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Bloomberg Pledges $1 Million To East End Water Quality Research

Amazing. Someone donates $1.0 million to improve our water supply and he is trashed as being an evil-doer. So sad" Nov 1, 14 5:19 PM

Amazing. Someone donates $1.0 million to improve our water supply and he is trashed as being an evil-doer. So sad" Nov 1, 14 5:20 PM

Zeldin Joins Republican Majority In Voting For Keystone Pipeline

35 Keystone jobs. Time to cheer and celebrate the Zeldin and Koch Brothers Jobs Bill. WooHoo.
" Jan 11, 15 9:38 PM

Zeldin Gun Bill Favors Softer Approach To Background Checks

Sadly Zeldin is out-of-touch with voters in his district who want stricter gun safety laws not something drafted by the NRA." Aug 2, 16 9:43 PM

KKK Recruitment Fliers Found In Westhampton Beach And Quogue Villages

Not surprised given the support for Donald Trump on Long Island. The KKK is simply trolling for his supporters." Aug 2, 16 9:46 PM

Alec Baldwin, Local Environmentalists Petition For Pine Barrens Commission To Review 'The Hills'

The Pine Barren Commission should weigh in on this important environmental issue. They are the experts who are charged with protecting our drinking water on the east End.. Not complicated. The Hills is the largest development project ever conceived for the Pine Barrens." Aug 2, 16 9:52 PM

Guardian Angels Come To The East End

Too funny. Guardian Angels are coming to the Hamptons! Curtis is an Entertainer in the same mold as Donald Trump. Dangerous gangs in Hampton Bays? If you think that is true then you probably believe that crime is rampant throughout the United States, the Stock Market is at an all time low and the unemployment rate in America is going through the roof. Too funny.

" Sep 17, 16 5:33 PM

Zeldin Meets Privately With Opposition Groups; One Participant Dissatisfied With Treatment By Staff

By all indications, Congressman Zeldin is simply not willing to meet with his constituents to discuss the critical issues that impact folks living on the East End . So far, we have not heard a peep about his position on TrumpCare. Does he want to eliminate the Affordable Care Act or does he simply want to improve Obamacare? Does the Congressman support Congressman Ryan plan's to dismantle Medicare and Medicaid.or is that too complicated a subject to discuss.with his constituents? The Congressman needs to hold several Town Hall meeting to discuss these important issues.
" Feb 22, 17 9:54 PM

Zeldin is a coward. Why is he hiding under his desk instead of meeting with his constituents? Meeting privately with a select group or having a telephone town hall are not appropriate and are down right insulting to the voters. if zeldin can't stand the heat...get out of Congress!" Feb 25, 17 10:43 AM

Zeldin Supports Principles Of GOP Health Care Plan

Why would anyone be surprised that Zeldin would support a plan that would remove healthcare coverage from 24 million Americans while at the exact same time give millionaires and billionaires huge tax cuts, Zeldin's plan to replace the ACA with TrumpCare would have a devastating impact on low-income seniors on the End End and women in general. " Mar 31, 17 6:52 AM

Dr. Chris Gobler Shares Opinion, Concerns Over 'The Hills' Proposal

Excellent article; Dr. Gobler's analysis makes sense. I have been raising oysters at Tiana Bay in cooperation with Cornell Marine Science for the past 6 years. Unfortunately. I have not been able to hang my oysters in WeeSuck Creek because the DEC has declared the creek polluted and off-limits. Adding more nitrogen to the creek as a result of fertilizers from The Hills' golf course will only harm and do more damage to WeeSuck Creek and Shinnecock Bay. Stop the Hills. Thanks, Dr, Gobler." May 6, 17 4:43 PM