuckahoe voters.

As far as being fired by your boss, the voters of this district are the bossed. We hire the school board.

If you think I am talking just to be heard, you are sadly mistaken.

To Unnamed / Alsounnamed, you are making some pretty serious claims. You have personally insulted me and other posters, accused me of being in some kind of "gang", and accused Linda Rozzi of falsifying documents.

You are, of course, entitled to express your opinions and perhaps you may even be privy to some facts that others are not. So, since you insist that I am a liar, I'd like to offer you an opportunity to prove your assertions and challenge mine in a public debate with me at a place of your choosing.

My family has been threatened, my children subjected to Sue Riccardi's bile, I have been verbally attacked on countless occasions, but I have not stopped speaking out and, unlike you, I will not hide behind an anonymous blog posting.

So, unnamed, (although your identity may not be as big of a mystery as you think it is) I challenge you to reveal yourself. Instead of insulting me in an unnamed posting, confront me face to face in public debate. Like you say, let's send the "right" message to our kids; the message to have the courage of their convictions. And to quell your fears of retribution, I will even agree to wear a face mask and be handcuffed to a stretcher like Hannibal Lecter. " Jul 29, 09 12:20 PM

Congressman defends calls for health care reform

Now is the time that the neocons will really start spreading their lies about "socialized medicine" and "government control". Those of you who are happy paying exorbitant premiums to insurance companies whose job it is to deny claims and make the most profit possible, you will still be free to do so. Those of us who believe in competition can choose the public option. Even the top conservatives admit that, despite some flaws, the best run health 'CARE' in this country is the veteran's administration which is "government controlled". Stop the scare tactics and start caring for people instead of insuring people." Aug 1, 09 5:53 PM

Empire and hospitals take negotiations to the wire; no deal in sight

Thank goodness, neocon scare tactics will not work this time around. " Aug 1, 09 5:54 PM

Congressman defends calls for health care reform

Read Jonathan Alter's wonderful piece in Newsweek. Probably the best yet parody of the far right and their ridiculous scare tactics and their stubborn determination to say no, no matter what the cost to American individuals. http://www.newsweek.com/id/209817" Aug 1, 09 6:39 PM

Hospitals and insurer fail to reach agreement; Empire not accepted at East End hospitals

This is why we need single payer in this country. We won't get that this way around, but maybe we'll get a robust public option." Aug 1, 09 7:21 PM

Residents oppose construction of 11 new affordable houses in Flanders

Fighting affordable housing? You must be kidding, people." Aug 1, 09 7:23 PM

Tuckahoe superintendent resigns amid furor

teachourkids, if you "know her and like her" why do you insist on rebutting every single comment in favor of Linda?

This board has 49 comments from 17 distinct users. If I were to Google Linda Rozzi and come across this article what I would find are 13 posters who support Linda Rozzi in a positive and meaningful manner and 4 other posters who seem to feel the need to rebut every single positive comment.

Two of those four have leveled immature, personal, name-calling attacks and one of them was even removed for completely inappropriate behavior which included going so far as to say, "Tuckahoe sucks". Once removed, this user just created a new username and started posting childish attacks under a new name.

I believe these ratios to be a true reflection of the Tuckahoe community as a whole. This is not about Linda, but the future of our school under a board that is motivated by personal likes and dislikes and ignores the majority of its constituents. " Aug 3, 09 11:52 AM

Hospitals and insurer fail to reach agreement; Empire not accepted at East End hospitals

Single payer health care and publicly funded elections" Aug 4, 09 2:57 PM

Howard Dean comes to East Hampton to discuss health care

Howard Dean is more than qualified to speak on the topic of health care.
Dean entered politics in 1982 when he was elected to the Vermont House of Representatives as a Democrat. He was elected lieutenant governor of Vermont in 1986. Both were part-time positions that enabled him to continue practicing medicine.

In 1991, Dean became Governor of Vermont While governor, Dean also oversaw the expansion of Vermont’s “Dr. Dynasaur” program, which makes universal health care available for children and pregnant women in the state. The program resulted in the uninsured rate in Vermont dropping to 9.6%, half the national average. Also, the availability of proper medical care provided by the program has helped reduce rates of child abuse and teen pregnancy by half." Aug 5, 09 12:52 PM

Breast Health Center unveiled at Southampton Hospital

A great idea and a wonderful service, unless of course you happen to have blue cross blue shield insurance." Aug 6, 09 3:31 PM

County approves leasing bay bottoms, may purchase Tuckahoe land for affordable housing

Finally what sounds like "affordable" work force housing. This is much needed in our community." Aug 6, 09 3:33 PM

Schneiderman takes temporary pay cut

I wish he would take a leave from the Democratic party." Aug 6, 09 5:04 PM

Tuckahoe superintendent resigns amid furor

katewatson, Beautiful post and congratulations to you and your sister!" Aug 6, 09 5:05 PM

Bishop engages outspoken opponents of healthcare reform

United states citizen, time and again your postings prove what we on the left know to be a fact: the far right is comprised of uneducated, rambling, know-nothings who scream and shout and stomp their feet, but have nothing productive to contribute to the debate. Perhaps you should find a positive way to make a difference in the country you claim to love so much. We will get meaningful health care reform in this country with or without you." Aug 28, 09 1:29 PM

Bishop holds town hall meeting on health care reform

Mr. Blumenthal, given the ludicrous nature of your response re: health care - No, you should not run. You're assertions regarding Americans losing their homes is simply incorrect. More Americans go bankrupt each year because they cannot pay health care bills (even those with insurance) than for any other reason and, in the end, they lose their homes. The last thing we need is another know-nothing running for office." Sep 1, 09 12:26 PM

Kabot won't appeal to Board of Elections

Golfbuddy, why is it that guy's like you can't wait to scream socialism? Can you even define socialism? Let me help you:

Have you or your kids enjoyed the benefits of a public school education? If yes, then you are a socialist. Have you ever driven on public highways? Socialist. Do you now or will you receive social security benefits? Socialism, baby. Do you now or will you participate in Medicare? Socialism at its best. Have you accepted unemployment benefits? Do you believe poor children should be entitled to free school lunches? Should low income elderly folks be entitled to home energy assistance?

All socialist programs funded by taxpayer dollars and thank God they exist.
" Sep 1, 09 12:42 PM

Bishop holds town hall meeting on health care reform

Hamptons surfer, I am self-employed and pay for my own insurance for me and my family. I am not asking you or anyone like you for your help, just to get out of the way. If you want to continue stuffing the pockets of corporate insurance, do so. No one cares. Let those who want a choice have one.

America was not built by people like you who only care about your own well-being. In fact, I assert that you and your ilk are the real problem. Ignorance is the real enemy. As for facts, perhaps you should think twice before challenging facts. Try reading this http://www.businessweek.com/bwdaily/dnflash/content/jun2009/db2009064_666715.htm" Sep 2, 09 12:18 PM

Hamptons surfer, yeah you're right. Who could trust the most respected university in America. I quoted an actual study and you quote rebuttals from the Heritage Foundation - the most right-wing, conservative group in the country?! That would be like me quoting the Huffington Post as a source - you'd love that wouldn't you? Come on, dude. That is exactly why your side is going to lose this debate. " Sep 2, 09 2:08 PM

Hamptons Surfer, I have to thank you - I often visit a site dedicated to exposing the ridiculous arguments made by the right against health care - I posted your last comment and it is the most popular of the day! " Sep 2, 09 2:47 PM

Hey lost tribe,

Guess what? Empire did not make a deal with Southampton Hospital. Because there is not a participating hospital within a certain radius of my doctor, Empire has dropped my doctor from their plan as well. So now I have to find a new doctor or pay higher premiums with another insurance company. Sounds a bit like what you're claiming would happen under a public option, doesn't it?

Nationalized health care? We can only hope we'll be so lucky." Sep 2, 09 5:19 PM

Small businesses react to health care reform legislation

Pay attention folks, TerryNeeses from Dallas works for the NPCA and guess what, The NCPA is one of the well-funded right-wing think tanks that uses its sizable corporate funding base to influence public opinion through hard-news coverage, television, talk shows, Op-Ed's and guest editorials in major newspapers, and Congressional connections. Ms. Neese trolls the internet looking for blogs and discussions about health care and then joins the conversation on behalf of the corporations that fund her organization. Always consider the source.

Despite the right-wing propaganda being spewed by Ms. Neese, public option does not decrease competition, it creates competition. The entire point of a public option is to compete with private insurance thereby forcing private insurers to lower their rates or go out of business. What is this unfounded fear of giving more power to government? Have you hear of social security, medicare, the VA, public schools?

Tax breaks do not work and big businesses will tell you so. Just as many large corporations as small businesses are cutting health care because they cannot afford it. Our system is broken and it is private insurers who have broken it. The real answer is single payer, but in lieu of that, a strong public option is a great start. " Sep 2, 09 6:39 PM

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