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Bridgehampton teenager killed in Saturday crash

Pablo Saldivar, was (and will always be) a teamate of my sons on Bridgehampton's Killa Bees basketball team. There was a few occasions when I gave him a ride home from practice, and I barely got to know him (something I now deeply regret) as I 've given rides to many of their friends (as many parents do). I recall seeing him as I drove home on Bridgehampton Tpke and with him always was his beautiful girlfriend. (Pablo was apparently a lover !)

Over the last few days since Pablo's passing , I have watched my son's suffering this heartfelt loss, and I have wept with them. Maybe, its because my children and their friends are in pain, or maybe it's simply because the world has lost another young soul. 16 is far too young to leave this world, that he hadn't yet experienced even a fraction of . It will a long time before the pain and torment will leave Pablo's friends and especially his family. As for me I resolve to be more open with my kids friends, and to get to know them better. I will be helpful to them as a parent should be.

I have to go say another prayer and shed another tear. May God Bless You Always Pablo." Apr 14, 09 2:19 PM

Councilwoman closer to deciding on supervisor

This picture depicts two people I would never vote for.
Maybe I will run (for cover, ha, ha) " Apr 14, 09 2:30 PM

Poor economy exacerbates persistent East End tension over immigration

Although, I can understand peoples outrage at our lack of immigration enforcement, but people starving in our midst? I will not lose my humanity for anything, but I will be voting Tim Bishop out!" Apr 29, 09 7:51 AM

Familiar issue in Bridgehampton School Board race

My name is Angel and both of my children attend BHS. I am thankful for the opportunities they have been given to attend a school with small classes, and a rich athletic history! (The only school on the East End with State basketball Championships) I understand what reasonable discourse is, and none of the people expressing their desire to close the HS have been reasonable. They say its not about the money, which means it is. They have never spoken to parents or students, because they really don't care what anybody thinks.
Basically, I believe all three of these "people" are Racist Pigs, that see no upside to people of color or those entrenched in a cycle of poverty.
They believe "someone has to dig a ditch"
I challenge them to explore the possibility of closing small schools such as Sagaponack, wainscott, and Tuckahoe schools (which I do not advocate) but because of who goes to those schools that is never considered. (Nor should it)

To Mr. Mansfield, If you are scared of Ms Hemby's comments, (Maybe you have issues with women?) just wait til you meet me, cause I have a few choice words for you. That is if you are not too frightened to deal.
See you when I see You." Apr 29, 09 9:41 AM

My my Jeff, what a thin skin thou doest have. To say you have been threatened is a stretch, employed by you to put me on the defensive, Sorry its not going to work!
Now, lets talk about "our" kids, where do yours go to school? you neglected to say, Hmm.
You say you are looking for intellectual constructive conversation, I guess that leaves you out of the discussion.
Oh yeah you continue to berate a woman so easily, huh?
Now thats Sheer Cowardice.
But don't be threatened by my opinion, because in America we have that freedom.
" Apr 29, 09 1:14 PM

Supervisor Kabot will fight DWI charge, stay in race

In light of the death of the 15 year old in Hampton bays just a few weeks ago by a drunk driver , this event highlights Ms. Kabots reckless disregard of basic common sense and denotes her extreme lack of judgement. She is simply unfit for public office ! Those of you whom think she should receive a mere slap on the wrist should broach that conversation with the mother of the dearly departed Mr. Marino whom at 15 years of age never got the second chance at life due to the unethical and amoral behavior of another. I will be voting against Ms. Kabot this election and look forward to the day when she again becomes a private citizen. " Sep 10, 09 12:01 PM