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Southampton Village continues to think about deer control

Digging a hole and letting deer fall into it? Are you kidding? Look - there are all these deer b/c their habitat has been eroded by over development (too many humans). The deer are not happy about it, either (well maybe some are). Fence in the shrubs that you don't want them to eat. Let them eat some stuff, what the heck. Drive slowly like you expect them to pop out into the roadway. Check yourself for ticks daily. Learn to live with nature, or move to the city or up the island. BTW, killing the deer will only work if you kill ALL the deer. If you leave some, they will just reproduce faster due more available food and you will still have a population problem. Birth control, while more expensive, will work better and be more humane." Oct 22, 09 12:29 PM

Supreme Court lifts injunction on use of Aldrich Park

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Open up the floodgates and let them pour in. Hundreds of foreign nationals who came into this country illegally to take jobs from American citizens who are already laid off and looking for work. They won’t have to pay income taxes or for their medical care. Our taxes will pay for that. They’ll all be milling around in the park our taxes paid for, waiting to be picked up by the greedy contractors who won’t take out income taxes, don’t pay for worker’s compensation, and are probably not licensed to begin with. What a bunch of dummies we are." Nov 24, 09 11:44 AM

I guess it would be ok to take pictures of all the trucks (make sure to get their plates) and maybe invite ICE into the little park. Maybe they can have a lemonade stand or something." Nov 24, 09 2:29 PM

Coming soon to your neighborhood - Farmingville - with all its glory! Gee, is that what you all want? Just so you have cheap labor?" Nov 24, 09 4:10 PM

Let's make the park a bus stop. Rent out a Hampton Jitney fill it up with all those foreign nationals and bus them right out of here. They have rights all right. They have the right to get on a bus and go back to their own country. They don't have the right to steal ours. What about our rights? What about our right to not have 1/3 of Mexico overrun our neighborhoods and steal our jobs and suck the life out of our taxpayers." Nov 25, 09 10:29 AM

Driver flips SUV in North Sea, trying to avoid deer

Ha, ha, ha, Ryder. That was pretty damn funny!" Dec 8, 09 11:02 AM

Shinnecock Indian Nation wins preliminary federal recognition

Congratulations to the Shinnecocks, our neighbors and friends. As to the location of the wished for casino, Gabreski airport and the Calverton site are in the Pine Barrens. Can they not destroy this precious environment teaming with wildlife? The developers we have now are chipping away at it piece by piece. Once it’s gone what will we have left? Can the Shinnecocks stand with us and preserve as much as possible? As for Westwoods, what a beautiful place! But if they put a casino there in the middle of a neighborhood, what about all the traffic? Hundreds of cars barreling down these little streets – not good. Let’s all work together to find the best location." Dec 16, 09 12:12 PM

Parts of Southampton Village parks and beaches may become smoke-free

I used to like to go to carnivals but I had to walk though clouds of choking smoke. It was hard to breathe and I got nauseous. So I don't go to those kind of outdoor events anymore. My husband died of smoking related cancer - he was a smoker. Are all you smokers so certain that you want to continue smoking? Must the rest of us smoke along with you? Why don't you try to quit before the doctor gives you the bad news and then it's too late." Mar 11, 10 12:39 PM

Myriad views on deer control in East Hampton Town

I know this is pie in the sky but here goes. It's bad to feed deer but some people feel sorry for them. Maybe those particular deer can be neutered (it is possible but more expensive). The biggest thing to do is conserve habitat. I see woods taken down to build storage units (what a waste!) and other unnecessary buildings (houses that can't be sold in this market). Cutting restrictions are often ignored by homeowners living in wooded areas and the deer have no place to go but the roads where they occassionally take out humans. When you buy a house in a wooded area you have to learn to live with nature, not kill it. Go live in the city if you don't like nature. The deer eat my stuff too. I plant more - it's expensive!" Mar 12, 10 4:00 PM

Parts of Southampton Village parks and beaches may become smoke-free

to Puros. Honey, you don't just get cancer and then you get a little sick and then you die. It's gruesome, drawn out, painful, and horrible. Do yourself a favor and quit smoking. You don't want to die that way. And, you don't want to put your loved ones through that." Mar 15, 10 1:43 PM

Southampton Town residents express opinions on leaf pick-up program

I don't pick up my leaves. I have a mulching mower and I chop them up and return them to the soil. But, if you know that dumping is going on in a certain spot, why not put up a camera? You only have to catch one dumper and it pays for itself. Cameras should be put up in areas where dumping is an ongoing problem. I'm sick of all the littering and dumping." Apr 2, 10 10:16 AM

Suffolk County approves $1.6 million for Flanders roundabout

Why don't they just put some fake deer near the side of road at the intersection. That will slow them down." May 4, 10 4:21 PM

Rally held to support push for federal immigration reform

Hey, how about all contractors and landscapers have to be licensed and insured. They have to prove that their workers are legal and have taxes taken out of their paychecks (like the rest of us). No entitlements unless you are a citizen. No citizenship for anchor babies. No public schooling (private is ok) for their kids. No ER's - clinics are ok. Free bus ticket back. We take back our country. They apply for a visa the right way." May 6, 10 3:08 PM

Rumor about attack in village is debunked by police

Remember the Alamo! By the way, most Native Americans (ie. the Apache's and Commanches) near Mexico hated Mexicans and raided and scalped them every chance they got." Jul 1, 10 3:58 PM

Westhampton Beach decides not to launch deer culling program

You live out here, you live with deer, birds, snakes, turtles, ticks, butterflies, etc. Some years ago, people who bought condos at Artist Lake complained bitterly about the noise the frogs made in the spring. Learn to live with nature. Otherwise, that's why God gave us NYC, Nassau County, and western Suffolk." Oct 5, 10 10:23 AM

You're right! I forgot about Islip. But maybe it's the deer who have a people problem. Humans did this. We greatly reduced their habitat. inticed them with delicious shrubs and spacious lawns, and we did away with their predators (well, except for cars). Now our only solution is to kill them. I understand it - I just don't like it! Don't feed the deer and let's preserve more habitat. Not a solution but ......." Oct 6, 10 11:10 AM

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