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Pell Refuses To Recuse Himself From East Quogue Dock Application

The Town Attorney was right on point - that IS the democratic process. That is why the Board has its own counsel. He [Pell] can be vocal, but really, he said never ever so how can he be objective in this case. Had he put his feelings on the record that he did feel that way prior and he did say those things but now he can be objective then perhaps you'd have a point. Really, we know he's a big mouth and not that bright at times, but I question his motives" Jan 20, 12 7:07 PM

I voted for Mr. pell. I thought the political mailer was in poor taste and showed he was going after a former competitor to me (Pell used to own a restaurant down the road) and it was some sort of revenge!

This whole things seems really weird and when the Town Attorney makes a suggestion like that it is usually for more than we're privy to." Jan 20, 12 7:10 PM

Obviously Pell is going to vote no on this regardless if he reads and understands all of the evidence and testimony that was part of the application - duh! That's the problem. He was quoted saying that he wouldn't approve any alternations at the site ever and what does that say about his objectivity? If he can't be objective, as is required from him being a an elected official, then he has only one choice but to recuse himself from the application.

We all know that Billy will still be vocal and negative about it and his recusal won't stop him from running his mouth but he really needs to be fair and it seems like he can't - not the Bill that I know.

He can recuse himself and put on the record that he objects to the application on its face at the same time. Baykeeper is challenge the Trustees again and sue them, if approved,then will use Bill as a witness. It's like a dysfunctional family!" Jan 21, 12 11:48 AM

He should recuse himself. It just seems odd to me..." Jan 21, 12 11:54 AM

Iconic Lobster Inn Is Sold, Condos Could Be Future

I wish Skip much luck...How in the world he was able to get back the developments rights on this property that he sold boggles my mind though. This is an excellent lesson in civics for sale.

Good times for all.......good luck guys" Jan 29, 12 9:28 PM

I think what bigjim was referring to was that the conversion to condos stayed out of the paper. Yes, we all knew the traffic and economy changed his business but to keep that level of info out of the public eye was literally a miracle and simply unheard of out here. Development usually makes big headlines." Jan 29, 12 9:32 PM

Trustees May Charge Town For Sand For Mecox Beach Nourishment

I don't think the trustees approved any expansion at dockers. I think they approved 17 mooring pilings, a kayak launch float and some repairs of what is already existing. The "baycreeper" (sic) did bring a suit against the trustees by challenged their authority under nys law that they are part of nys environmental review process. according to records, they didn't appeal it and are doing environmental reviews. that's a good thing, right?

keep in mind the baycreeper sued the trustees and so the money to defend comes from your (and mine) pocket.

and what about the expansion of the marina at tiana bay side? " Feb 7, 12 9:19 PM

Iconic Lobster Inn Is Sold, Condos Could Be Future

big development? it's progress and if you look around you'll see all the local businesses folding ever so slowly. skip, while nice, by turning the property into condo, has hypocrite written all over it. but progress is progress.." Feb 7, 12 9:24 PM

Trustees May Charge Town For Sand For Mecox Beach Nourishment

The applicant did in fact ask the trustees to do SEQRA, but they did their own full environmental review (which amounted to the same thing). baycreeper just used it a stalling tactic to delay it and challenged their authority. In the end game, SEQRA was done on the project. I think the trustees put in some restrictions on fuel and future dredging (I think).

It's really just a place to tie up and not a full service kind of operation. I know they didn't allow any overnight sleeping on boats." Feb 8, 12 3:49 PM

We're talking about the Trustees. Fit-it-Now implies that they are not being responsible - I say that they are being responsible. They think before they do things, they don't give the store away and they have a deep concern for their job and what they're supposed to do. Baycreeper (a self-appointed, self-proclaimed bay guru) challenges their authority. Personally, I think they do one heck of a job under all the pressure.

" Feb 9, 12 8:17 AM

Pell Changes His Mind, Will Recuse Himself From Dockers Review

Maybe there was more to it then what we are being told. I voted for Bill too but for him to do a turn-around like that on advice of his own personal lawyer, then there is much more going on here clearly. It did seem pretty personal against the owner and that was uncalled for. Bill could of simply written something else to get his point across. When I saw it, I thought it was in bad taste.

And you happen to be wrong - once the board attorney gives their legal opinion and a board member doesn't take such advice, an elected official can be sued personally and not protected under Town Law and therefore not be paid for by the town. Independent counsel must be sought. It also can become a punitive action seeking significant money damages which Bill would have to pay is he lost." Mar 14, 12 8:58 PM

There seems to be a big difference between Bill and the Governor. For one, Bill used a silly thing to attack and personalize a local business owner for his own personal politician gain (financial donations to his campaign). The Governor didn't attack any one specific person - he targeted the entire Union. If Bill simply was against all new docks and floats Town wide, he would have been on firmer ground.

What is your position that he didn't hear any of the testimony or evidence at any of the hearings. Don't you think before he would be able to vote he would have to have a complete unbiased knowledge of the facts. That is his obligation under the law.
" Mar 15, 12 11:38 AM

And you seem to only comment on Trustee related articles so far - so I just think you're one of the Trustees and you're fighting your agenda in the press. Which one however remains unknown. It's cute your trying to out Larry but sadly I am not. Maybe I have access to information that you don't or that you're hiding.

It seems by all the articles that Bill started the battle and he has displayed a bias in his actions and comments. I think he should have still went to the Ethics Board to get an opinion as he had nothing to lose. But according to his own counsel even they suggested he recuse himself. " Mar 16, 12 7:51 AM

New Canoe Place Inn Application Filed With Town

Oh please people. You kill me. It will absolutely look beautiful when done. I think that to restore the OBI building to its former glory will look great and the new condos will also. Hampton Bays could use an injection of quality buildings with a quality look." Mar 16, 12 8:02 AM

Semlear Says He Will Leave Trustees In 2013

John is a person that should be proud of his work on this board. Thank you for your many years of public service." Apr 8, 12 9:55 AM

Ruling Could Strip Authority Of Southampton Town Trustees To Regulate Village Beaches

I think you all might be missing something here. Just because the Judge ruled that the [another] incorpoated village has authority or jurisdiction doesn't mean all is lost. It just means that another agency or municipality has jurisdiction and I don't think that anyone will be "giving the house away". The DEC still has jurisdiction as an agency of review and the public's access can't be waived or denied regardless. " May 14, 12 7:06 PM

Don't misunderstand my comment, the over-righteous, pompous PBR. I am not happy that the Trustees MIGHT lose their jurisdiction inside an Incorporated Village - they [Trustees] have some fighting to do clearly.

Here is an excerpt of the Judges decision regarding ownership, which has a fair amount of accuracy:

The beach was part of the undivided land over which the town proprietors, and not the trustees, were given to manage as a result of New York Chapter 155 of the Laws of 1818, as “[it was] quite clear, as disclosed by the case, that the terms ‘undivided lands’ and ‘common lands’ were used interchangeably to refer to the uplands and to the beaches as well” (The Trustees of the Freeholders and Commonalty of the Town of Southampton v Betts, 163 NY 454, 460 [1900]). The trustees, who retain the title to the lands under water and have the power to grant rights to erect structures on those submerged lands and to take shellfish from them, do not have control of the shores and beaches (Knapp v Fasbender, supra). As is defined by Southampton Town law (at Rules Article I), the ocean beach area is that area “along the Atlantic Ocean bounded on the north by the crest of the primary dune, ... on the south by the high-water mark of the Atlantic Ocean.” Thus, the trustees control the land in the vicinity of the Atlantic Ocean within their township that is south of the high-water mark of the Atlantic Ocean, and not the beach area north of the high-water mark.

Don’t shoot the messenger either. The beaches aren't going anywhere, so reeelax there. The public right to access the beaches is sacrosanct. Mother Nature can’t be stopped and will take what she wants, when she wants it and vice versa including rocks, bulkheads and sand bags.

In the end, I believe the Trustees will make their case in the upper courts and prevail at great taxpayer expense, but well worth the investment." May 14, 12 10:45 PM

Hampton Bays Man Charged With Threatening Another Man With Chainsaw

See, my mama said nothing good happens after 3am, or was it after midnight, I forget!" May 21, 12 10:12 AM

Federal Court Tosses Injunction Preventing Shinnecocks From Building Hampton Bays Casino

Catching the horse after it left the barn is going to be difficult here. Now's the time to recapture this project, move it to a workable area and move on. The Town should have worked with the Shinnecocks instead of against them as ICE mentioned, now it's going to swing the other way to bite all of you negative folks in the butt. You can't stop progress, you'll just slow it down.

If I were them, I'd shove it right up your @#$%^'s just to show you that it can be done, with our without YOUR approval." Jun 26, 12 12:32 PM

Bayman Says Shots Fired From Reservation; Shinnecocks Demand Baymen Stay Away

Have you people not learned anything....If the SH Trustees don't "work" something out and fast, they are sure to lose title of these underwaterlands on Tribal property setting a serious precendent. They can "lease it back" to the Tribe for 1000 years and still keep the ownership.

But hey, keep fighting, that always works out." Jul 4, 12 2:55 PM

Mitt Romney Will Fundraise In The Hamptons On Sunday

snore, snore, snore, snort, snore....." Jul 4, 12 4:18 PM

Landlord Blames Westhampton Beach Village For Vacant Building

It's totally the Villages' fault - The building inspector is a control freak and his department walks on eggshells because of him. The other boards are impossible - they all want the village to look like this intentionally. Just drive up to parts of Patchogue, Bellport, Shirley, Mastic, and other parts of the island with vacant properties and condemned buildings.

Mr. Bliss, - they dont care about you. It's a simple math equation. Pay your taxes or lose your property. Why would they want to approve anything new? What's in it for them as they are already taxing you?

" Jul 18, 12 4:58 PM

Developer Threatens Defamation Suit Against Westhampton Beach Village Attorney

That doesn't suprise me that Dick would act in that way. " Aug 10, 12 3:13 PM

Are August Visitors The Rudest Of The Lot To Invade The Hamptons?

Thank you for saying all that - sadly, you're correct. I actually find that many of the "locals" are always complaining and never supporting. Summer locals are the true supporters of our east end economy and that's just embarrassing.

" Aug 25, 12 11:28 AM

ZBA Approves Front-Yard Pool In Bridgehampton

Uh, it's a pool, not cancer.

Get a life people." Sep 23, 12 3:20 PM

Uh, it's a pool, not cancer." Sep 25, 12 8:26 AM

Quogue Residents Buy, Plan To Restore Historic Inn

(yawn) Nobody cares........boring" Oct 6, 12 10:44 AM

Southampton Town Officials Christen Big Duck Bathrooms

See, now this is great. This is what I like to see! Our public officials christening a bathroom. What we need is more public restrooms and less politicians but I suppose it's circular paradigm because without politicians we wouldn't have bathrooms and without bathrooms we wouldn't have politicians! Our would we?!" Oct 29, 12 12:54 PM

Cops Called To Westhampton Beach Village Hall After Bakery Owner Refuses To Leave Without Permits

The building inspector has a long history of being an obstructionist and bully. Anyone who has dealt with him knows this. Time to file a class action suit against him." Nov 15, 12 8:01 AM

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