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Alternatives sought after village shuts down Southampton Tire soup kitchen

It is very sad to see all the ignorance and hatred in such a small community. I know many people will say that they only have a problem with the "illegals" however they are the same people which generalize and see all the men at 7-11 and say they are all illegal without actually knowing their status, you would be surprised to see how many of those men have working permits and greencards. Besides they are not hurting anyone, however Tom Wendell is a pure example of what is wrong with the people around here, he gets paid to be out there with his sign and complains about not having a job and that these people have taken his job but on numerous occassions I offered
Tom a job and he laughs and walks away, I would also be interested to know if he collects any wellfare which I believe is the true issue here and what is driving this country downhill. Also all this southampton residents which complain about these people, yet when someone with a legitimate business gives them an estimate to do work on their property they say its expenssive and they would rather hire a couple of guys to do the job instead, so stop the HYPOCRACY.
Lastly the biggest ignorance is that people do not understand that these people are not illegal by choice, the system currently does not offer them a means to become legal, which is why a true immigration reform is needed. Not to mention the Billions of dollars it would contribute which the country so desperately needs." Apr 10, 09 3:15 PM

Let me just correct you on a couple of facts which seem that most people including yourselft do not know about the system. it is true as you say that there is an allowance of about 1 million immigrants to enter legally but do you have any idea how that is distributed? I would imagine you do not, most of that number goes towards Europe and Asia and a very small percentage towards the Americas. And what I said is that the people who are here have no means of legalizing their status once here, plus they have no real benefits, many of these people do not even go to the doctor to get a yearly check-up because of the expensive medicinal costs. And just so that you know the impact of Immigrants is a possitive figure not a deficit for the country because these people in many cases pay taxes and get no benefits out of the system. So in reality all these illegals are feeding a system of people collecting wellfare checks and not looking or willing to compete for a job. Plus a true immigration reform will create Billions of dolllars and continue to give money as more TAXPAYERS will be created as well as giving people a chance to live without fear.
And let me just ask you one thing, how would you feel about a country that unlike any other European country does not give its immigration a chance of changing their legal status but rather is on a constant hunt for them? Yes in most European countries and you should look this up, after a certain number of years that a PERSON lives in that country and contributes by paying taxes (regardless of legal status) and following the laws get a chance to become not only legalized but citizens of that country. Compare that to our system which people get no means of becoming legal.
I know you are going to say that the children get the schooling and all the benefits but in most cases those are children born here so in essence citizens which deserve all the benefits a citizen should get.

Happy Easter " Apr 11, 09 10:55 AM

So let see if I understand what you are saying originalLocal. So you say that it would have been ok to generalize and say that everyone who is of Russian and Italian descent is associated with the mob and therefore have did not respect the country they came to? that is ridiculous, also I am curous to know how many Latinos you actually know and how you base your comments on, so far I do not see anyone telling people to learn Spanish or any other languague, plus it is an adjustment period to learn a culture and a language otherwise you can ask your grandparents how long it took them before they fully assimilated to the american culture and in some cases they never fully dont;' otherwise why do we celebrate St. Patricks Day (what does that have to do with America), but you know the difference between you and me is that I don't mind celebrating any day of conmemorance for another culture because I respect all cultures as I have had an opportunity to travel and get to know different cultures around the world.
People do not understand that these people risk their lives when they cross that border its not like everyone thinks that you just walk across and you're safe, plus there is a number of people that are proffessionals in their home countries and come here to start from scratch leaving their pride home but they do it so that their families do not suffer and you can not blame a human being for wanting the best for their families. so don't act like you know where these people come from or what they are about because you obviously don't, you see the worst example and generalize, maybe its just your lack of world education or you just live in a bubble, but let me tell you its a tough world outside of Long Island.
One more thing you say they have no regards for the law, but the truth is the current flawed system makes people law breakers everyday and not necessarily by choice such as the driver license, I didn't know that whether you are legal or not enhances a persons ability to drive a motor vehicle, and with our deficient public transportation out here it forces people to drive ilegally everyday so that they can provide for their families. And what it is causing is a greater danger to the rest of us motorist who are in jeopardy of having an accident with an uninsured and unlicensed person just because the system does not allow them to get a license and pay insurance.

Please learn a little before posting because you are just exemplefying the ingorance and predjudice in which we are unfortunatelly surrounded in this small town.

Also everyone talks about Latino illegals well what about European Illegals (polish, irish, Serbians, etc) and asians why focus on one group when the immigration is worldwide, yet we expect that Americans get welcomed everywhere we go and yet we do not do the same towards others." Apr 11, 09 3:57 PM

So let me see if I get this straight, the correct way to celebrate a catholic holiday you need a town parade and massive amounts of alcohol on the streets during the parade, ok maybe I missed that part growing up a catholic. However that is besides the point, why do people like you just say things that are not true and say you know for a fact do you work for the hospital accounting department? if not then you don't know for a fact so stop lying, plus there are many people of all races and citizenships who skp out on hospital bills not to mention that Southampton is notorious for misdiagnosing or just plain and simple being an awfull hospital.
As far as your Grandparents are concerned I applaud that they learned so quickly although lets be honest it is much easier since this country was settled by Eurpeans first but still they learned the language which is great, but unless the law changed you cannot become a citizen of this country until you are a legal resident for at least 5 YEARS so I'm curious how they did it in 2 please enlighten me because unlike you I like to read and learn different facts, it helps with my overall knowledge.
I applaud and fully support our soldiers but they are unfortunatelly in a much more different possition then a tourist so how dare you bring them up it is a complete lack of respect to the job they are doing for all of us " Apr 11, 09 7:04 PM

first off sir I want to congratulate you on attempting to learn a second language that is truly amazing and comendable so you do understand that learning a second language no matter what it may be (in your case Spanish) does not hurt anyone but rather if you decide to visit a foreign country which speaks spanish you are better off because you will be able to communicate and it didn't hurt you one bit.
Everyone wants the best for Their families its just human nature. And your stadistics sir I believe are not accurate and would like to know your sources and I hope are not the "minute man" as they are not a reporting agency, now aslo the crime statistics I would like to know your sources, but it is like saying that African Americans are prone to be criminals so what we should erradicate them as citizens? NO its maybe a sign that the current system does not favor immigrants or african americans in the court system. And when I talk about an immigration reform I mean doing background checks on all aplicants and making sure that those who abide by the law are the ones given the opportunity to legalize their status. And thus We would know who lives in our communities rather than the current system in which we do not.
Also sir your immigrant impact does not account for all the people who work here using a fake SS# paying taxes, the majority of statistics only account the number of people paying taxes with a ITIN#, so it is not accurate.
Lets stop with the phobia that one day the majority of the population will be of Hispanic decent, this will take decades before it happens, and if it does then I don't think they will strip you of your citizenship sir so stop worrying. Now, lets solve the unenployment problem lets have a hiring center where EVERYONE can go for enployment, and lets get off our butts stop collecting that wellfare check and put pride asside and LOOK FOR A JOB and provide for your families, but if they are unwilling to look and compete for that job it is nobody's fault, life does not give you anything you have to get out there and look for it. " Apr 12, 09 11:17 AM

Sir I am a college graduate as well, and sir I'm worndering how old you are because things have changed quite a bit even since I was in college a few years ago. Now everywhere I have been (locally and overseas), yes there is a potential for crime and i've seen some but you can not generalize by a small group of criminas every country has, its like saying that if you get mugged in central park, then all americans are bullies and criminals, I wouldn't want to be associated and generalized like that.
And when your ancestors came , there was no quotas back then, and correct me if I'm wrong because I like to further my knowledge and broaden my horizons, but that is what I was taught right here in Hampton Bays. So lets not kid ourselves and act like all they had to do is sign a petition and thats all. if your family was starving you would do anything in your power to provide for them, even if that means going somewhere else so you can work and provide for them. They are doing the same so why blame them for it, so instead of dividing our comunity lets try to bring everyone together and be a true COMUNITY, these people form our comunity like it or not so lets work on living in harmony and searching for equality for all because I believe deep down thats what everyone wants. Diversity is what made this country great." Apr 12, 09 12:54 PM

While you are all entitiled to your opinions, i just cannot agree with what you are saying. I think you missed the point SHcitizen made regarding the major corporations taking the jobs overseas, it really benefits nobody other than the CEOs of those companies, the pay is close to garbage and the working conditions are awful yet we do not see any benefit from the cheaper labor, their end product still costs the same.
I do agree with all of you in that people associated with gangs and criminal activity should pay for their crimes no matter of race, color, legal status, send them all to jail and develop some kind of system where instead of sitting in a cell learning how to become better criminals they are put to work in projects to benefit society.
So please lets not confuse someone who is trying to make an honest living for their family with a criminal.
And before I forget, I was watching the news today and a study was done regarding the cost of our current immigration policy (deportation) (a cost of $64 BILLION per year) compared to a comprehensive immigration reform (path to legalization of those who meet the criteria and requirements) a BENEFIT if $68 BILLION per year by 2015. So you all do the math that is a +$132 BILLION without costing a cent and plus creating more jobs (around a half million plus) so that this can be accomplished, I would think its almost a no brainer, not to mention we would know who lives in our community." Apr 13, 09 7:23 PM

Oh and by way former President Clinton as well as former President Bush both lobyed and pushed for an immigration reform but both came up empty handed due to the fact that congress and the senate couldn't agree to the terms for the reform" Apr 13, 09 7:25 PM

I believe I have just posted what my believes, opinions and facts, and have not engaged in name calling at all, however you seem to be very good at just attacking what I have to say without any real facts or reasons but rather like when a mother talks to a 5 yr old and just tells him "no because I said so"
My intention is not to argue or impose by believes, however I am just presenting a different side of the picture nobody is portraying, and why shouldn't I, I have just as much right to post my believes and you do to yours. Also I don't have a money making agenda Miss, but our country is in such a bad place that we must look for solutions and ideas otherwise we will ALL SUFFER FOR A VERY LONG TIME. And this is much bigger than immigration and jobs at this point." Apr 14, 09 10:00 AM

Oh believe me it takes more than a someone typing a few things online to hurt my feelings, I just don't like being accussed of things I have not done, just like I do not like when people say things about others which are not true.
And let me be clear, the times I speak of ignorance are of a community as a whole (lack of information is ignorance), but I guess if the shoe fits then wear it, also you may want to back up your comments with facts or experience like the other people have such as Squeaky, I have much more respect for what she has to say then what you type, at least she seems reasonable in understanding that we do not have to agree but at least we all learn from each other." Apr 14, 09 10:32 AM

Squeaky also before I forget just an answer to your comment saying that I hope all 12 million will register. I wouldnt be surprised if the actual number is higher as nobody knows, but I couldn't tell you because I do not know, and also out of those who knows how many will qualify, I just thought I would share with all of you what I heard on the news, i hope that is not imposing my will on people, or being arrogant." Apr 14, 09 10:36 AM

which would be what? closing my eyes and putting the blame on someone who doesn't deserve it?
stupidity is not having the ability to comprehend, and maybe you didn't ready all my posts, please write something with essence and maybe I will get your point, being angry does not solve problems, only those who can reationalize can think clearly.
Also a request, please change your screen name, because as I citizen I would not like people to think you are a representation of US citizens, it is rather insulting to all of us" Apr 14, 09 11:06 AM

Anti-illegal immigration protester reports car window smashed, sign stolen

Although the only thing I must say is that his car should not be vandalized although I can't be a hypocrate and say that I feel one bit sorry for this guy, people like him promote all the blind hatred created on this community, just look at how quick everyone is to come to the conclussion that it was and "illegal". And these are the same people that claim that have to racism or hatred, THIS IS AMERICA A COUNTRY OF IMMIGRANTS" Apr 15, 09 9:54 AM

Southampton Tire soup kitchen can reopen

Ok I think I've seen enough ignorance around this posts. I still can not believe the amount of hatred posted on these boards over an issue (the free lunch) that is not costing anyone anything, it is a group of people and god bless them which have a great heart that are doing it. They are not asking for tax dollars or for your cooperation to those who do not want to so get off their back. I for one wish that I could help more, but at the very least will support their business whenever I need tires.
There was too much ignorance posted to report at once, but here are a couple of things that stood out.
1) Property taxes are not solely made up of School Taxes, maybe it is a young person or someone that does not own a home so they really don't know, and also catholic schools also get aid from the State and guess where that money comes from? thats right Taxes.
2) Someone please understand something, Wellfare is what is driving this country downhill not immigration, and we can solve the immigration problem with a reform.
3) I would also like to applaud Mr. Epley for doing the right thing, at least it makes me believe that someone with some power has a heart and doesn't get intimidated by people like Tom (the 7-11 sign moron, who gets paid by the minutemen to be there and probably doesn't report those wages, and maybe even collects a wellfare check)
One more thing thank you peoplefirst for your post, we need more posters like yourself so that we can educate people on this issue as they seem to be extremely misinformed about it.
So to all any question I will be happy to answer them to the best of my knowledge I promise" Apr 16, 09 9:34 PM

Anti-illegal immigration protester reports car window smashed, sign stolen

Someone asked on here what the cost to deport Illegals would be and I happen to have these figures.
$64 Billion a year, what would it cost to have a comprehensive immigration reform ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. In fact it will contribute about $63 Billion a year by 2012 so all of you that come here and complain about your tax dollar and making that the issue, well think about it that would solve your problem now wouldnt' it if thats the issue with you?
Learn a little about current immigration laws before posting, newsflash, there is no Ellis Island for these people, and unfortunatelly no real way for them to change their status.
One more thing contractors are the problem, because even though they can pick up these guys and pay them cash they can still choose to list them with Workmans Comp as "eventual Labor" but that would be too much to ask of the scum contractors that are the real problem and are killing local service industries. We can add some Southampton residents as well who choose to go and hire a couple of guys so they dont' have to pay a legit company to do the job, but the funny part is that they are most likely the same people here posting about how they dont' like them there HYPOCRATES is what you people are." Apr 16, 09 9:47 PM

Stop & Shop will open its doors Friday in Hampton Bays

I couldn't agree wiht you more, price in HB are so outrageous that they have turned into an "something I need now as an emergency" option, otherwise BJ's and Best Yet are the best places for grocery shopping, I must say I miss the days Key Food was open, although it wasn't the best looking place, their prices were at least fair." Apr 16, 09 9:58 PM

Southampton Starbucks to close on April 24

I don't think it would be big enough to fit their ignorance and egos peoplefirst.
But I can't say its all their fault, thats what news channels like Fox News portrays and they dont' know any better, they are ignorant about the issue and need to be educated.
Now back on the real topic for this article, its a tough place to go in an out of as Mr. Suffolk suggested, that and Starbucks is too expensive specially in these tough times." Apr 16, 09 10:06 PM

Anti-illegal immigration protester reports car window smashed, sign stolen

I suggest you learn a little before you look even more stupid, that is the problem with our society, yet when I think about it it shouldn't surprise anyone since this area was basically run by the Klan up to just a few decades so this sort of fear of acceptance should not really be that surprising.
Melchizer and I'm just sure you are gonna do the jobs they do, cause last time I looked i didn't see too many non-latinos in construction, masonery and Landscaping.

Also I guess you misunderstood my post, a comprehensive immigration reform is a path to legalization for those who are here undocumented (I think the word Illegal is used to create a negative ambiance) who otherwise have no way of doing so, but I must apologyze because maybe I wasn't clear or it just goes to show the type of intelligence of these anti-immigration protesters." Apr 17, 09 3:41 PM

Police make arrest in fatal accident on Sunrise Highway in Westhampton

Why am I not surprised all these idiots making inapropriate comments, just like how upset it made me to the idiot outside 7-11 yesterday with the sign reading "Got Flu" and pointing to the people standing waiting for work. I think that is very distasteful whether he is against their status or not it creates a dangerous environment because you know there will be an idiot doing something stupid and react in a negative manner. In my opinion that is not freedom of speech anymore because it is insulting and racially biased, and for those who will preach the freedom of speech crap, let me clarify that one's freedom ends when it starts to offend others." Apr 30, 09 8:06 PM

Southampton Village Hires Specialized EMT For Bidens' Visit

BigFresh you are absolutely right, and its sad not many pick up on that. Not everyone gets their dream job and this area has become one where the trades are the most popular and needed jobs out here. if a professional career is what you are looking for then perhaps this is not the best place for you. The rich being around is what makes this a unique place to live since we were the last to feel the effects of the recession and one of the first to see the way back, you should all feel lucky we did not hit bottom like in other parts of the country. IF you are willing to work you can make it here, and don't say anyhting about owning a home, I am too a business owner and a homeowner since my early twenties. Not easy but can be done with hard work, don't wait for things to be handed down to you, you must earn your living, and if feeding a family is your concern then get a job doing whatever earns you an honest living, maybe blue collar or manual labor but honest and for the area very welll paying." Jun 11, 11 9:09 PM

Deferred Action Program Will Affect East End Dreamers

Well I have read all the comments and I ask all of you one simple question. Don't you all see that our current immigration system is flawed especially since we see a case here where a family has been here for 15 YEARS and no path to legalization, newsflash to all if the whole family is here including young kids 1) they are not sending money back to their countries and 2) most likely not living with 25 other people. The ones that live that way are the ones here alone not the ones with the families.
Most of these people pay taxes with a TIN and receive no benefits from that, but nobody reports that, maybe if you watched something other than Fox news you would know. The real issue here is that everyone was ok with the "illegals" so long as they drove the crappy cars and didn't own anything but now that they see Hispanics as business owners, driving nice vehicles and as homeowners now you all have a problem cause somehow they got ahead and none of you saw it coming. " Aug 5, 12 9:44 PM

Hampton Bays Vigil Calls For Renewed Push For Immigration Reform

Bigfresh and Chief, i am curious of where you get your figures from. Nature offered a direct citation to his comment and validates his figures though they seem low. I remember an independent study done stating that undocumented immigrants cause a net possitive effect on the economy. As far as your comment relating to the multiple families in a single household, as long as they are paying rent the landlord is to blame as if he is willing to receive money from each family for rent he should pay his share in school taxes for this but of course nobody talks about that. As far as not paying taxes because they don't have a valid ssn is wrong as well. There is something called a ITIN which allows people to pay taxes, and others use a fake ssn which means in both cases are contributing to a system that unless they become legalized will never get anything out of. " Sep 14, 13 7:55 AM

Lighted Crosswalk To Be Installed This Week In Bridgehampton

The real issue is that the town does not believe in upgrading lighting to a more efficient and effective type such as LED. They don't seem to understand the safety issue far outweighs their rural rustic small town mentality. I hope that changes throughout the town especially on main streets because they are very poorly illuminated." Nov 4, 15 4:07 PM