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Southampton Town Board Will Consider Barring Cops From Politics

At the April 23 Town Board Meeting, I provided a print out of the Model Policy on Standards of Conduct for Law Enforcement Officers advocated by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) for the Town Board to consider apropos this Ethics Code amendment proposed by Councilwoman Fleming. Here is the web link for interested readers:

I suggested that the Town Board in their capacity as Police Commissioners instead consider working with Police Chief Pearce to officially update the rules and regulations of the Police Department to incorporate these model standards, including the political activity restrictions outlined within this model code. " May 4, 13 6:35 PM

Sustainability Plan Pushback Continues In Southampton Town

No, Turkey Bridge (aka George Lynch - Member of the Executive Committee of the Southampton Town Democratic Party) - You are wrong. I stand up for my own beliefs about good government, not simply out looking to get a vote. Many people share my beliefs about the Draft Sustainability 400+ Element and having it NOT be adopted as part of the Town's Comprehensive Plan - especially as currently written. There are specific proposals in the document that require further vetting as many people do not believe that government should mandate and regulate elements of their personal property, such as landscaping, driveway materials, automatic sprinklers, etc. For example, do community members want local government land use approvals by Planning Board, ZBA, Town Board, and Building Inspectors to be involved with trading "carbon rights" and imposing tree-planting,etc - as trade-offs (so as to reduce the carbon footprint of a particular business entity or homeowner)? You can be a cheerleader for the Supervisor candidate you support all that you want - but stick to the facts, the issues, and I suggest you blog under your real name in the interest of transparency. " Jun 27, 13 10:14 AM

Brauninger Will Replace Havemeyer On Democratic Ticket; Warner Gets Independence Endorsement

In my opinion, this news article only scratches the surface of the political machinations going on with cross-endorsements. Unfortunately up-island style politics has made its way into small town elections here on the East End and the tail is wagging the dog with the Democratic and Republican Party candidates with cross-endorsements to obtain ballot placement on other lines for Election Day.

The Independence Party Platform (IndependenCE not to be confused with IndependenT) includes planks focused on electoral choice and "diminishing the pervasive and pernicious role of campaign contributions in buying access to legislative decision-making and in promoting claims to public money and resources ..." (meaning putting to an end to the appearance of impropriety with "Pay-to-Play" donations). The Independence Party states that its mission is to select truly independent, fair-minded candidates who will work hard to promote public policies that are more consistent with the desires and needs of the public, and will adhere to an "Anti-Gratuity Plank" - refusing all gifts and gratuities from lobbyists and other private interests - those seeking government approvals for zoning decisions, special event permits, town contracts or services or legislation from local, state, federal office-holders. The Independence Party Platform specifically calls for its candidates to adhere to standards that they will NOT accept Political Action Committee contributions and that at least 80% of the campaign funds come from donors with their primary residence within the area where the candidates live.

Unfortunately, this is NOT the case when it comes to Anna Throne-Holst ("ATH"), the top of the ticket for the Independence Party in the Town of Southampton. She is an enrolled Independence Party voter (I), not an enrolled Democrat (D). This news article states that the decision to pass over incumbent Trustee Fred Havemeyer for Independence Party cross-endorsement was made based upon consensus support from other Independence Party enrolled candidates on the ticket who currently hold elected offices in the Town of Southampton. I think voters should connect the dots in this case by looking very closely at the wealthy donors giving generously to the re-election effort of ATH, the location of their summer residences along the prestigious Hamptons oceanfront, and the advocacy for public access and the environment that Trustee Havemeyer has provided during his tenure as a local government official.

As a candidate for Southampton Town Supervisor, I will continue to urge voters to send a message on Election Day, November 5 that SOUTHAMPTON IS NOT FOR SALE. Together, we can TAKE BACK THE TOWN! We need to put an end to this up-island style political horse-trading nonsense and elect local government officials who truly care about our local community, not hob-knobbing with the rich and famous, the celebrities, and having lots of $$$ from heavy-hitters to bankroll their campaign fund, etc. " Jul 28, 13 9:05 AM

True, Highhatsize ... The vast majority of voters who registered Independence did so under the mistaken belief that the they were registering as "not enrolled with a Political Party" meaning Independent, or "Blank." Meanwhile such voters are actually part of this Independence Party that is led by Frank MacKay, the state and county party leader. I think that the elected officials who changed their registration to be enrolled as "Independence Party" did so out of opportunism - as a way to ensure themselves ballot placement more easily than that required for the major political parties, Republican and Democratic. For the Independence Party ballot placement, less signatures from registered voters are required on designating petitions and if a candidate is enrolled Independence, such candidate does not need the Wilson Pakula authorization from the county/state party leader - making it easier to get on the ballot with a line that implies that the candidate is "independent" --- misleading and deceiving -- as you stated. Such candidates do not give a hoot what the Independence Party Platform states, nor do some of them conform to the standards of conduct that that platform articulates with respect to campaign donations, PAC funds such as PBA $, and providing choice to the voters on Election Day. " Jul 28, 13 8:27 PM

Nature - I did not imply that the vast majority of registered IndependenCE voters are "ignorant, naive, dumb, fill-in-the-blank" - those are your words, not mine. In my opinion, most of the voters who are registered IndependenCE believe that they registered IndependenT when they checked off the box on the Board of Elections application form - not realizing that IndependenCE is a political party, with a county/state party leader named Frank MacKay. I back this opinion up with my experience in talking with hundreds of IND enrolled voters directly when campaigning door-to-door over the past several years, when collecting their signatures in the past on Independence Party designating petitions for candidates to obtain ballot placement on that party line. So, I stand by the belief that the vast majority of IND voters are not aware that they enrolled with a political party, unlike BLK voters who are fully aware that they are unaffiliated with a party ("Blank") meaning Independent." Jul 29, 13 8:58 AM

Southampton Church Leaders Question Transparency Of Suffolk County Board Of Elections

To add insult to injury, when it comes to requests under the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL), the Suffolk County Board of Elections has been charging a minimum of $5 per request or record, instead of 25 cents per page. This practice should also be investigated as contrary to the State's Open Government laws. However this is nothing compared to the thievery and thuggery that it is going on with political party leaders wheeling and dealing behind the scenes and the horse-trading for ballot placement on minor party lines by cross-endorsement/wilson-pakula documents and threats to withhold those authorizations from not only the candidate but others on the ticket (unless there is compliance with the demand). Political Party leaders, elected officials, and high-ranking government officials involved in these matters of electoral choice are supposed to be "honorable." Unfortunately, that is often not the case. " Aug 2, 13 7:15 AM

Southampton Town Officials Float Ideas To Help Alleviate Traffic Following Serious Accidents

The recent County Road 39 accidents and resulting 9 hour+ traffic snarls also should give rise to Town Officials rethinking their pro-development stance on approving PDD zoning changes for high-traffic generators such as supermarkets on this busy stretch of roadway, in my opinion.

I have been attending many fire department open houses over this summer throughout our community and several firefighters/EMS specialists have also spoken with me about the need for a coroner to be designated for East End fatalities - a local doctor to serve per diem/on call. Otherwise the up-island coroners from far reaches of the county are stuck in traffic just to head to the accident scene. The Town Board should memorialize a resolution now to urge such a designation due to our limited highway infrastructure on the South Fork.

I also think that Southampton Town Officials should consider advocating that the railroad right-of-way bed be paved for the portion stretching alongside of County Road 39, so that that could be used for emergency management purposes only to move vehicles along to their destinations sooner when CR39 is shut down like this. Of course, such usage would only be when the LIRR trains are not running during that particular timeframe that a State of Highway Emergency is implemented.

At least the Town Board has gotten this conversation started with police and other emergency personnel and it should stay on their radar screen to come up with solutions, not just talk. This is critical to our economy and a priority issue. " Aug 8, 13 10:10 PM

A Night On Patrol With The Southampton Town Police

Great news article! Excellent work ethic and get-it-done attitude by Police Officer Bryan Cobb! Working hard to help to clean up our neighborhoods!" Aug 9, 13 9:23 AM

Hello PBR, yes - I do support intra-hamlet shuttle service - however, I am not so confident that the MTA-LIRR will make the necessary commitment to provide such service on the East End, despite receiving several millions in mortgage tax revenues and other funding from our area annually directed to the MTA by way of state laws (e.g. telephone bill surcharges, etc)." Aug 9, 13 8:01 PM

Throne-Holst Well Ahead Of Challenger Kabot In Campaign Finance Race For Southampton Election

The INDEPENDENT petition for SOUTHAMPTON NOW to be on the November 5 election ballot was filed with the County Board of Elections on August 20 with over 1180 voter signatures. Thank you to all the voters from across the political spectrum who signed their names to this truly INDEPENDENT petition! We have yet to see if any one files legal objections, which did occur in 2007 and 2009 with my prior INTEGRITY party line as an attempt to block me from achieving the separate listing at the bottom of the ballot. " Aug 22, 13 9:12 AM

I agree that this news article is excellent, balanced reporting by Southampton Press reporter Michael Wright. However, there is one clarification needed with respect to a statement attributed to me about not accepting any campaign donations from people who have pending applications or business contracts with the Town. I did not say ANY - rather I noted to the reporter in our conversation that to avoid the appearance of impropriety I do not usually accept large contributions from developers who have zone change applications or other business pending before the Town Board, for example $1000 checks, meanwhile the max. legal contribution is $1902 per corporation or individual for Southampton Town candidates. My campaign fund has accepted smaller donations, for example $100 checks, from various contributors who may have something pending somewhere in town government - and such check is typically associated with attending a fundraiser event. I may have accepted some larger donations from certain developers in my prior races for Supervisor in 2007 and 2009, but have also returned donations that I thought could be construed as an attempt to influence my objective decision-making. I submit this clarification so as to avoid someone saying that I mis-stated or mis-represented the facts with respect to my campaign finance disclosures. " Aug 22, 13 9:32 AM

If anyone would like to view the campaign finance disclosure statements for the various candidates running for public office, here is the link to the NYS Board of Elections website: http://www.elections.ny.gov

Click on “Campaign Finance” on the left side, then click “View Disclosure Reports” on the left side, then click “View Candidate or Committee by Name“ in the center of the page, then enter name (for example, Throne-Holst), then click on the campaign fund name’s Flier ID Detail Link (e.g. Anna Throne-Holst for Supervisor), then click on the report that you would like to view. Schedules A, B, C, and D are intended to disclose all campaign contributions to the candidate that aggregate $100 or higher over the election cycle, Schedule F should detail the campaign expenses paid over the reporting period with specificity." Aug 23, 13 6:32 AM

UPDATE: Funeral Services Set For World War II Veteran And Former Westhampton Beach Mayor Arma 'Ham' Andon

With deep sympathy to the family and friends of Arma Ham Andon - a great man! Rest in Peace and sincerest thanks for your service to our country and community ..." Dec 8, 16 2:37 PM

Court Blocks Linda Kabot's Write-In Campaign For Independence Party Votes For County Legislator

There was no fraud and no forgery, so I advise you to not play fast and loose with the facts. There were 20 duplicate signatures from voters who also signed multi-candidate petitions that included Bridget Fleming's name on them. There apparently were 25 signatures from registered voters who are not registered IND (Independence- meaning part of the Independence Party) - those signatures are disqualified as being not valid to sign a petition for a Primary. If you have any questions, call me for the facts - rather than blogging on 27east.com " May 3, 19 7:00 PM