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East End Moms Launch The Whoopsiee

Yeah, kind of silly. Kids look like they are going to a wrestling match. Seems like there are too many cooks in the kitchen, but I got to give them credit for taking it this far, from concept to production." Feb 13, 12 8:12 PM

Manorville Girl Returns Home From Hospital

Let's thank God for this girl. " Feb 16, 12 6:43 PM

Parrish Art Museum Construction On Schedule For Next Fall

Wow- what an architectural masterpiece. " Feb 18, 12 1:52 PM

I figured it out- the world's largest above ground twin potato barns- using an "artistic approach"" Feb 19, 12 12:54 PM

Southampton Town Police Officer Bitten By Man Resisting Arrest

Isn't the state police barracks across the street from that crack house!?" Feb 20, 12 9:34 AM

Sag Harbor's 'Legs' Trudge Through Zoning Issues

No matter what we want to call it, art or otherwise, it is obviously a structure. Surely in a place with so much historical character as Sag Harbor, where so much as a window cannot be replaced without proper authorization, there must be a clear law on the books. Fine them now and talk about permits later." Feb 22, 12 5:35 PM

Finn's In Westhampton Beach Could Close Soon

Bigjim- jeez, that reminds me alot of miss teen south carolina 2007, such as........" Feb 27, 12 3:20 PM

Southampton High School Marching Band Yearns For Uniforms

What a bunch of horsecrap- Public school systems suck" Mar 1, 12 6:05 PM

Southampton Girls Basketball Team Wins Its First Ever Long Island Championship

I'm all for celebrating, but if this was the cause for the ridiculous amount of fire sirens and horns that late at night, then that's just bs. " Mar 8, 12 7:06 AM

Residents Turn Out To Protest Overcrowding In Springs

Springs has just gone awful in the past 10 years. " Mar 13, 12 8:29 PM

By the way, I have noticed that the comments are turned off sometimes, mostly concerning crimes involving Hispanic surnames. Please explain. " Mar 13, 12 8:33 PM

UPDATE: Monsignor Trench of Sacred Hearts Remembered As People Person

We've lost a great man. R.I.P. Father Trench. " Mar 17, 12 2:49 PM

Supermarket Opponent Offers $1.6 Million For Glennon Property

It just can't happen. A retail market is nowhere near the low traffic volume of a car dealership, which happens to be pretty much the only business that has operated there for as long as I can remember. Let's not allow what has happened to the post office/ Schmidts market debacle. " Mar 17, 12 7:56 PM

Schneiderman Again Pushes For Closure Of Westhampton Trailer

Why is it that comments are not on for the child murderer story?" Mar 26, 12 11:15 PM

DA: DePersia Violated Condition Of Her Probation

In a weird way, I kind of feel bad for this lady. I know that she has an awful problem. Although she has this terrible addiction, she needs to keep the damage to herself. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior. It's a shame that alcohol can affect some people in life changing ways. " Apr 11, 12 8:33 PM

Robert Stevens Pleads Not Guilty To Larceny, Fraud Charges

Around $1k? Couldn't handle this outside of the law? It seems like someone has a beef with Mr. Stevens. " Apr 19, 12 9:46 PM

Counter Protest By Immigrant Laborers Held At Southampton 7-Eleven

Wow. Small town newspaper covering big time issues. I suppose if we all don't agree that the US should be everyone's doormat, then we are wrong?" May 5, 12 7:33 AM

Southampton Students Wear Hoodies To Honor Trayvon Martin

These kids don't know what the hell happened, other than the fact that Martin was black. Picking sides solely based on race. " May 5, 12 9:21 AM

Counter Protest By Immigrant Laborers Held At Southampton 7-Eleven

Wow. Sure, why didn't I think of that? " May 7, 12 11:24 PM

Sadleir Retires After 36 Years On The Bays

Congratulations. A job well done. " May 8, 12 3:52 PM

New York State Assembly Approves Law To Help Immigrant Students Get College Scholarships

Phool at home- you liberal windbag. You make me sick. Anyway, I'll just say that the idea for a free, lawful, democratic society was good while it lasted. RIP USA. " May 11, 12 5:47 PM

Man Pleads Not Guilty In Riverhead Murder Case

NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL!! Just kidding!!!!" May 18, 12 5:33 PM

Wow. You are a complete idiot. " May 19, 12 7:27 AM

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