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Biden Visits For Fundraiser, Says Election Is Choice Of 'Fundamentally Different Paths'

Romney & Ryan offer us awakening American economic reform while Obama & Biden offer us toxic Marxist chloroform. How much longer must we sleep ?" Aug 25, 12 10:07 AM

Thank you for proving my point !" Aug 26, 12 9:26 AM

Bishop On Defensive After Claims Of Unethical Campaign Solicitations

Sure would like to see Altschuler's birth certificate." Sep 4, 12 12:24 PM

Biden Visits For Fundraiser, Says Election Is Choice Of 'Fundamentally Different Paths'

One undeniable fact is that all Marxists are leftists." Sep 29, 12 8:58 AM

Beaches At Shinnecock Will Be Rebuilt With Sand From Inlet

Tim Bishop made this happen." Oct 3, 12 10:38 AM

Southampton Town Officials Christen Big Duck Bathrooms

Never trust a politician who wears a thumb ring." Oct 27, 12 5:12 PM

Hey Meathead, the comment doesn't refer to Romney/Ryan !!!!!!!!!" Nov 1, 12 10:40 AM

UPDATE: Throne-Holst Promises 'A Seamless And Positive Transition' For Police Department

This is the second decent Chief of Police that has been driven from the job by the "Granny State". Beware." Nov 8, 12 9:21 AM

Long Island Officials Implement Odd-Even Gas Rationing

Gas shortage, then $10/gallon gas, then no milk, cheese or meat. We'll all be smoking cheap Russian cigarettes and eating soup made from dirty socks before Obama/Biden are done with us." Nov 9, 12 11:14 AM

. . . . and the possession of tin foil will soon be a capital offense, as in all socialist regimes." Nov 9, 12 1:34 PM

Pearce Takes Over Southampton PD After Wilson Departure

Nuzzi & Malone are the bums here and Scalera is too flakey to know the differance." Nov 16, 12 11:29 AM

Woman Charged With Assaulting Ex-Boyfriend After North Sea Car Crash

Cat Scratch Fever !!!!!!" Nov 19, 12 10:08 AM

Hampton Bays Woman Charged With DWI After Hitting Dog

Yet no news on the idiot who ran down and killed the Nun in Water Mill. Shameful !" Dec 3, 12 11:13 AM

Barrister's Restaurant To Close After 34 Years In Southampton Village

It was once the old "Ebb Tide" restaurant, owned by the Robinsons in the 60's." Dec 8, 12 1:17 PM

Goose Found In Noyac Shot With Arrow; $1,000 Reward Offered For Information Leading to Arrest, Conviction

There are reports of neighbors in the area searching for golden eggs." Dec 10, 12 6:21 PM

Feds Acknowledge Gumbs And Wright As Shinnecock Leaders

So much for Federal recognition and the true loss of sovereign status. Welcome to the same boat." Dec 11, 12 9:39 AM

Prices Released For Watchcase Condos At Bulova

There goes the neighborhood." Dec 13, 12 9:57 AM

Tuckahoe And Southampton School Boards Hire Firm For Merger Study, Agree On Exclusivity Deal

And the top students must give 10 points of their GPA to the lower performing students, as per Commissar Obama." Dec 13, 12 10:02 AM

You're shooting blanks again." Dec 13, 12 10:57 AM

In its 370 year history the Southampton School system has produced only one student of note : Tim Bishop." Dec 13, 12 3:06 PM

Southampton Village Intersections Getting Upgrade With State Funding

Catena's building is certainly not 100 years old, the original wooden building on that site burned to the ground maybe 30 years ago. Very poor rewrite of history.." Dec 19, 12 12:23 PM

In Wake of Sandy Hook Massacre, Bishop Says Congress Must Seriously Address Gun Control

Poor parenting by the shooters family was the direct cause of the tragedy at the Sandy Hook School." Dec 20, 12 8:45 AM

Ousted Tribal Leaders Defend Their Moves As Protecting Tribe

News Update: Mayan rock carving found to contain type-o, actual end of world date is 12/21/3012., sorry for any inconvenience." Dec 21, 12 12:19 PM

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