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Toxic red tide appears in bays

hey I have the typical Southampton Town solution, lets build more golf courses ! let's have more density, more houses ect. build build build !!!" Sep 11, 08 8:03 PM

Water Mill residents unhappy about Subway

the CAC is a group of restraunt owners who are afraid that another restraunt would show that $30.00 pizzas are very overpriced. want to talk about an outrage !" Oct 16, 08 9:58 AM

Southampton Town considers privatizing waste disposal operation

no roads no people house values drop further, no need for police. simple ! problem solved" Oct 18, 08 6:40 PM

Trustees propose a fix for Mill Pond

well duh ! any first year landscaper would know the answer to this one, when you have Chem Lawn keeping the lawns of the CAC members green eventually it's going to pollute something. I think that every person living around the pond should be fined and the EPA called in on the residents." Oct 24, 08 5:22 PM

Union protests wages paid by bowling alley owners

it's good to see that non-uniion workers are being hired as unions were once very important, now they seem to be runining this country for an example look at the big 3 auto manufactorers. Maybe union carpenters should look at thier unions as to why non-union workers are being hired nationwide, maybe the unions are too expensive for the rest of the "real world "" Oct 26, 08 7:01 PM

Hydrant flood stalls traffic in Water Mill

uh oh, sounds like another thing for the Watermill CAC to debate, crash proof fire plugs, or maybe no fire plugs, or maybe no cars who knows with the CAC " Nov 19, 08 8:52 AM

Alternative energy farm is greeted with suspicion from neighbors

C.A.V.E. sums it up Citizens Against Virtually Everything ! fitting that is should be in Bridgehampton seems they are taking cue from Watermill" Nov 20, 08 7:27 PM

Westhampton Beach might ban amplified outdoor music by next summer

I hear next WHB is going to ban people, followed shortly by Water Mill & Bridgehampton" Nov 30, 08 7:12 AM

Town loses appeal against former animal shelter volunteer

Volunteerism at it's best!! watch out a dangerous precent has been set here. this could open the town to all kinds of lawsuites from it's many "real" volunteers 251,000 a year hmm. I was a volunteer for 20 years wonder if I could get a jury to side with me..get the point ?!" Dec 4, 08 9:11 PM

County backs Shinnecock casino effort

Build it further west, not in C.A.V.E. country" Dec 10, 08 9:59 PM

C.A.V.E. stands for Citizens Against Virtually Everything and it best describes the east end of Long Island" Dec 15, 08 8:42 AM

Town employee suspended for racist messages referring to the president-elect

this smacks of political mayhem, I personally know Mr. Judy and know this is unlike him. I also know someone else in the parks dept is trying to get his son in law a job and the only way at the moment to get him in is to get someone out. I know for a fact that this text was sent to Mr. Judy by someone else and that he simply fowared it to some else, obviously this person showed it to someone else. hopefully this will all come out at the hearing, but I assure you Mr Judy would not makee a threat of this kind against anyone. Unfortnally this is how our town works, we need to smear someone else in order to gat what we want...what a shame...hey I have a thought, if anyone from town hall or any of our public services reads this hoes about everytime someone makes a mistake of any kind real or not lets make a front page news article out of it and let the public decide on thier fate if not thier fate lets let the public know thier name and what happened..why not ? what's good for one should be good for all !" Dec 19, 08 8:37 AM

Man with giant hot dog guilty of littering

typical East Hampton ! East Hampton ,Mastic what's the diffrence ?" Jan 15, 09 11:25 AM

Town Board members ask advisory boards for suggestions

I have an idea, how's about you start at the top and cut the town council members and the town supervisor's salery. asking other members first is wrong, remember leaders are supposed to lead !" Jan 30, 09 9:26 AM

Ambulance officials tell Health Department of concerns about Hamptons Rehab Center

yes let's take away the vehicle and let's screams the loudest when you or a family member need and ambulance and there is no first responder, ler's replace them with horses, why not ? they worked in the past. as far as "pay" there isn't enough pay in this world to be waking up a at 3 in the morning because you stubbed your toe, and to be honest that vehicle is a leash not a pleasure, trust me I know, as far as paid responders when you people learn what a true emergency is then maybe paid responders can go but in the meantime us low life volunteers have to work. Inthe know911 and others like you should get out of your caves more often and maybe join a volunteer ambulance unit and be an active part of it before you speak, otherwise you look very foolish to those of us who are really in the know 911, Keith Phillips is a good man and many are alive because of him, can you say anyone is alve because of you ?" Feb 5, 09 9:41 AM

in the know obviously has issues, I have a feeling this person was once a member of an ambulanc corp and was thrown out by Mr Phillips as a bad member.! or maybe just has misguided anger issues" Feb 6, 09 10:03 PM

Pat, I've been reading your comments and to be honest I'm suprised at you, we both are friends with Keith..yes I know who you are and if you read my comments again you will know I am very much in the know, and you know it, as we have been through much togther" Feb 9, 09 10:10 PM

Bishop touts economic stimulus package

Bishop is a yes man, nothing more
" Feb 18, 09 10:58 PM

Southampton Village will skip study on fire district

I'm confused" Feb 18, 09 11:18 PM

Southampton Town Justice Court relocation to go forward

politics at it's best, welcome to more of the same, diffrent name same theives" Feb 18, 09 11:24 PM

Water Mill roadwork will run through summer

I have an idea, use the Water Mill Cac to stop the water, put them to good use" Feb 18, 09 11:26 PM

Citarella to open in Bridgehampton

congratulations Citarella your a welcome assett to the community" Feb 18, 09 11:28 PM

Southampton Town drafts wish list for stimulus funds

it would be great if the state ran and oversaw the project, because as we all know the current town board would only screw it up, and the money would be lost.our tax money once again, !!!" Feb 20, 09 10:47 PM

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