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Town Board Lifts Suspension Of Southampton Town Police Lieutenant, Settles Disciplinary Case

Word from Kiernan's camp is that this fight ain't over. As if running a fund raiser to support his legal expenses under the ruse it was to benefit his police union, wasn't enough arrogance, it appears that even after his summer vacation Kiernan and his guy pal Nuzzi are still seeing red. Ignoring the town's legal council, Nuzzi is going to take a shot at Chief Wilson by trying to get rid of him under the town's 20 and out rule. The best part of this ingenious plan is that they will promote the board appointed Captain, who has over 20 years on the job himself, as a place holder for the Lieutenant and republican committeeman Kiernan. Here comes another law suit footed by your tax dollars folks, which will ignite a flame that will shed light on a network of cover ups from Southampton Town to Supreme Court by way of Hauppauge." Oct 27, 12 7:42 AM

UPDATE: Throne-Holst Promises 'A Seamless And Positive Transition' For Police Department

“To oppose corruption in government is the highest obligation of patriotism.”
― G. Edward Griffin
" Nov 7, 12 8:57 AM

The only person in the police department that went on an un-scheduled vacation was the suspended Lt.:)

Super storm Sandy has nothing to do with the plot to get rid of the chief." Nov 8, 12 8:56 AM


What would you or anyone else on this board do with the information you seek? Although many of you have good intentions, it all ends after the submit button is pushed and the story falls off the front page." Nov 9, 12 7:26 PM

Southampton Town Hires Two More Cops, Sacks Planner And Grants Coordinator In Final Budget

The only way Chief Wilson will return is if the DA delivers on its investigation. Then and only then, will politics be ridden from this police department. " Nov 25, 12 10:33 PM

Pearce Is Named Southampton Town Chief Of Police


Give me a break, I don't know what's more disconcerning your censorship or your hypocracy. Your paper will post halve truths....Oh wait let me substaniant that; for example your reporting of the DA's office releasing "2" criminals, does not give you the right to delete a post without you personally fact checking the statement, if you so feel it is untrue. Your deletion of the post seems intended to discredit the poster, not only by the act but from your response. Not to mention, that Ms. Robin does not claim to be a reporter or even a member of the press, therefore what's the problem? How is any post here substantiated or is it your policy to delete first and ask questions later?" Nov 28, 12 1:49 PM

Female Southampton Town Police Officers File Sexual Discrimination Claims

The statistical data provided by 4real2013, who is obviously an opponent to the promotions for the women supervisors, as observed by his single post, only solidifies the argument/ lawsuit. Having a successful female officer involved in any undercover work is harder to find than filling the position with a male. In addition, having a female office representing the STPD in the community response unit holds more value as well. Although statistically, women appear to be above board on the supervisory numbers of the department, the argument remains that they are more needed because they are rare and essential in balancing the department. Whether those old guard supporters realize it or not, the majority of this town is tired of your patronage policies and will prove it in the upcoming elections, as well as the upcoming litigation." Feb 21, 13 5:48 PM

Board Members Say Female Officers Were Not Discriminated Against

Please tell us how the PBA facilitated Wilson's appointment. As usual, HHS seems to have left out a few things... like the facts. It was Jim Malone who held the third vote to sway the selection for chief, in Wilson's favor, not the PBA. Labeling Wilson as the "PBA's choice" means nothing, except to those that are trying spin the truth. Those that chose to back Wilson believed that politics should be taken out of the police department and will continue to fight until that happens." Mar 1, 13 11:07 PM

Should I wait to comment on OU812's post until 27 east reports the story or will everyone have forgotten by then?" Mar 6, 13 5:24 PM

UPDATE: Top Cops Dispute Charges That Street Crime Unit Office Was Strewn With Drugs

I don't know why my above comment was remove. The town attorney should be held accountable as well.

How are the tax payers going to react when the 4th felon that was released from jail files his law suit against the town? I find it appalling that our town board members are quiet... nevertheless it was expected.

"The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis."
-Dante Alighieri
" Mar 9, 13 9:52 AM

Don't pay any attention to Mr.Tiger, he gets his depends in a twist when people mention the names of his OTB and BOE cohorts. Typical worker bee response, deny- deny- deny. It must be fiction. We will see." Mar 11, 13 3:50 PM

Mr. Tiger,

I did take a shot at you and for one reason. You stated that I am not big on facts, which is false. You are using your name to discredit mine. If you could see past your nose and read some of my past posts, you would notice that I have never misrepresented any facts. In fact, I am the one that told you all, that there were more than 2 felons released by the DA's office. How I know this is my business. Maybe OU812 can create a timeline for you using 1920's vernacular (soda jerk). Those that reap the benefit packages off the backs of the tax payers via public office or public service also have targets on their backs. " Mar 11, 13 8:43 PM

This forum has become biblical." Mar 13, 13 8:48 PM

It is not necessarily the cover up of drugs or even an addiction issue that warrants our inspection, but it is the fact that the public can not trust those running the police department. How can we have "faith" in our police, if they are capable of manipulating anything outside the facts? Those involved need to be held accountable for their actions. Rogue supervision in the police department only does one thing, it takes away our ability to have justice for all." Mar 14, 13 8:48 AM

Good call PBR. Mr. Keith serves at the liberty of Southampton Town's Planning Board, so in essense, he would definatley have a horse in this race. That article was horrible by the way." Mar 15, 13 9:09 PM

Schneiderman Will Not Run For East Hampton Town Supervisor

"Indeoendence Party"? Is this a new party?" Mar 18, 13 11:34 PM

Drugs, Money May Be Missing From Southampton Town Police Headquarters

STPD's evidence room has been compromised and any pending cases that are attached to evidence are now in question. It is no longer one or two officer's cases that are suspect, it is now a whole police department whose cases are tainted. Lock that evidence room down!" Mar 20, 13 10:34 PM

UPDATE: Sickles Returns To Duty; PBA Blasts Board Members, GOP For Making Him A 'Scapegoat'

It gets tiring, but I will try to bring across another point which has been neglected, once again. Officer Sickles was prescribed medication for a back injury. Key word here is - PRESCRIBED - the medication was legal for him to have. Just like alcohol. He was a patient in pain, became addicted and ultimately he was wronged by his doctor and his supervisors, who allowed him to continue on that path.  Officer Sickles did not deny his problem, he took responsibility and he asked for help.  His wife even asked for help by contacting his supervisors. These are the same two supervisors who are now running the police department today, ignored Sickle's problem and lied to cover it up.  At least Officer Sickles took responsibility for his addiction and had taken measures to corrected it. In the future, he will become a great mentor and advocate. 

You can always trust someone who is honest, but Lt. Kiernan and Chief Pearce will always be liars and unworthy of trust.
-Geppetto" Mar 22, 13 10:42 PM


This town board will never deal with this mess. By ignoring it they hope all of us will forget how inept they are in November. Right now they are too busy jokeying around for their next public servant job, and why not, obviously when you work for the government you are protected from Spota's reach and answer to no one (except party bosses of course). Besides, they can't comment on personnel matters." Mar 23, 13 9:25 AM

I can not answer that question. Although it is a good question." Mar 23, 13 7:00 PM

Around Town Hall: Septic Rebates On Horizon; Board Reports $4 Million Surplus In 2012

This town board is more concerned about improved septic systems because they know that their careers will soon be in the toilet. " Mar 24, 13 10:29 PM

Items Missing From Southampton Town Police Property Room Resurface

What a symbolic article and just in time for Easter! It should have been titled " Missing items resurrected".  Let us all bow our heads and pray for an outside law enforcement agency to come in and save what's left of Southampton town.  Are any of you mad yet?" Mar 27, 13 2:52 PM

Auditors Say Southampton Police Department Compensation System Is Easily Abused

It appears that the Feds have their hands full dealing with political corruption across all of LI. I wonder if anyone on Southampton Town board will make the cut on a news spread of disgraced NY politicians? Wait until the public finds out the names of those in the police department that filled their pockets on OT during super storm Sandy - which was funded by the federal govt. Same names folks. If they can lie to internal affairs, then what's to stop them from lying on a time card. Demand resignations." Apr 3, 13 12:37 PM

ATH speaks and not one local paper covers it. It is reported that the town will look into hiring an outside consulting company to review the troubled police department. Sounds just like the Bracewell & Giuliani investigation that only provided a verbal report so that the findings would not be able to be FOILed or transparent. They are looking to spend our money on false prophets once again. Sickening." Apr 5, 13 9:23 AM


I read the article. It is like me selling you my car and having my mechanic there to tell you that the vehicle runs excellent and has no mechanical flaws. Want to but a car PBR? " Apr 5, 13 11:34 AM

Southampton Supervisor Calls For Investigation Of Police Department

Testing... Testing." Apr 6, 13 5:55 PM

How did we get this far?

".... charges of corruption, political meddling, shredding of files, and sexual discrimination by the department’s top brass."

The tax payers of Southampton Town have been abandoned by their elected and appointed officials.  Feeble suggestions by the supervisor to bring in a private company to investigate, "themselves", is a waste of our tax dollars.  The suggestion of the Feds having to come in, only suggests that's the DA's office is purposely leaving their investigation open ended, until either we all forget... or their hand is forced to react due to a massive display of public outcry... or an investigation by the US attorney.

If you do not think that endorsements and political wrangling is in play in, you are fooled and you should go back to sleep in the forest  All of the information is out there and the pieces will come together, whether you choose to believe what is in front of you or not.

Our police department will not be disbanded by the dysfunctional group of leaders that we have in town hall, because they would rather control the police department than hand it over to another agency. It's the only place that holds jobs.

HHH's new crop of politicians will not change much, as they are still spawned from the same mold of party loyalists and worker bees.  Voters will never get the opportunity to see a puppet with no strings and a leader with no stake.  

" Apr 6, 13 11:50 PM

Auditors Say Southampton Police Department Compensation System Is Easily Abused

Kratoville's cure for his ailment must be fake boobs and a law degree." Apr 11, 13 10:46 PM

Southampton Town Board Will Consider Barring Cops From Politics

If the ethics board had any ethics this legislation would not be needed. Let us try barring politics from the police department first. " May 12, 13 8:20 PM

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