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Plane Crash At East Hampton Airport On Sunday

So, keep those planes away from houses. Too dangerous on the roads and in the air. " Aug 26, 12 7:28 PM

Parents Petition To Keep Classes Small At Montauk School

If I have to pay to see the end of an article I began reading and then was told to pay up after starting it just tells me to forget even loading this page or web site to begin with." Feb 2, 13 10:42 PM

Second Phase Of East Hampton Airport Noise Analysis Aired, Time Restrictions Recommended

The helicopters need to be banned. Leave the small plane recreational pilots alone. The jets are in and out quickly. Set their hours of operation like all planes. Increase landing fees for non resident registered planes and close the airport between 8:30 am and 6:30 pm. NO HELICOPTERS! They are dangerous to me and my environment." Dec 2, 14 9:45 PM

Residents Say Traffic Has Made A Hell Of Quiet East Hampton Neighborhood

It's another problem with too many people using too few roadways. Nothing is local anymore because all the visitors have figured out every short cut or road less traveled. The only way to stop it is buy the road from the town and put up gates. Close the airport and put a toll bridge at Shinnicock. Put up toll gate on 114 and and add a resident only sticker to park anywhere in town. Make it difficult for non residents." Aug 13, 15 7:35 PM

My house sounds like a medi vac area for soldier's during the Vietnam war.
" Aug 13, 15 7:37 PM

Volunteer Pilots Fly Young Cancer Patients into East Hampton Airport

This is the kind of flights I like to see make use of our local airport." Aug 21, 15 3:28 PM