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Lt. William Hughes named Republican nominee for vacant Southampton Town Board seat

It is not his name. Funny how he is willing to address another poster by their real name, but does not have the courage to give is own, especially considering his propensity for attacking everyone else. " Jan 16, 10 4:17 PM

Democrat Regina Calcaterra launches campaign for State Senate

Perhaps you are not reading carefully enough - or, perhaps, you are reading what you want to read.

Regina spent her youth in and out of the Suffolk County foster care system with her four siblings. When not in foster care, Regina and her siblings experienced evictions, homelessness and homeless shelters. She remained in her final foster home in Centereach until she began college at age seventeen. She graduated from the State University of New York at New Paltz four years later.

As a corporate fraud lawyer, Regina successfully represented the pension funds of police, fire, teachers, correction, sanitation and labor union employees when their pensions suffered drastic losses due to Wall Street's fraud. Rather than asking New York taxpayers to cover the pension losses of those who keep us safe and educate our children, she was part of the team that went after the wrongdoers and won. * Regina was a member of the legal team that successfully litigated such high profile corporate fraud cases against WorldCom and Merrill Lynch and brought billions of dollars back to the pensions of union workers and government employees. * Regina's experience in protecting pensions began in the 1990's when she co-authored and successfully pressed for passage of laws that led to strong investment returns in the state pension funds. * She later counseled the executive management and board of directors of one of the state's biggest pension funds on issues related to state pension law while also serving the interest of retirees and their beneficiaries." Jan 21, 10 12:02 PM

Race for vacant seat on Southampton Town Board heats up

ā€œIā€™m freeing the Conservatives out there to vote their conscience,ā€ he said.

I am sure they will be happy to hear that you have released them from your mind control machine - for now." Jan 21, 10 12:10 PM

Are you talking about the same newspaper that endorsed Linda Kabot?! " Jan 21, 10 3:01 PM

Democrat Regina Calcaterra launches campaign for State Senate

Her bio is readily available at her website. Should anyone wish to refute the info provided there, then they should provide evidence to the contrary. http://www.regina-calcaterra.com/Regina/displaySection.cfm?currentSection=About%20Regina" Jan 21, 10 3:07 PM

Southampton councilwoman accuses supervisor of trying to 'control' her

Time for Ms. Graboski to go." Jan 21, 10 3:48 PM

Democrat Regina Calcaterra launches campaign for State Senate

Highhatsize, give me a break, huh? Besides, a good reporter never reveals his source. Not to mention you could have googled some info about her yourself before posting your not-so-veiled insinuation that she was not what she appears." Jan 21, 10 5:15 PM

Southampton councilwoman accuses supervisor of trying to 'control' her

You are spot on with your observation." Jan 22, 10 9:57 AM

Suffolk County announces handgun buy-back program

Buy-backs work. In fact they have been extremely successful in a number of places. I agree with Terry, do some homework. It takes nothing more than a quick google search to find a number of success stories. " Jan 22, 10 3:42 PM

Long-awaited contract between Empire and Health Alliance may be near

They'll announce a deal at the same time they announce a rate increase. Because of all of the uncertainty I canceled my blue cross and moved to Aetna. Aetna has announced they will drop 600,000 clients to increase profits and now I receive a letter from Stony Brook that they may no longer be accepting Aetna!

Real reform now." Jan 27, 10 5:13 PM

Southampton Town is prepared to withdraw lawsuit over Aldrich Lane park

Yes, longislander, those men should really find another place to just "hang out".

"Where are they getting their finances to stay here?" - seriously?" Jan 31, 10 2:55 PM

Bishop girding for fall fight

The "Mass" hysteria over the election of a Scott Brown has nothing to do with the President's "agenda" or "heatlh care" and anyone who says otherwise is being overwhelmed by right-wing media propaganda. The sentiment is anti-incumbent and Congressman Bishop and Democrats are not the only ones who might be victims, the Republican party is about as popular as swine flu." Feb 1, 10 2:52 PM

It is not Tim Bishop who is "allowing" anything. Tim Bishop supports a real immigration reform package that, in addition to providing a path to citizenship for many who have lived her for years, includes steps like strengthening borders and punishing those who hire undocumented workers.

You anti-immigrant advocates scream and yell for change and then support the status quo republican solution which is to do nothing- but complain. If you were sincerely interested in dealing with this issue then you would actually back immigration reform and congress people like Tim Bishop. The fact that you instead choose to fight him shows that you really have no clue what you are fighting against." Feb 2, 10 8:58 AM

doublestandard, Not a single person has offered Amnesty - not the president and not congress. You are being disingenuous and instead of focusing on the real facts of immigration reform legislation, you are spreading falsehoods. This teabag approach to political dialogue benefits neither side. " Feb 4, 10 10:01 AM

Home in Mastic funded by Southampton Town Section 8 money shut down

All an article like this does is encourage the vile "I told you so's" like the poster above. Why focus only on the negative aspects of these programs. As the Press ever run a positive story - because they ARE out there.

To paublgabe1 - you are painting with much too broad a stroke. Let's hope you and your family never need help.

" Feb 6, 10 2:16 PM

Your anger is misplaced. The "immigrants" have nothing to do with your hardships, but they are the easiest target so people like you lash out at them. Each and every day corporate America and their influence on our politicians do far more to hurt you than any day laborer ever could." Feb 8, 10 9:32 AM

You fight back those who are powerless to do anything. If you had any courage you would do something positive with your hatred. Hope you enjoyed your superbowl party." Feb 8, 10 9:33 AM

Well said." Feb 8, 10 9:35 AM

your anti-intellectual babble is astonishingly shallow " Feb 8, 10 9:36 AM

Staff housing coming soon to The Bridge

Read the article - "seasonal workers" These are people with work visas who come here for the summer. I am no fan of golf course politics, but why make this about immigrants and school burdens? Seasonal workers pay taxes and, if they have visas, they are here legally, therefore they are entitled to the same privileges of all taxpayers. If there are local workers willing and able to do the same work, by all means, use them first. But if there are not, then seasonal workers with visa are a perfectly acceptable alternative. " Feb 16, 10 11:12 AM

State representatives request amended legislation to ease East Hampton Town deficit

Sounds like a bailout to me. Through mismanagement and neglect local officials cause huge deficits and then appeal to the state to borrow twice the amount of authorized borrowing. I thought Republicans were the "fiscal conservatives"? " Feb 16, 10 1:05 PM

Gregor digs in, and out, as new Southampton Town highway superintendent

If you look closely at the sign you'll notice that it is not a new sign, but that a board with the new superintendent's name having been placed over the old. I doubt this is the reason for our town being broke." Feb 17, 10 12:21 PM

Southampton Town Board candidates face off in final debate

What I learned from the debate: Mr Hughes if for "God and country" and his solution to every single problem is to "balance the check book". " Feb 26, 10 12:13 PM

You are right on target here, common sense. Rather than dealing with local issues in a straight forward and direct manner, Mr. Hughes is campaigning using his parties national talking points. Mr. Hughes is constantly talking about "god and country" but what does that have to do with what is happening in our town?

What does "god and country" actually mean? Well, the real message is that if you are not a conservative, you are not for God and country. You are something "other." It is the exact same tired tactic used by Sarah Palin and their is nothing godly about it.

Sure, Mr. Hughes can boastfully declare that he is "against a hiring hall", but how does he propose we deal with the issue? He is against taxes and spending what you don' t have, but how does he propose to make up for the shortfall? His answer to the speeding problem on North Sea road - more tickets. But to give more tickets, you need more cops. Where will they come from? You can't tighten your belt AND reduce taxes without growing deficits and you cannot provide increased policing when you don't have the tax revenue to sustain the current force levels.

The republican party wants you to believe that they can provide you something for nothing, but that is just not how it works." Mar 1, 10 9:38 AM

You're correct, but sometimes the right message can be more powerful than cash" Mar 1, 10 10:16 AM

Local children compete in Hoop Shoot

Congrats to both kids!" Mar 1, 10 10:17 AM

Car that fled police impounded; driver unidentified

Why do people like you immediately attempt to make every story about "undocumented people"? " Mar 1, 10 12:45 PM

Southampton firefighter 'Eggie' Raynor dies at 82.

condolences " Mar 1, 10 1:03 PM

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