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Pell Refuses To Recuse Himself From East Quogue Dock Application

I have a few questions:

How much money did the Baykeeper contribute to Mr. Pell's campaign?

Why did Mr. Pell use Dockers (and photo's of Dockers) as a campaign platform when there were so many other issues to speak about?

Whose pocket is Mr. Pell in here?

This whole thing sounds fishy to me - It will be interesting to see what unfolds now that this can of worms has been opened.

" Jan 20, 12 6:54 PM

If a liar tells the truth is he still a liar?

Sticking to your guns might be a nice sound bite, but could land him in a heap of trouble. If the applicant presses the issue in court, Bill can be held personally liable and not protected under Town Law.

Just saying...
" Jan 21, 12 12:06 PM

East Hampton Town Justice Will Not Recuse Herself in Surf Lodge Case

Any hint of impropriety by a judge should be immediate recusal. All that the judge has done is create possible reversible judical error or an appeal. This will be in the courts for many years.

Saying all that, we love the Surf Lodge. It really has made Montauk even greater. Local business owners, hotels, restaurants should really come out to support the Surf Lodge. If the g'man goes after them, who's next?" Feb 8, 12 7:02 PM

New Shellfish Rule Blasted By Baymen

Wow - I see both side here. Tough call, but the Trustees are being cautious and careful until they can figure out a good plan. While this is bittersweet for the Baymen, you can't rape and pillage the environment then claim that the Trustees are not protecting that same environment. I am sure the 6th Trustee, the Baykeeper, was silently applauding this move since "churning" can't be something that he supports.

I think the Baymen and the Trustees need to work together on this to come to a reasonable solution as the Baymen have limited abilities to earn a living for their families. These are hard working people." Mar 29, 12 9:52 AM

Southampton Town Board Unanimously Appoints New Comptroller

Such negativity......Give the man a chance!" Mar 29, 12 10:00 AM

Pottery Barn Plans To Open Its Doors To Southampton In The Spring

Why can't people just be happy that people still think the Hamptons are a place to own a business year round? Small businesses don't stay around for too long because rents are too high, so the only businesses that can afford to make it through the long, boring winter are the big corporate stores. What's wrong with supporting a new place? I'm sure plenty of other small business owners looked at that spot and just couldn't make the numbers work. Lower the rents and small business owners will come. And Hildreth's shouldn't worry; people like to shop around and they like to have a choice. You'll be just fine!! I'd rather shop in SH than Riverhead any day!" Sep 19, 12 2:55 PM

Westhampton Beach Officials Want To Demolish Former Guldi Family Home

Oh Dick, really, that's all you have to do in this world. Can't you find something more productive to do?" May 31, 13 9:31 PM

East Hampton Town Goes After Violations At Cyril's Fish House; Cyril's Responds By Filing Restraining Order

Here's a few tips for the property owners and Cyril.

Zoning: intensity of use of a pre-existing non-conforming use is not illegal and is not considered an expansion. That's the law under zoning and well established - res judicata.

Enforcement: Selective enforcement. The town is picking on them clearly without enforcing the code to other business owners in the area. A superior court judge will see right through this.

Property: The property owners were denied a remedy under zoning by the board disapproving their application that would have solved the towns complaints and violations. Town created thither own hardship by not approving the zoning application. A superior court judge will see right through this.

Cyrils: Like it or not, Cyril's is an absolute attraction to the area. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few [complainers].

Solution: The town should work with the owners to come to an agreeable solution. If the town loses in superior court, they can't go back since matters of zoning are considered quasi-criminal and falls under the CPLR where double jeopardy applies if Cyril wins or the case is dismissed. You never know how a judge will decide a case.

" Mar 16, 14 9:11 PM

UPDATE: Baykeeper McAllister Says He Was Fired Illegally: Denies Charges Of Affair

This is an easy analysis of minor detective work. Let's go depose all the local bartenders in the area to see how much "environmental socializing" and "milking" he was doing.

Maybe the staff member was 18, maybe. Maybe there are deeper issues of sexual harassment in the work place that was reported to the board - that maybe be inappropriate behavior.

Maybe he used his quasi-political influence to create an inappropriate sexual relationship.

There's more to the story since his board, who always stood behind him on the pedestal, seemingly was backed into a corner and had to make that decision. " Mar 20, 14 10:23 PM

The lord takes care of drunks and fools, so they say..." Mar 21, 14 2:51 PM